• oi guria !!!!!!!!obrigado pela dica do blog tem sido muito util,valeu mesmo ,e você é um sucesso sempre acompanho teu blog. é muito legal .parabens!!!!!!

    • Oi Alan, que bom que vc está curtindo esse negócio do blog! E fico feliz em te ver por aqui!

      obrigada e um beijinho grande.

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  • Flavia,
    Ameeeeei esse look!
    Super inspirador e mega diferente dos usuais aqui.

    • Oi Narda,

      Que bom que vc gostou, muito obrigada! (:

      um beijinho.

  • Scaaandal!!! Amei sua calça Flá!
    gente que linda!

    • Ai, que bom…. super obrigada, Mércia! (:

      beijinho grande.

  • Gisella


    Eu adóóóóóro saruel, mas não é em todas que fica bom né?
    Precisa ser magééérrrrrima! estilozééérrima!
    Caso contrário vai parecer que está usando um saco de batata!
    Mas relaxa honey em você, como sempre ficou ótimo, a combinação está improvável e fantástica!
    Alias este espaço1098 tem coisinhas legais né?
    Qdo voltar pro Brasil inclui no meu itinerário por Criciúma


    • Oi Gisella,

      Eu acho saruel um bocado complicado, não é uma peça muito democrática, mas quando veste bem fica tããão legal né? Eu já vi várias pessoas usando e fica realmente invejável!

      super obrigada e pode deixar q eu te passo dica e endereços qdo precisar!

      um beijinho

  • Charley

    Oi Flavia,
    beautiful blog
    Do you live in SP?!

    • Hey, thank you very much, Charley.

      No, I live in the south of Brazil, in Criciuma! (:

  • Naty


    Muito linda como sempre..
    A cara da Jaminy do Alladin!!kk

    Bjsss linda!!

    • hihihih… é verdade! Super obrigada, Naty! (:


  • I like your shoes!!!*_*

  • Vanja Milicevic

    lovely dear, that necklace is gorgeous, love to wear belt over some cardigan too! great pattern of that pants!

    • Heeeey Vanja,
      I’m glad you like it, thank you, dear! (:

  • James demitriou

    Great new look and yet again you have changed your style…love that pattern on the trousers. I have thing for paisley wallpaper…thouse sexy pants also remind me very much of traditional Indian fashion..I don’t know how feel towards the Indian traditional fashion. Some people that see it outside India in european streets as a racial fashion disater… But have you seen Victoria Beckham in Indian style on the Indian vogue cover. If not google it. Even thou I am not her fan I think she looks beautiful and it’s her best look….as you are blessed with great beauty anything would suit you, you would look great in traditional Indian dress. But be warned if do try it if not done right it could also destroy you…
    As for your title no bravery it reminds me years ago on our way to see a football match Coventry city vs Manchester united. The coventry city ground was in an high Indian Pakistani people area. Anyway security was very scary many police with riot shields, on horses, and with dogs. The Manchester fans were very rough, drunk, kicking trash, singing dirty chants, even pissing on widows. Anyway I saw this group of indian ladies casualy walking the street in all the madness. They were dressed tradionaly hardcore, red dots, flip flops, henna tattoos, and gold chains connecting nose to ear. Then the first thug shouted PAKI BITCHES across the street. What followed was the worse verbal abuse I ever witnessed. But despite the abuse they just walked casually even talking amongst themselves. This pissed the thugs off even more so a beer glass went flying across the street only to humiliate them even more they didn’t flinch and walked in to a shop and the metal shutter came flying down… And this all happened in front of all that police….no bravery!!! I turned Chelsea supporter!

    • Jaaaaames,

      Thank you very much, I’m glad you like it… I also think that it reminds something very indian and by the way I like it! I guess I saw that vogue cover with Victoria, but now I’ll have to search it to be sure. and about all that story, things like this happens all the time and we can’t expect too much from the police, specially here in Brazil. such a shame.

      see you. (: