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Since the weather has changed I noticed that I still have a certain difficulty in wearing midi skirt in autumn and winter. It seems that in the summer days it’s enough to wear a midi skirt and a top, that’s it! But when I need to put on a warm blouse or a coat I have not yet gotten used to the new silhouette. Does anyone else have this problem?

I decided to try a mid-season look, I wore my pink midi skirt with the striped sweater. I love this color chart that goes from pink to wine red. Since the blouse is more tight, despite being long-sleeved, it was easier to match the midi skirt without changing the silhouette that much.

The special touch that gives this an autumn and winter feeling is my new Tutu boots. This color is new and barely arrived here at home already inspired me to put together a look to share with you. Boots + midi skirt is also new to me. Experiencing new possibilities, my new mantra right?

I also wore a Petite Jolie bag in the same tone of my boots. The baby pink sunglasses has been one of the most used lately, have you noticed? And the Pandora jewelry always with me, in the mix of bracelets, rings and necklace.

top: Renner / skirt: Forever21 / bag: Petite Jolie / sunglasses: ZeroUV / jewelry: Pandora / boots: Tutu Sapatilhas

wine red boots

pink midi skirt

Do you remember the look I posted on Monday with an overlay and mix of prints (right here!)? I commented that day that the top with foliage print was beautiful also to wear with the skirt in the same print. And here’s the skirt!

I still can not get over the perfection that is the top and the skirt together, I think it will be one of my favorite looks in the summer. But meanwhile, I’m using the pieces in many other compositions. And this has been easy, besides the print that is beautiful, the color chart is all about my favorites, right?

Notice that I have tried many new things last days. On yesterday’s outfit I wore a midi dress, without all that volume that I usually prefer. This time the midi skirt also comes in a new shape for me and I’m learning to like this new silhouette.

When I was leaving the Shoulder store with this beautiful skirt I decided to take a look on Forever21. There I found this tshirt in the same color of the skirt and with an expression in French that I love. I thought it was a great option to wear with the skirt and I really enjoyed that combination, it’s so french chic!

I also wore a nude shoes from Amaro, I love it. The bag is different and I found this format to be graceful. Finally, the same earring from yesterday’s outfit. I said that I really liked it and was going to repeat it over and over again, right?

skirt: Shoulder / tshirt: Forever21 / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: SammyDress / brinco: Santa Boutique / shoes: Amaro

pink midi skirt

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A week ago I went to Renner and fell in love with this pleated green midi skirt. There are so many positive points about this piece, I love the color, the pleated, the fabric. The length is almost perfect, because as I am short I will need to take a few adjustments to look better on me.

But while I was in the dressing room, I was thinking about which pieces I would match with the skirt. Although I find the color very beautiful, I confess that I was in doubt about the possibilities. The colour is totally out of my usual, nothing to do with black, white and gray, and also my usual color chart with earthy tones, red, rosy … I realized that I have just a few green pieces, it’s kinda like a new colour for me.

That’s why I got home and went to set up some options, a different color makes us think differently and force ourselves to be a little more creative when it comes to putting the pieces together. And that’s great. It’s good to get out of our comfort zone!

So I made 3 different options with the same skirt. I kept the gray tshirt and changed only the coordination of colors and accessories. Ever thought of using green in a monochrome look? And with a leopard print? Maybe with a purple jacket?

My first idea was to try a monochrome look. The color is totally out of the obvious and the result can be super cool.

I discovered that I do not have many pieces in shades of green, and they are few, but good. Look at that green velvet jacket! Besides the fabric being among the trends of the moment, I really like this modeling with the pockets. I decided to wear it with the pleated skirt in an attempt to look monochromatic and I liked the result. I matched it with the Esdra military green scarpin too. What about it?

LOOK 1 – skirt: RENNER / JAcket: ROMWE / TSHIRT: DAFITI / sunglasses: ZEROUV / Shoes: ESDRA

My second option was to match it with a piece also in a darker tone, just like the skirt. If I said that I wore the green skirt with a purple jacket without showing you the picture, it might sound a little bit weird, right? At first green and purple may not sound like the best combination.

It turns out that both colors appear in darker tones in the pieces and this brings a certain harmony. It does not always work, but try to coordinate very different colors that share that thing with lighter or darker tones. You may discover some awesome colour coordinations.

I loved thsis outfit, because it’s completely different. The gray tshirt works as a neutral base, so I chose the color also for the accessories like the bag and the sneakers.

LOOK 2 – Skirt: RENNER / JAcket: CAOS / TSHIRT: DAFITI / Sunglasses: ZEROUV / shoes: KEDS

saia midi renner

Finally, the classic leopard print! All colors work well with this print, have you noticed? There are variations of this print and many options of background colors and such, but in general I have not yet seen a color that does not look nice with it.

Once again the gray tshirt is a neutral base that does not break the harmony of the other pieces. I chose an all printed leopard jacket, but if you’re not a big fan of the print you can also try with a printed clutch.

In this case I chose accessories in neutral colors, but nothing perfectly coordinated. Notice that the belt is black, the bag is gray, and the heels are brown. But all these colors also appear in the other pieces, so it works well.

LOOK 3 – Skirt: RENNER / JAcket: ROMWE / TSHIRT: DAFITI / sunglasseS: ZEROUV / Shoes: Ferrucci

saia midi renner

And since I could not decide my favourite outfit wearing the green skirt, I want to hear from you, which look is better? Any favourite?

saia midi com tênis

The last look du jour for this special week without heels had to be an outfit with midi skirt right? This piece has been one of my favourites lately. If at first I always bet on high heels since the length was completely new for me, today I can wear it with flats and sneakers.

I already posted some looks before that exemplify this, but this time I chose a slightly different shoes. In place of a more casual and neutral choice, how about a Converse full of spikes? The goal here is to make sneakers the highlight, not a mere complement. Oh, this shoes are so old and from Romwe, but for those who like it you can also do this at home as diy.

With the midi skirt and the sneakers I decided to go for the classic black and white. I wore a basic M.Officer tshirt and completed it with a vintage belt.

Finally, the choice of the bag: mini and with ears! Have you noticed that I love cute and fun accessories right?

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did this week without heels outfits. Besides being super comfortable, I loved the idea to exercise the creativity and show that a look without heels can be very cool and stylish. Now tell me in the comments among the 5 looks from the week which one was your favorite? (If you lost some here at the end of the post you’ll find a link for all of them!).

tshirt: M.Officer / Skirt: SHEIN / bag: Asos / sneakers: Romwe

saia midi com tênis

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white midi skirt white midi skirt

I never imagined that I would be so fond of midi skirts. In the early years of the blog were the mini length that dominated the looks around here. And it was real mini, whether for skirts, shorts or dresses, I liked the visual effect of having super-long legs.

After the change of my hair cut and colour I decided to risk one or two midi skirts and since then they have grown and gained more and more space in my wardrobe. I like the comfort that a midi skirt gives me. Being able to move freely and without worry. Even on windy days, I’m unconcerned. Another positive point is the silhouette that those midi skirts create. Exactly how I like it with a nice waist and an illusion of a little bit more hip – something that I  don’t have since I have a skinny body.

This skirt I’m wearing today is a delight, very fresh and light for the hot days. I loved the fabric and texture it adds to the look. This time I wore it with a very basic white t-shirt for an all white outfit.

To add some contrast to the look I wore some accessories in Pied de Poule – or Pied de Coq since the pattern is a bit bigger. I’ve talked about this on the blog before, do you remember? This Too Stylish Design clutch simply won my heart. In addition to having one of my favorite prints the design is simply different and creative. I especially like the details in velvet (the black part of the print, for example) and the way it opens. The brand is from Portugal and the pieces are developed and produced 100% by hand, one more point to love!

Of course I immediately thought of wearing it with my Esdra’s pied de poule shoes and I loved that combination.

top: Amaro / skirt: Shein / sunglasses: zEROuv / clutch: Too Stylish Design /  shoes: Esdra

white midi skirt

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More than a look du jour this post is all about this great little place that I love and was the perfect background for so many photos here. I will eventually post some of my favorite places in the area or any other city I go. Places that inspire us definitely deserve to be shared!

Sorveteria Venezia 311 is the most beautiful corner in Criciúma. The place is really cute, I love the window displays with stickers and this vintage inspiration. On those days of summer it is a delight to stop by and see the tables on the sidewalk and stop for a little refreshment. Because besides being beautiful, it has the best ice cream in town.

Talking about ice cream they have many choices in a buffet with several delicious flavors, including lactose free. My all-time favorite is the mint with chocolate, I’m totally addicted. I also definetely recommend the coconut syrup, so yummi!

As the afternoon was simply too hot for chocolate I chose a bowl from the menu with strawberry, yogurt, chantilly and ice cream. Ideal for such a hot day.

But if there’s one thing I really like about Venezia 311, it’s how they treat the customers and their work. Do you know when we see love and affection in the work? From time to time they promote ideas to help some institution here in the city that needs donations, pure love! Unfortunately I forgot to ask the name of the owners who are always there to treat the costumers really well and allowing us to make the biggest mess while shooting, but here is my THANK YOU!

If you ever have a chance to visit the city this is the address: Rua Joaquim Nabuco, 311 – Centro, Criciúma – SC

Sorveteria Venezia 311

My look for this Wednesday was very comfy and easy with a vintage inspiration to match my afternoon at the ice cream shop.

The midi skirt was for a long time at my closet, but the length (near the ankles) never seemed to please me. I took it in the seamstress and with the new length it’s like my new uniform. I love the baby pink colour and the fabric a little thicker, it is simply beautiful in movement and it makes me feel like I’m in one of those musicals like La La Land!

With those high temperatures all I ask is for comfort, so I wore gray Keds shoes and a gray floral blouse to create that harmony of colors that I love so much. Another highlight at the accessories is the gray velvet bag with a geometric texture that makes an incredible effect.

Finally, my favorite touch: the headpiece. I had already worn a black one in a recent look and now I have chosen the rosy for the look du jour. Among many buns and ponytails this has been my choice to change a little bit the basic summer hairstyle.

saia: forever21 / blusa: Minga London / bolsa: Rosegal / anéis: Pandora / chocker: Rosegal / tênis: Keds

floral midi skirt

We started 2017 with a few days of vacation and there’s nothing like spending time disconnected enjoying those great little moments of life right? The long summer days, blue skies, a gentle wind and the sound of the water are some of the details that we should stop and enjoy more!

I confess that I was missing to post here so I chose a very special look to start the new year that reflects a little bit of this summer holidays mood of the last days.

The inspiration comes from other decades, I think I’ve been reading a lot of books and watching many movies and series that portray other times (later I’ll share some of my inspirations with you!) and inevitably I felt like wearing some vintage inspired outfits, feminine prints like floral and the scarf tied around the neck (such a cute detail!).

Luckily I found some pieces of the new AMARO collection that fit perfectly into this mood. My great passion is the floral midi skirt, the print is simply beautiful, brings colorful bouquets of flowers hand-drawn in watercolor and has a freshness that matches with summer. Besides the pattern, the modeling is exactly as I like it, light fabric and full of movement, one of those that makes us dream that we are dancing and spinning just to see the beautiful drawing of the skirt.

To balance the volume of the skirt I chose a white top with a a V neckline that I completed with a scarf tied around the neck, a cute and romantic detail, everything from AMARO.

The hat from Chapéus25 you already know from other old looks and has been my great ally this summer, beautiful and very useful under all this sun.

Finally, I chose a very cute and colorful sandals filled with pompons also from AMARO that since the end of last year has launched a special line of shoes, good news, right? I’m not a big fan of sandals, but I surrendered to this one with pompoms and it has been my favorite in these very hot days, besides giving a fun touch to any look.

top: AMARO / scarf: AMARO / Skirt: AMARO / sunglasses: ZEROUV / hat: CHAPÉUS25 / SANDals AMARO

Ah, in the early years of the blog the looks du jour always took the name of some songs that I loved, anyone remember? So, music is still a great inspiration for my looks and today’s production has the mood of this version of Que reste-t-il de nos amours? from Charles Trenet played by Avalon Jazz Band, take a look at this inspiring song:

floral midi skirt

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fashioncoolture-07-12-2016-look-du-jour-red-plaid-midi-skirt-1 fashioncoolture-07-12-2016-look-du-jour-red-plaid-midi-skirt-2 fashioncoolture-07-12-2016-look-du-jour-red-plaid-midi-skirt-4fashioncoolture-07-12-2016-look-du-jour-red-plaid-midi-skirt-3  fashioncoolture-07-12-2016-look-du-jour-red-plaid-midi-skirt-5 fashioncoolture-07-12-2016-look-du-jour-red-plaid-midi-skirt-6 fashioncoolture-07-12-2016-look-du-jour-red-plaid-midi-skirt-7 fashioncoolture-07-12-2016-look-du-jour-red-plaid-midi-skirt-8 fashioncoolture-07-12-2016-look-du-jour-red-plaid-midi-skirt-9

I already told you that it was after I cut my hair that I fell in love with the midi skirts. Until then I had never really worn and liked a skirt with that length. It turns out that since then this passion only increases and I have loved experimenting with some variations of this model, colors and prints.

This red skirt is just beautiful! This gingham print is classic and with such a vibrant color the skirt is really irresistible. I noticed that so far my midi skirts are all like this, with large prints and strong colors.

I took the hot day to wear it with a white top and to have a more interesting look I chose one with lace up detail that I love, from Shoulder.

Accessories are the highlight of the look, this bag of straw with cherries is totally about summer, right? It’s adorable and funny, with the cherries in 3d. The shoes are from Carel and you have seen it here other times, it’s classic and very comfortable. Oh, I think this is the first time I wear a midi skirt with flat shoes. And you know what? I loved it!

top: Shoulder / skirt: Chicwish / jewelry: Pandora / shoes: Carel

fashioncoolture-07-12-2016-look-du-jour-red-Red Gingham Skirt