mulheres que me inspiram

For this international women’s day I decided to share with you a little bit of my admiration for some very special women. What makes me love them there1s nothing to do with super powers or impossible stories (though they are worthy of all this!), but small attitudes, the day-to-day struggle and a mix of strength and delicacy that could go unnoticed.

Without looking too far, I can say that most of these women come from my family. How proud I am! Although I am discreet with my personal life I could not fail to mention my first inspirations.

As a youngest daughter, I must say that my first inspiration came from my older sister, Mariana. She was my example for everything and despite a difference of only 2 years from my sh point of view she was so adult and full of personality, you know? My idol! As a child, my great-aunt Marlene and my aunts Claudia and Ana were the references for the joy, the crazy ideas and the independence, I was always dreaming of being like them as an adult!

We grow up and start to hear more of our family’s life stories and then I realized that behind two grandmas who were pure sweetness there were difficult times in their lives, but none of them made them lose their huge hearts. I am very proud of the struggles of my grandmother Regina and my grandmother Therezinha.

And, of course, the admiration that always existed and will exist for my mother, Leila, my greatest reference. Her infinite love and untiring dedication to me and my sister is priceless. Even though life wasn’t easy and gave a big twist in the late years she made the right choices and makes me proud to see her rediscovering life.

These are some of the women who made me who I am today and I am very grateful to each of them. Unfortunately I can not share with you all the privilege of being inspired and living with my family, right? But in a way I also live on the internet, so here it’s like my second home and in this wonderful world of internet I also found real, strong, creative and inspiring women. So I’ve prepared a short list with some incredible women that you can follow too and have inspiration for life!

Louise Ebel – Pandora

Louise was my first style reference at the blog’s world. 7 years later nothing has changed, it remains a great inspiration to me. My admiration goes beyond aesthetics, because her work is full of historical references and much knowledge. Her looks are not empty and simple copies from the catwalks. There is a special care in each production, a context for each piece and scenario chosen. So I also learned to look for other references when thinking about a look and she shows in an incredible way how her outfits was inspired by a certain work of art or historical figure.

mulheres que me inspiram

 Ana Paula Passarelli (portuguese only)

When I met Passa while doing a job in SP, I never imagined the incredible person that was in front of me. After that day I returned home and I followed her on social networks just because she was nice. For my surprise, that woman was pure knowledge and experience – about social media, gender issues or random themes – it doesn’t matter, she has a lot of cool things to share and the good news is that she shares everything she knows all the time.

See more: Youtube and also Facebook.

Garance Doré

Another of my first inspirations on the internet and the queen of street style photography, right? At first it was the photograph that made me love her, but then came the delicate and expressive illustrations and, finally, the texts with a delicious and intelligent humor. How good it is to admire someone completely, in all areas Garance inspires. Did you know that her real name is not Garance? I never imagined it, I just discovered it by reading the book she wrote! Curiosities aside, what really matters is that this woman is incredible, stylish, talented and knows how to laugh at herself, I want to be like her when I grow up! ^^

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Melina Souza – Serendipity (portuguese only)

If you look at the her pictures you will fall in love, because they are beautiful and have a good feeling, you know? I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and seeing that she is exactly like this – and her mother too, this family is pure love! Beyond the photos Mel has great book tips (and she recently launched a book with Lia that I’m eager to read), travel and share only good things in her blog and life. She is one of those people who make us believe that there is still goodness in the world. Thank you for existing, Mel! <3

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Carla Lemos – Modices (portuguese only)

Those who followed the first fashion blogs in Brazil may know Modices. I confess that I spent some time without checking the news there, but recently it has been my constant reading. Carla is one of the few big bloggers that really post about fashion conscious. Her posts have been my favorites and helped a lot in my reflections abouth this subject. It’s so nice to have a blog with such rich content, it also addresses other cool topics like empowerment and real beauty (seriously, there are some very good posts).

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Isadora Ribeiro – Na nossa vida (portuguese only)

I met Isa’s blog a short time ago when Ar told me about her work. And I did not need more than one visit or two to fall in love with her ability to make life’s seemingly simplest things poetic. Everything is so beautiful in her eyes, in photos or text. What a delight to live like this, it makes us exercise this generous look with our life and with everything around us. It makes me learn a lot!

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Cristina Zanetti e Fernanda Resende – Oficina de Estilo (portuguese only)

I’ve talked about Oficina de Estilo a thousands times here on the blog. But I’ll say it again, Cris and Fe were my first fashion reading at the internet. And lucky me, because apart from being experts in color combinations, styling tips and making a piece yield many productions, they go beyond and see the human behind the clothes. Do you know that kind of work that is full of emotions and knowledge to make us reflect and improve? They are exactly like this!

See more:

These are just a few women that I admire in this wonderful world of internet and to whom I also leave here my thank you very much!

And who are the women who inspires you? From real life or the internet if you have some nice story tell me there in the comments. I will love to meet them!

FashionCoolture - 17.08 Azevin summer crochet cardigan hat (1) FashionCoolture - 17.08 Azevin summer crochet cardigan hat (2) FashionCoolture - 17.08 Azevin summer crochet cardigan hat (3) FashionCoolture - 17.08 Azevin summer crochet cardigan hat (4) FashionCoolture - 17.08 Azevin summer crochet cardigan hat (5) FashionCoolture - 17.08 Azevin summer crochet cardigan hat (6)


vestido|dress: Azevin

cardigan: Goodnight Macaroon

bracelets: Kafé

chapéu|hat: Asos

tênis|shoes: Kafé


   Look du jour de sábado super relax, com vestido estampado lindo da Azevin perfeito para os dias de verão e cardigan com mini flores da Goodnight Macaroon. Nos acessórios tem maxi chapéu da Asos, mix de braceletes da Kafé e tênis super confortável também da Kafé.


    Sunday’s look du jour with a relax and cool outfit wearing printed dress from Azevin, perfect for endless summer. Also wearing daisy crochet cardigan from Goodnight Macaroon. Accessories with maxi hat from Asos, bracelets mix from Kafé and comfy sneakers from Kafé.

 .FashionCoolture - 17.08 Azevin summer crochet cardigan hat (7)

FashionCoolture Melissa



  Olha só que legal, tem foto do FashionCoolture entre as inspirações da Melissa para a nova coleção 2014, tudo super fofo com a delicadeza e a alegria das flores!

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