vestido de veludo

For those who have always liked velvet this recent trend is a good opportunity to find different pieces. I love the fabric, I think this effect that makes in the light and the texture is incredible, right?

This dress from Shoulder is one of those pieces that deserves a little place in the closet to be worn many times and for a long time. I loved that the brand invested in the fabric in different colors and that shade of green (it’s green? Blue? I don’t know t) is simply beautiful.

But I confess that my first reaction when I have new piece with a different color is to be in doubt about how to wear it and how to do the colour coordination. I think a lot of people also have fear to try new colours, right?

To avoid mistakes I bet on the basics: neutral tones! The gray Shoulder blazer also has a boyfriend shape and the ideal length to wear with mini skirts and dresses. In the accessories everything neutral also with gray bag and over knee boots in nude.

I decided to use the accessories to make this look a bit heavier and rocker, so I wore a metal belt and a mix of necklaces. A different look, but I liked it so much to get out of my usual colors and accessories.

dress: SHOULDER / BLAZER: SHOULDER / sunglasses: ZEROUV / belt: SHOULDER / BOots: DAFITI

vestido de veludo

camiseta de veludo

This last Shoulder collection is among my favorites. I found so many beautiful things at the store that it was difficult to choose. Among my favorite pieces are those in pink like the lace skirt and the others in this shade of green that appears on the blouses. Does anyone know the name of this color?

I discovered that I had absolutely nothing in this tone, I have just a few green pieces, but that particular tone seems so chic, right? I was in love with this top when I saw it online and when I visited the store I knew it had to be mine. I especially liked these floral applications, because the color mix with the rose is beautiful and unusual.

I guess I would never wear green with pink, but thanks to the inspiration of this top I loved this mix. I wore the lace skirt that I already posted on another look around here, remember?

As the blouse has a darker tone I used a mix of necklaces to bring a point of light, I used a Pandora bracelet as a chocker and a longer necklace. I loved it!

top: Shoulder / tshirt: Shoulder / skirt: Shoulder / jewelry: Pandora / bag: Dafiti / shoes: Asos

camiseta de veludo

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velvet tshirt

From the choice of colors to the fabrics and textures today’s look is about delicate pieces. The main inspiration came from that Shoulder velvet tshirt. I loved the shape just like a tshirt style. And the color is simply beautiful, oscillating between a rosé and champagne. Needless to say that this piece already entered my list of favorites, right?

I bet on a look inspired by the colors of the tshirt. I wore a tulle skirt, soft and feminine. I love this contrast between the fabric of the blouse and the lightness of the skirt. The rosé blazer also has a very discreet glow in the fabric and it’s a litle bit oversized, perfect shape to wear with mini skirts, also from Shoulder.

For the shoes and the bag I choose a nude tone, kinda champagne. The shoes with lace up detail is from Shein and the structured bag is from the Macadamia. Finally, the Pandora jewelery! I wore the leather bracelet as a chocker, definitely one of my favorite styling tricks with the jewels of the brand. And of course, my usual mix of bracelets and rings.

blazer: Shoulder / top: Shoulder / jewelry: Pandora / sunglasses: Zerouv / bag: Macadamia / shoes: Shein

velvet tshirt

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pink lace skirt pink lace skirt

On Saturday I went in POA and took the opportunity to take a look at the news at the Shoulder store, I posted a little bit on Instagram, did you see? My favorite pieces in the store were exactly those ones in a gorgeous pink tone. so chic.

I showed this look in the dressing room at the instagram stories and I loved this mix of print + lace. The pink color makes both pieces look great together. That’s an interesting and feminine combination. I also tried this blouse with a lace top and I found the idea of the overlay simply beautiful, soon i’ll try to post here in another look for you to see.

Oh, another interesting detail is that I actually wore the blouse with the back detail in the front. This neckline was on the back and the front was more closed with the round neck (you can see on Shoulder website!). But for that look I specifically liked to wear in a different way, I tried it and it worked! Have you thought about trying your clothes with simple changes like this and discovering new ways to wear it?

In the accessories I chose Pandora’s jewels and I used 2 necklaces and a leather bracelet as a choker to enhance the neckline. I also wore the lace up shoe from Esdra and the nude Amaro handbag.

top: Shoulder / skirt: Shoulder / sunglasses: ZeroUV / jewelry: Pandora / bag: Amaro / shoes: Esdra

pink lace skirt

Estampa de Estrelas

I can not resist to stars printed pieces, I think it’s so cute! It is almost a classic like the polka dot or stripes, but with a fun touch.

What I liked most about this Shoulder star dress is that the print does not have a regular repeat pattern and the designs look so free. It’s no the usual print and that is great right? Since the temperature is great right now I decided to add a shirt with a black bow underneath, because yes, I am completely addicted to these overlays.

The look were very preppy and so I decided to wear this denim jacket to keep it casual. This black jacket is also from Shoulder and I loved it because it is a bit longer, ideal to wear with dresses like this.

Accessories with Carrano’s over knee boots and a two-tone mini-bag. This look is already on repeat mode because I loved it a lot!

dress: Shoulder /  jacket: Shoulder / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Macadamia / boots: Carrano

Estampa de Estrelas

estampa gravataria

Every time I walk into a Shoulder store I begin to imagine thousands of different mix of prints. The brand is a reference for me in the matter of prints, between dresses, tops and rompers, I have many favorite pieces.

This time what caught my attention were the pieces with thin stripes, like tailoring. Then I immediately tried the white shirt with the black top. I love the fact that both pieces have a kind of masculine inspiration.

As mixing prints is never too much, I decided to add a third piece with the bomber jacket. This time the inspiration comes from the ties print and I found that the theme and the colors married perfectly. I like the touch of color that the jacket brings to the look, but without losing the identity a little bit more sober.

I loved the pop of color and wore a skirt in the same tone, the mini length makes the look more feminine and fun. Deciding the color chart of the production was easy to choose the accessories. Black and white bag as well as the prints and black shoes from StudioZ. The detail of the socks brings more harmony with the color point also on the feet.

jacket: Shoulder / shirt: Shoulder / top: Shoulder / sunglasses: ZEROUV / shoes: StudioZ

estampa gravataria

Do you know when you see a piece in a store and even after weeks can not forget it? With that stars printed top it was exactly like this. A few weeks ago I fell in love with it at the Shoulder store in Porto Alegre, but I did not bring it home. But it is the kind of piece that I want to keep in my closet and there are so many reasons.

I loved the delicate print with stars. The colors are also great and fits perfectly looks with soft colours like this, but also with a total black look will look incredible. Being a sleeveless top I can wear it in the summer and with a jacket as well when the temperatures get low. And the best: there is still this scarf to wear like a tie.

This time I to wear it with light colours, because I saw it like that at the store with this baby pink blazer. And it was so cute that the pieces seemed to have been made for each other. The blazer is longer and the fabric has a discrete texture and shine. I love it!

I imagined wearing it with this tulle skirt, almost the same color as the blazer. So the highlight is all for the print of the blouse that stands out with the black background. Finally on the accessories I chose the rosy shoe from Lulu’s that maintains all the lightness of the look and a gray velvet bag.

top: Shoulder / blazer: Shoulder / sunglasses: ZeroUV / jewelry: Pandora / shoes: Lulu’s

navy blazer

I already wrote about my love for blazers right? But there are some specifications that make this piece even more perfect and Shoulder seems to have read my thoughts to make this blazer I’m wearing. Starting with the most classic color: navy blue. The fabric is also perfect with a soft texture and the perfect trim.

But the most important thing for me is the length! In general I like the piece at the height or slightly below the hip and if it is longer it’s better, because besides giving an elongated in the look it’s also perfect to wear with skirts and dresses. In these cases, it is not a rule, but the length of the jacket or blazer should be close to the length of the piece that goes below, so it looks more harmonic.

While the heat only allows fresh looks I took advantage to debut my blazer with a little dress. I choose the navy blue as the colour of the look. The polka dot dress is vintage and I completed with the blue striped shirt to make it even sweeter. I need to comment about the fabric of this shirt: it’s so nice and feels so good while wearing it.

Finally, I chose a yellow bag to add a touch of color. I love the vibrant color of it and the round shape. So cute,  isn’t it?

blazer: Shoulder / shirt: Shoulder / dress: vintage / bag: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Esdra

navy blazer

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