• Lindaaaaaaaaa! Nada mais clássico e sofisticado que o branco, né? Linda, Flávia… mas vc não poderia ser ou montar um look menor que perfeito!

    • eeeei, hihihi, super obrigada, Maria Eduarda, sempre fofa! (:

      beijinho grande

  • James

    Hey Guys,
    Sitting in the backroom of the club…going on in 30 mins. Now this is weird. Playing at a gayclub…. Now everytime I play at a this gay club it’s always a success and they are always happy….Basicly they love me …. I hate playing at gay clubs here in Cyprus and Greece….Scary! What they dont know is I am the mystery boy…and if they find out I am the mystery boy they will wanna kill me!
    When I was 15 I went to deserted beach and went for a swim. I was alone untill this greek superstar Mickey with his own TV show turned up…WOW I couldnt belive it was him…cut the story short…we got talking then he kissed me and tried it on with…but i fought him off and ran off..It all happen so quick and wasnt a very big deal..Anyway here was the big problem somebody from my village saw everything and told me to tell my dad. So I had no choice to tell him…and of course my dad flipped and went straight to the beach with a Shotgun! No somebody took the gun away from my dad…But Mickey wished he was dead after my dad and his friends kicked the shit out of him.. Mickey was never the same and never went on TV again…We all went to court Mickey for all these sex offences with minor….and my dad for all these assult charges….ohhh it’s very very long story these cops were also on trial…i’ll tell you whole story if i come to brazil!!!! meanwhile lets just hope they find out i am the mystery boy!


  • lindo,lindo e lindo o sapato!

  • Patricia

    Ameiiiiiiii, adoro seu blog…

  • cute outfit! You look so beautiful in this lace detailed clothes!

  • Really cute outfit,and make up also.You look great!:)