• Amei o esmalte, qual é?

    • Ixi, não sei direitinho, peguei emprestado coma minha irmã! vou procurar o nome e a marca. (:


  • oi linda,
    adoro o seu blog !!!
    depois visite o meu, estou com dicas e news de ny e fotos lindas!!!

    • Oi Gorete,

      Muito obrigada, vou passar lá sim! (:


  • James demitriou

    Hello carrots,

    Lovely new outfit… We used to wear that same blue checkered in the early 90’s when there was that war in LA between crips and the bloods… We wore the blue for crips as we saw it like Greeks wore blue and the Turks wore red.
    Back in ’95 I was doing my national service in Cyprus army for 12 months. Anyway it’s was mid year about march I got afternoon leave till next morning. It was a lovely day and it was the first day I managed to put the hood down to my BMW convertible…. I went and picked up my friend DJ Melvin and we headed down down to finkoudes beach. That beach is our version of copacabana beach bars, cafes, clubs, restaurants and people walking jogging up and down. So as we were in the car we spotted what’s appeared to be a gang of crips. Black guys all dressed one way or another in blue. Black people were rare in Cyprus back then and even now we don’t have a proper black community. Anyway further down we spotted 2 black guys all dressed in red… soon we noticed they were everywhere crips and bloods in small town larnaca. What the fuck is going on around here we were laughing… We got to the beach and went in to the bar and asked the manager Mario what the fuck is going on here. Mario knew all the details crips and bloods had made peace and a US ship took a few of them on a trip as a way of to recruit them out of the gangs and in to the the US navy. About 35-50 all together
    Meanwhile Melvin went to cloud 9 disco and picked up his big cd case and put it on the back seat of my car with the hood still down. Back then in Cyprus we didn’t have much drugs going about so we used to leave ours doors and windows open all the time unlike today. So Melvin came back Mario joked that one of these gangsters would steal the case out of the car. We laughed at first, but then we thought the scenario could become reality. So best be safe than sorry I went to put the hood down and lock the car. So as I am walking towards the car I see from a distance a blood walking with a beat towards the car, he looks in, and just grabs the case like natural instinct…I started running and shoutting at him to stop. But he started running along the beach and I me running far behind. I called to others call Mario and Melvin at the bar and I carried on running after him. Soon he ran on to pier and I caught up with him in dead end. He had nowhere to run to now and was out of breath. I kept my distance and told him calmly to give me the cd case and didn’t want any trouble. I thought he would realize his options were limited and best thing was to hand the case back. But fucking twat replied out of breath ” what case” and threw it in to the sea..and for first time and only time in my life I shouted out the n word…. You fucking NIGGER what you do that for… He pulls out a knife now and starts saying he is a bad ass blood gangster if I didn’t back off he’ll stab like the rest he had stabbed back in LA. But quickly my friends had arrived and he realized his best option was to put the knife down. We were calm now until Melvin asked where the case was and I pointed out it was with the fishes… Melvin went totally mad and smacked him on the back of the head. At this point he dropped the blood gangster shit thing and started the American citizen shit thing. Melvin smacked him again back of the head and he kept repeating American American you can’t hit an American citizen. At that point a whole mob appeared so I pushed him into sea. The water was shallow so he managed to run out to safety. Now to this day I never told anyway why I pushed him in to sea. Everone thought it was me getting even but the real reason was out of mercy because a few people had gather and they were going to hurt him bad…
    Anyway we fished the case out of the sea and a lot of them were ruined and a lot more ruined by excessive cleaning…
    Next day I went back in to the army camp where this story gets even beter……

  • Gisella


    Me apaixonei pelo look, é uma blusa + saia ou um vestido? A gravatinha foi tu que colocou ou já veio no vestido??
    Menina, nem parece colcci, as coisas deles são mais “Brasil”
    mas este é tão classico, tão chique… Estilo Blair Waldorf do seriado Gossip Girl, alias adoro o estilo da Blair, da Jenny, da Serena, fico surtando com aqueles closets.

    Enfim, adorei, preciso passar na Colcci depois dessa rsrs

    beijo queridos