Look clássico e para iniciar a semana de forma chic. O vestido foi comprado na Renner por uma pechincha, e o UP fcia por conta dos acessorios Maria Cereja  e são da coleção de verão 2012 da marca!

colar, pulseiras e anel: Maria Cereja Acessórios; vestido: Renner; bolsa: FashionCooltureShop; sapato: Jorge Bischoff.

Kate Nash – Nicest Thing

  • Love it!!! 😀

  • Aline Maiara

    Oi.Adore o look.Gostaria de saber se a bolsa que vc usa continua vendendo?

  • James

    Hey Flavia I think I am goin crazy. I went to work last night at this club…went into the DJ both set my gear up and the boss came I said Hi..he said what the fuck was I doing….i said getting ready as usual…he said no you are not playing tonight you were meant to play last night….no i dont play on friday’s I am booked for saturday tonight…and the boss asked if I was OK….i said yeah oh course I am OK why whats going on….And the boss said it’s not saturday today but Sunday….I checked my phone and by that time it was monday!
    Darn must be working too hard!

  • this is such a great look. Gorgeous dress!

  • Gorgeous dress!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • kat reese

    Omg this is your best look ever – you are sooo sexy omg!! <333

    • hihihi, oh, i’m really glad you like it, dear! (: