Have you ever thought about wear super cool outfits with dresses in the winter? If you are the kind of person who separates clothes by season, you should know that you don’t need to wait until next summer to wear your favorite dresses again. If there is one thing that we love in this nowadays democratic fashion is that many rules no longer make sense and as long as you feel good, comfortable and happy, you can try new things every day.

If in the past, dresses were exclusive summer items, today it can compose winter looks with no problem. The secret is to change the complements and add some layers. A simple trick, but that we sometimes forget in the day to day.

And that works with any type of dress in winter! From the freezing days till the kinda cold ones, there is always a model that can make an outfit nothing obvious (and beautiful!). I chose a few Flávia’s outfits according to the intensity of the cold for you to try around, take a look:


When some cold wind show up suddenly, try to overlap long sleeve shirts and sweaters underneath the dresses. Protecting the body with lighter fabrics is also a good thing. It is a perfect time to wear fishnet stockings and transparencies that cover and protect parts of the body.


For those cold days from the beginning of winter, you can already add a blazer in the outfit. This piece will make you warm, full of style and charm combined with dresses. Here it is also possible to insert warmer fabrics like velvet and start to raise the height of the boots.


To dribble the most intense winter and maintain the style at the same time you should add some over the knee boots, socks  and tights of all kinds and heavy coats. Notice how the longest coats are beautiful to pair with dresses, besides lengthen the look!

I hope you have enjoyed our tips and inspirations!