velvet tshirt

From the choice of colors to the fabrics and textures today’s look is about delicate pieces. The main inspiration came from that Shoulder velvet tshirt. I loved the shape just like a tshirt style. And the color is simply beautiful, oscillating between a rosé and champagne. Needless to say that this piece already entered my list of favorites, right?

I bet on a look inspired by the colors of the tshirt. I wore a tulle skirt, soft and feminine. I love this contrast between the fabric of the blouse and the lightness of the skirt. The rosé blazer also has a very discreet glow in the fabric and it’s a litle bit oversized, perfect shape to wear with mini skirts, also from Shoulder.

For the shoes and the bag I choose a nude tone, kinda champagne. The shoes with lace up detail is from Shein and the structured bag is from the Macadamia. Finally, the Pandora jewelery! I wore the leather bracelet as a chocker, definitely one of my favorite styling tricks with the jewels of the brand. And of course, my usual mix of bracelets and rings.

blazer: Shoulder / top: Shoulder / jewelry: Pandora / sunglasses: Zerouv / bag: Macadamia / shoes: Shein

velvet tshirt

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pink lace skirt pink lace skirt

On Saturday I went in POA and took the opportunity to take a look at the news at the Shoulder store, I posted a little bit on Instagram, did you see? My favorite pieces in the store were exactly those ones in a gorgeous pink tone. so chic.

I showed this look in the dressing room at the instagram stories and I loved this mix of print + lace. The pink color makes both pieces look great together. That’s an interesting and feminine combination. I also tried this blouse with a lace top and I found the idea of the overlay simply beautiful, soon i’ll try to post here in another look for you to see.

Oh, another interesting detail is that I actually wore the blouse with the back detail in the front. This neckline was on the back and the front was more closed with the round neck (you can see on Shoulder website!). But for that look I specifically liked to wear in a different way, I tried it and it worked! Have you thought about trying your clothes with simple changes like this and discovering new ways to wear it?

In the accessories I chose Pandora’s jewels and I used 2 necklaces and a leather bracelet as a choker to enhance the neckline. I also wore the lace up shoe from Esdra and the nude Amaro handbag.

top: Shoulder / skirt: Shoulder / sunglasses: ZeroUV / jewelry: Pandora / bag: Amaro / shoes: Esdra

pink lace skirt

Vestido Estampado

Usually we associate summer and spring with colorful looks, in lighter and more cheerful tones, while autumn and winter are usually linked to more sober colors and neutral tones right? I see this as an invitation to reverse the order of things. You all should try a very colorful winter look, it looks incredible and totally rocks those gray days.

Today’s look is just like this, a colorful and cheerful proposal for autumn. Although I love wearing earthy tones and burgundy at this time of year, I like even more to try other possibilities. So how about wearing a colorful printed dress?

I chose a very cute dress from Pop Up Store, besides the light and colorful print, the shape is really different. With cutouts on the sides and back and many frills this dress can easily be worn in the spring or fall.

As the weather has oscillated quite a bit here I chose a 3/4 sleeve coat also full of color. What about betting on a warm piece in a different color like this rose-colored coat?

For the accessories I chose shades of gray for both the purse and the shoes, a neutral touch in the middle of so many colors. But notice the details: I used a keychain with pompoms to keep the inspiration colorful and fun of the look.

dress: Pop Up Store / Coat: SINCERELY SWEET / sunglasses: Zerouv  / shoes: Divalesi

Vestido Estampado

Burgundy and Pink

If today the rosy is among my favorite colors, not long ago was the burgundy that dominated my looks, do you remember? I think in recent years this wine shades was my favorite and during the fall and winter it was basically my uniform.

So naturally I have many pieces in this color and especially like mixing them with other shades and colors. For example, this vibrant pink! Kadell’s square bag inspired that look and I was eager to debut it here. It has the option of longer strap, but for a ladylike look I prefer to use the hand strap. I loved both the color and the model of the bag so I made this outfit especially for it.

I wore a fake leather skirt – I love the fact that it has pockets. And a striped blouse with shades of pink, burgundy, black and white. I completed with a burgundy leather jacket that I love, the color is especially beautiful and the model is classic. The look serves as background for the pieces in pink.

Still on the accessories I wore this Lulu’s scarpin that has such a beautiful design with these scalloped details and the rosy glasses from ZeroUV. How about this mix of colors to start the week?

jaqueta: Mango / blusa: Renner / bolsa: Kadell / óculos: ZEROUV / sapato: Lulu’s

Burgundy and Pink

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Valentine's Day Outfit

Valentine’s Day special look du jour even though we don’t celebrate the date in Brazil as in some other countries of the world. But still is a great inspiration for a special outfit, right?

Since the mood is super romantic I chose a girly look in shades of pink. I wore this top from Shoulder one more time. As I mentioned in the other post I loved this combination of colors and it already gave me inspiration for a 3 different looks. It’s so simple and so beautiful: pink + wine + red (it’s hidden, but it has 3 colors there!).

In this same chart of colors I decided to wear this gorgeous midi skirt, it’s pure love. In this case there are 4 different tones and many possibilities to wear it. The shape is exactly like I love and makes me feel great wearing midi skirts.

Same thing for the accessories: pink! I chose the pink bag from Dumond and the scarpin from Lulu’s. For the jewelry the choice was a pink velvet chocker and a delicate Pandora necklace. Final touch with this cat eyes sunglasses from ZeroUV.

What about my Valentine’s Day outfit? Hope you like it and it may inspires your day!

top: Shoulder / bag: Dumond / skirt: choies / necklace: Pandora / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Lulu’s

Valentine's Day Outfit

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While summer is still here, brands are beginning to show their fall collections in stores and inevitably there is a desire for autumn days, right?

That’s how I found this gorgeous printed bomber at Shoulder’s store! Even with some pieces on sale at the store there is already lots of new pieces with colors and prints for the next season. And when it comes to prints Shoulder is one of my favourites as I already shared my passion on previous posts.

This jacket has a pattern with plants and birds, a delicate blend with black and white outlines on a pink background. The pattern is so beautiful, and so is the colour. All this in a light fabric with gray cuffs (love those little details). I was still at store when I thought about this look with this gray girly skirt.

The top I wore is also from Shoulder. Although it does not appear that much in those pictures, it is pure inspiration because it has 3 beautiful colors combined: red, rosé and burgundy. I already wore it in another look at the weekend that I plan to post here soon.

And I need to metion the sweetest ice cream shop in the city, Venezia 311, where I took this pictures and one of my fav places in town!

jacket: Shoulder / top: Shoulder / skirt: Wear Ever / bag: Petite Jolie / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Asos

While stores are filled with incredible offers, the sale season is not always a synonim of good buys. It is often difficult to resist the impulse to buy since it is so cheap right? But buying good is not buyign a piece with a low price, but a piece that makes worth every cent you pay (even if they are few!).

So at those times we have to think a thousand times before buying to see if it’s just momentum or if it really makes sense to take that piece home. I’ve been thinking a lot about it and before buying a piece I usually ask myself some questions that I’ll share with you:

Does it really suit you?

Sometimes we assimilate some of the thousands of trends that are always around us and think that we desperately needs that incredible flatform. But when we get home with that purchase, we realizes that we does not like that kind of shoe after all. It’s like we look in the mirror and there’s something wrong, it does not seem to fit with us right? It is difficult, but it is essential to be able to identify what you genuinely like and what is only temporary desire.

And with the pieces you already have at home, will you be able to wear how many new looks?

To be worth the investment it is nice to analyze in how many looks that new piece can be worn and if it is easy to coordinate with what you already have. If mentally you can already see some possibilities that’s a good sign!

Would you wear this piece today?

You have to put in practice now and do not leave the piece to your closet expecting a special occasion to wear it or needing some adjustment or other new pieces to coordinate. If you buy thinking about wearing that piece someday or depending on another purchase to coordinate may end up leaving that piece standing in your closet forever.

And fin the next few years, do you still see yourself wearing that same piece?

Buy less and buy with quality is that. Recognize your own style and realize that a particular piece has a long life and is consistent with who you are. Of course we change and our wardrobe changes too, but a good buy is that kind that accompany us for years which also means that you have acquired a quality piece that will not get undone after washing.


These questions are worth for any purchase, right? But especially during the sale season is better to pay even more attention since the prices can be a real temptation.

Today’s photos are some of the looks I put together yesterday at Manhattan by Kellen that inveited me to show my choices at the store’s sale. With discounts of 40 and 50% I found many tempting pieces and I showed some of them on my Instagram stories.

To put into practice everything I told you in this post for you, I took a deep breath and looked at each piece in the store. I took off from the hangers only the ones that really matched me (first question). Then I tried everything and imagined these looks coordinated with my pieces, including shoes, bags, accessories (question two!).

I noticed that some pieces needed adjustments and luckily Manhattan already has a seamstress who can do all this before you even take the piece home. So we do not run the risk of letting it for later and later never arrives right? (question three) At this point I must say that having a reliable seamstress is essential and my seamstress currently works exactly at Manhattan’s store, she is the fairy who transforms pieces and makes everything perfect for me (thank you Norinha!).

Finally, among all those 5 looks you will see here in this post I thought about which one I would still be wearing in the next few years, coordinating and inventing new ways to wear (question four). And that’s how I managed to come up with a choice of so many options consciously and creatively for the wardrobe!

Did you like the tips to buy less and buy better during the sales? Try to put it into practice and then tell me if it worked for you!

And can you imagine what was my chosen look?

The pink color began a little shy, but gradually was invading the runways and looks on the streets. Pantone had already signaled that this would be the year of color, but it seems that only now that it appeared a lot. You can choose your favorite tone to wear. We’re loving this trend as you can see in this cute Flávia’s outfit, so we decided to put together a special wishlist on the subject. To learn more about your favorite items just click on the “+” on the products or the links at the end of the post.

+ Cute t-shirt for anytime.
+ Nice glasses to add on the outfit.
+ Stripes on sweaters are never to much!
+ Crimped and stylish skirt.
+ Pink double buckle belt.
+ Combo for a pop of color on lips and cheeks.
+ Dream bag consumption.
+ Funny flamingo inflatable.
+ Glitter shoes because we love it.
+ Trend glasses with flat lenses.