Repetindo o sucesso do mini editorial da semana passada em que usamos o vestido de crochê que levou as fashioncoolturistas a loucura, hoje é dia de mais um look Manhattan by Kellen.

Para hoje optamos por um look mais casual que partisse da mistura de estilos e que trouxesse em uma só produção algumas das peças chave da estação como a maxi saia plissada  e a jaqueta de couro com ziper que permite usa-la comprida ou curtinha, o colete de pêlo deixa o look com a cara do inverno e o conto de caveirinhas vem para quebrar a o look monocromático.

A Manhattan fica no primeiro andar do Shopping Della Giustina trazendo para as suas araras as melhores marcas nacionais, alias a loja está cheia de novidades e é um drama conseguir escolher algumas poucas peças para produzir um só look no meio de tanta coisa linda.

Sigam a Manhattan no twitter que em breve teremos novidades lá @Manhattankellen

Saia Plissada, jaqueta de couro, colete de pele e cinto de caveirinhas: Manhattan by Kellen

Bolsa FashionCooltureshop


Manhattan by Kellen

Praça Nereu Ramos, 364

Shopping Della Giustina

Criciúma – SC


Fone: (48)3433-7155

  • Maria Eduarda Mota

    Ei Flávia! A produção tá incrível mais uma vez, seu cabelo tá mais que perfeito… porém espero que esse colete seja pele sintética +1! Kiss x

  • Oi Flavia, adorei essa produção…esse colete de pele, essa jaqueta, a saia plissada e o cinto de caveira…sem contar a bolsa e o coturno…escolhas perfeitas =)))

    Grande beijo

    Glau Carvalho

  • james

    Heeey Flavia,

    You are looking good as always!!!
    I have a fashion show booked on 4 of july….Fashion shows sound good and are exciting but in the end they are always shit for me!

    My first fashion show I DJ’d was terible…I wanted to hide my face and i had to fight to get the show. it was a free lingerie swimsuit show in the center of town. The models were super sexy….but center of town….for free…the show hit the iceberg. The crowd that came to the show were just dirty sleazy old men. Any fashion fans that did come just turned back and left. They were dirty….like they’d never seen a woman in underwear before. They pointing their dirty fingers…..laughing and cheering WOOOOOW!
    The thing is that struck me most during that time times were very very hard Eastern Europe and we had strip joints buzzing all over cyprus full of women from russia. And when they werent stripping off at night they were in their g-strings on the beach during the day! If i had a friend who was a model that day i would have pulled the switch!

    Another fashion show i did 5 shows all night…anyway the crowd were mostly high class old ladies and guest of honour was presidents wife. So show no3 was a bit punky clothing. And models were coming out with an attitute. So i played punk music with an attitude.
    I played that track first!
    but played next one a remix version and the presidents wife bodyguard came over and told me to change it…it was too rude! but by the time it got to the rude part she went oooohhhhh my god what is this shit called the bodyguard, he walked upstairs round the back…i’d already changed the track anyway…. i played this 1 next

    Ha you should have seen the old ladies……even to to this day I wonder maybe it was the punk clothes as well they didnt like. But models loved it…..i wasnt there to make them dance but walk tic tok tic tok with an attitude! also got good reviews from fashion magazine!!!

    Hey at another fashion show i flipped and turned the switch off and told everyone to go home…got fired lost alot of friends…..but got new job and made new friends!!! long story i’ll tell you all about it another time!!! I have to get back in the mix….
    Have fun!!!!

  • You look great hon!! xxx

  • Amazing look!!! …like always 😉

  • Diana dos Santos

    Look maravilhosoo, liindoo. Amei o cintinho de caveira.
    Adoooroi saias longas mas tenho medo de arriscar..;SS


  • I love that skirt, its so pretty! 😀

  • Always, always perfect!

  • ale

    o look é lindo, mas espero sinceramente que esse colete seja de pele sintética…

  • Bec

    You just wow me every time you post. The creativity but unfussiness of every outfit is inspiring.