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It feels so good to have a few summer days in the middle of winter! I really enjoy  winter anda all of those looks full of layers, but I confess that I am loving this small respite from the cold. Better yet to enjoy the days of sun and blue sky to debut my pieces of the new Shoulder‘s collection.

it made me wish for spring days when I saw these new prints. Luckily, we had a perfect weekend to wear this overlay with top and blouse, all rosy and with a mix of prints (as always!). The blouse has a very loose sleeve and a cute print of mini coconut trees. The top also has a awesome floral print and I love that shape.

I must say that this print is so beautiful that I did not resist and also brought home the same print in a gorgeous midi skirt. Beautiful to wear as a suit or woth other pieces like I wore here. In the next few days I’ll post a look with my new skirt.

I wore the tops with a mini skirt in baby pink, the same color of the background of the top print. As I wore this on a Sunday I decided to chose some casual shoes, so I wore my rosé Keds. Accessories with velvet bag and ZeroUV sunglasses.

blouse: Shoulder / top: Shoulder / sunglasses: ZeroUV / jewelry: Pandora / sneakers: Keds

bota de verniz

This black and gray look has that mix of textures that makes everything more interesting. I love monochromatic looks, but in productions with darker shades I find it essential to work these variations to totally rock it.

I wore the Shoulder’s tricot tshirt with the asymmetric plaid wool skirt and I confess that I liked it so much that I even took some photos without the jacket. I love this tshirt modeling made in tricot, with round neck and thick fabric. I wore the gray boyfriend blazer also from Shoulder to keep me warm.

In the accessories that mixture of shiny x opaque. The bag and the boots were my choices. The Tutu boots are new here and it has won my heart, that comfortable basics that is always a good option for winter.

The fishnet tight brings another “pattern” for the production. I also love the fishnet mixed with varnish accessories. Finally, my already usual black boater hat, I love it! How about this basic and interesting look to start the week really well?

top: Shoulder / blazer: Shoulder / skirt: rOMWE / bag: Dafiti / boots: Tutu

bota de verniz

look de outono look de outono

The best thing about autumn and winter outfits is to be able to play with many layers and overlays. Being able to mix colors, lengths, textures, is a great opportunity to exercise creativity right?

Today’s look is all about that, many layers, a touch of sparkle, different shades… Starting, of course, for this wonderful embroidered top. Besides the prints and the blazers and shirts, Shoulder is also my favourite brand for embroidered pieces. I have some other tops just like this and they are all perfect!

This one in black and silver is chic and it’s great for night outfits, but for those who enjoy some sequins and embroidery during the day as me can wear it without fear. I chose to wear it in an overlap with the tricot tshirt. This model of tricot blouse with the rounded neck  is among my favorites this season. I already wore a green one and a striped last week. Do you remember?

Since the temperatures are getting low I added a blazer. This one I wore a thousand times, but it still deserves a prominent place in my closet. I already commented the reasons of my preference, but I can repeat it forever: ideal length, more elongated, and neutral color = the perfect blazer.

Accessories with Suzana Santos over knee boots, mini black bag and a hat to change a bit.

top: Shoulder / tshirt: Shoulder / blazer: Shoulder / bag: Dafiti / boots: Suzana Santos

look de outono

look terracota look terracota

I think I don’t even need to explain my preference in terms of color for fall outfits right? Even without planning, the pieces in earthy tones, especially in this rusty tone, end up in all my looks.

The knit sweater from the Pop Up Store was the starting point this time. I really like these tricot sweaters with a round neck and kinda cropped. I loved this combination of black, white, gray and a more colorful band in the middle. Also, stripes … another of my passions!

I decided to bet on this proposal of colors of the blouse for the whole look. The color appears once more in the Makenji button skirt. I wore the Shoulder blazer once more,  I spoke in the other post and I repeat here, this blazer has been a key piece for many productions, the ideal length, neutral color, simply a great choice.

In the accessories I chose a beautiful crochet bag from Marilia Cabral. I showed this bag in the Instagram stories and I must also mention here that it is my new favourite. So beautiful and so well made! I also wore gray Arezzo boots and white ZeroUV glasses.

top: Pop Up Store / blazer: Shoulder / skirt: Makenji / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Marilia Cabral / shoes: Arezzo

look terracota

Preppy Outfit

This look brings together several things that I love in a preppy outfit. Starting of course by the layers with the shirt and sweater. It’s such a simple trick, but it works so well. The classic white shirt with the collar appearing has no error. But if you want to increase this idea, how about wearing a printed shirt and a colorful sweater?

That’s what I did! The polka dot shirt already gives extra charm – and it’s one of my favorite prints. Plus it has the bow detail that makes everything even cuter. I wore it with a rusty sweater, which is a color I love for fall. Both pieces are from Makenji.

Another nice detail to have in mind for this shirt+ sweater combination: let the cuff of the shirt appear. It’s something small, but it makes the look more interesting and harmonious.

Since the inspiration was preppy, I chose a pleated skirt from Shoulder that totally rocks. I also wore my Carel varnish shoes with the fishnet socks.

The polka-dot bag makes the look more fun and brings the focus to the print that also appears on the shirt. Lastly, my cat eyes glasses and my usual hairstyle!

shirt: Makenji / sweater: Makenji / skirt: Shoulder / bag: Dafiti / shoes: Carel

Preppy Outfit

vestido de veludo

For those who have always liked velvet this recent trend is a good opportunity to find different pieces. I love the fabric, I think this effect that makes in the light and the texture is incredible, right?

This dress from Shoulder is one of those pieces that deserves a little place in the closet to be worn many times and for a long time. I loved that the brand invested in the fabric in different colors and that shade of green (it’s green? Blue? I don’t know t) is simply beautiful.

But I confess that my first reaction when I have new piece with a different color is to be in doubt about how to wear it and how to do the colour coordination. I think a lot of people also have fear to try new colours, right?

To avoid mistakes I bet on the basics: neutral tones! The gray Shoulder blazer also has a boyfriend shape and the ideal length to wear with mini skirts and dresses. In the accessories everything neutral also with gray bag and over knee boots in nude.

I decided to use the accessories to make this look a bit heavier and rocker, so I wore a metal belt and a mix of necklaces. A different look, but I liked it so much to get out of my usual colors and accessories.

dress: SHOULDER / BLAZER: SHOULDER / sunglasses: ZEROUV / belt: SHOULDER / BOots: DAFITI

vestido de veludo

camiseta de veludo

This last Shoulder collection is among my favorites. I found so many beautiful things at the store that it was difficult to choose. Among my favorite pieces are those in pink like the lace skirt and the others in this shade of green that appears on the blouses. Does anyone know the name of this color?

I discovered that I had absolutely nothing in this tone, I have just a few green pieces, but that particular tone seems so chic, right? I was in love with this top when I saw it online and when I visited the store I knew it had to be mine. I especially liked these floral applications, because the color mix with the rose is beautiful and unusual.

I guess I would never wear green with pink, but thanks to the inspiration of this top I loved this mix. I wore the lace skirt that I already posted on another look around here, remember?

As the blouse has a darker tone I used a mix of necklaces to bring a point of light, I used a Pandora bracelet as a chocker and a longer necklace. I loved it!

top: Shoulder / tshirt: Shoulder / skirt: Shoulder / jewelry: Pandora / bag: Dafiti / shoes: Asos

camiseta de veludo

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velvet tshirt

From the choice of colors to the fabrics and textures today’s look is about delicate pieces. The main inspiration came from that Shoulder velvet tshirt. I loved the shape just like a tshirt style. And the color is simply beautiful, oscillating between a rosé and champagne. Needless to say that this piece already entered my list of favorites, right?

I bet on a look inspired by the colors of the tshirt. I wore a tulle skirt, soft and feminine. I love this contrast between the fabric of the blouse and the lightness of the skirt. The rosé blazer also has a very discreet glow in the fabric and it’s a litle bit oversized, perfect shape to wear with mini skirts, also from Shoulder.

For the shoes and the bag I choose a nude tone, kinda champagne. The shoes with lace up detail is from Shein and the structured bag is from the Macadamia. Finally, the Pandora jewelery! I wore the leather bracelet as a chocker, definitely one of my favorite styling tricks with the jewels of the brand. And of course, my usual mix of bracelets and rings.

blazer: Shoulder / top: Shoulder / jewelry: Pandora / sunglasses: Zerouv / bag: Macadamia / shoes: Shein

velvet tshirt

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