• Gisella

    O vestido é fofo!

    Adorei a estampa fresquinha

    Beijo honey

  • james Demitriou

    Hi guys,
    very big well done to both of you on the previous look. it got many hypes. and of course you deserved it!

    is this new look Boho??? i am trying to figure out wether a Boho hat would go with that look! i think it’s too classy for it to be hippy…. so i guess it’s boho… but still not sure about the hat!!!

    Also in that outfit it would have been perfect for a Tim Buckley gig!!! back in the 70’s. Do you listen to Tim aswell as Jeff Buckley?

    As for me with 70’s i am a Jimmy fan. Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison also James Dean. Jimmy is another name for James so different people call different names. When people ask me my name i guess which one to tell them. the three above James/Jims do you know what they all have in common??? they all died at 27! So when i was 27 i lived each day like it was my last. Hey it was the first time i went to brazil too aged 27!!!

    Take care guys!!!