sapatos Dafiti

While researching some products on Dafiti‘s website I found several beautiful shoes, apparently comfortable and with really good price. I liked this selection so much that I set up a post just to talk about this findings and share with you.

Comfort has been one of my priorities when choosing a shoe, so I gave priority to models with heavier heels. I still have a few shoes like that and I definitely want them to be more in my closet.

But I did not let go of the desire to have incredible and different shoes, so I fell in love with these ones. And this selection could not be more perfect for me, has rosy shoe in satin and with pearls, has vichy with bows and chic scarpin with straps.

sapatos Dafiti

vichy heels/ heart shapped bag / hat

This sandal with bows and vichy print is one of my favorites. So be ready to see it on many looks du jour this summer. Besides beautiful, it is really super comfortable, best choice!

And although the post is dedicated to the shoes, I could not avoid to show this heart bag from Santa Lolla. I showed you in the stories and I know you enjoyed it too. I think the red is out of stocj, but the black and beige are still available.

sapatos Dafiti

baby pink shoes / sunglasses / jewelry

Outro favorito é esse scarpin rosinha com pérolas, mal chegou por aqui e já foi direto para os meus pés. Super delicado e também confortável. Perfeito para aqueles meus looks rosinhas, né?

I have also wore the scarpin tricolor that appears in the first photo and definitely won points for comfort and looks incredible in the look. I’ll show you more later this week. I’ve tried it all and the pink satin shoe and the vichy print shoe have comfortable heels. As soon as I actually wear it for a day I’ll tell you more here, after all the focus is beauty with comfort right?

What about my choices? Any favorite?

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With heels, no heels, closed or open, the mules are back! For those who do not know, mule is a shoe known from the 90’s who does not have the back part. The mule loafer mix the known loafer with it, men’s footwear that won super stylish versions for her too. It looks great with pantacourt, skinny pants a little shorter and skirts. Just choose your favorite and play!

+ Black leather from Nordstrom
+ Red from Nordstrom
+ Silver version from Nordstrom
+ Perforated blue leather from Aerosoles
+ Gold from Nordstrom
+ ‘Princetown’ by Gucci
+ Black and white from Kurt Geiger
+ Details on the side from Nordstrom
+ Embroidered from Nordstrom Rack
+ Phython print from Nordstrom

striped: DRESS LILY / denim: Luiza Barcelos / black: Ramarim / oxford: Luiza Barcelos

I must confess that I didn’t fall in love at first sight with the flatforms trend, as you may have noticed on look du jour. At first the shoes look a little bit heavy for me, and I’m not talking about the weight, is the visual thing. I usualy prefer more delicate shoes.

But I can’t deny, this shoes are sooo comfy. It’s wonderful to wear high heels and still feel confortable. So that’s the main point of those shoes for me.

After a some time I have noticed that some flatforms can look good and I finally have a few ones to call mine. I may say that my favourites are the sneakers or oxfords, I definetely don’t sandals with flatforms. There’s only one that I have see and I added to my wishlist but I’ll talk about it later.

But back to my favourites: this blue one it’s probably my favourite for summer. It’s perfect to wear with denim, with the straw details and it’s so comfy. This one is from Luiza Barcelos and the brand have some great options.

Shop now

The striped one from the picture below is pure love! Do you know when you find a piece that look like it was made specially for you? So that’s it, stripes and black&white the perfect mix. I already wore it in a recent look du jour, right here!

The only bad thing about it it’s the fact that it’s from an online store, Dress Lily and it’s not avaiable in all sizes. I’m size 37 in Brazil and it’s the biggest one they have, so some girls might not find it in their sizes.

The other flatform from Luiza Barcelos on that first picture, the off white oxford, I wore in Curitiba and posted here! This is a classic one, right? I love oxfords no matter what and this leather one is a perfect choice.

Last one, th e black shoes from Ramarim I still haven’t take some pictures but I wore it a lot on my daily routine. It’s really comfy and I love the leather bow and the white soles. Soon I’ll take a few pictures wearing it for look du jour.

You can find some great options online and also on fast fashions. I have been waiting for a special one I saw on the Preview Renner in São Paulo last month. The pineaple shoes is one of my favourites and I can’t wait to see it avaiable on stores. I’ll keep an eye on it!


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FashionCoolture Dafiti Shoes scarpin 1


1. caramelo    2. preto verniz    3. branco

4. vermelho    5. nude    6. preto


    Hoje o Shopping Tips é especialmente dedicado a um dos sapatos mais usados no look du jour: o scarpin! Os meus preferidos são esses com a tirinha no tornozelo, já que o meu pé é muito fino e assim fica mais seguro e confortável. Além de elegante, acho que esse tipo de sapato alonga o visual principalmente quando uso calça. Fiz uma seleção dos meus modelos favoritos da Dafiti Shoes! Qual é o seu favorito?!


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FashionCoolture Dafiti


sapato coral|coral shoes: Dafiti    \  bolsa nude|nude bag: Dafiti \ Burgundy bag: Dafiti  \  black&nude shoes: Dafiti   \ bota|boots: Dafiti  \  bolsa preta|black bag: Dafiti  \ leopard bag: Dafiti


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FashionCoolture - 29.03.2014 look du jour Dutmy (1) FashionCoolture - 29.03.2014 look du jour Dutmy (2) FashionCoolture - 29.03.2014 look du jour Dutmy (3) FashionCoolture - 29.03.2014 look du jour Dutmy (4) FashionCoolture - 29.03.2014 look du jour Dutmy (5) FashionCoolture - 29.03.2014 look du jour Dutmy (6)


t-shirt: Dutmy

shorts: Dutmy

blazer: Q2

bolsa|bag: Dafiti

headphone: Asos

sapato|shoes: AnnaXI


   Final de semana pede conforto, mas nem por isso o look precisa ser básico! A produção de hoje tem t-shirt Dutmy, shorts de couro  também da Dutmy e blazer de paêtes da Q2 pra adicionar um brilho. Já que o dourado é a escolha da vez aparece também na bolsa de spikes Dafiti, no sapato fofo da AnnaXI e até no headphone da Asos. Bom final de semana pessoal! (:


   Finally it’s weekend and all we ask is a little bit of comfy, but that doesn’t mean a basic outfit! I’m wearing a cool t-shirt from Dutmy, leather shorts also from Dutmy and a sequined blazer from Q2, just to make this outfit more fun! So just added some more golden details with studded bag from DafitiAnnaXI shoes and Asos headphone. Have a nice weekend! (;

.FashionCoolture - 29.03.2014 look du jour Dutmy (7)

FashionCoolture - 05.03.2014 look du jour Love Luxo (1) FashionCoolture - 05.03.2014 look du jour Love Luxo (2) FashionCoolture - 05.03.2014 look du jour Love Luxo (3) FashionCoolture - 05.03.2014 look du jour Love Luxo (4) FashionCoolture - 05.03.2014 look du jour Love Luxo (5) FashionCoolture - 05.03.2014 look du jour Love Luxo (6)


vestido|dress: Love Luxo

casaco|coat: vintage (similar here|here)

chapéu|hat: Asos

bolsa|bag: Dafiti

sapato|shoes: Ellus (similar here)


   Já não é novidade que o xadrez vem ganhando cada vez mais espaço no look du jour e quando a estampa aparece em uma peça linda como esse vestido da Love Luxo a aparição por aqui é garantida. O vestido de hoje tem uma modelagem incrível com cintura marcada e dois bolsos laterais em um efeito quase peplum. Nos complementos tem blazer vintage e bolsa de spikes da Dafiti. Outro ponto de destaque é o chapéu vermelho da Asos.


    I’m in love with plaid right now as you may have noticed on look du jour, specially when this amazing print is in a  piece like this Love Luxo dress, perfect shape and a peplum effect that turns it so chic. I’m also wearing a vintage black blazer and studded bag from Dafiti. The final touch is the red hat from Asos, one of my favs!

.FashionCoolture - 05.03.2014 look du jour Love Luxo (7)