calça navy calça navy

Acho que não tem nenhum look de verão já postado nesse blog que seja mais a minha cara do que esse. Essa inspiração navy com um toque meio francês é simplesmente muito amor. Tenho arriscado uns looks diferentes, tentado sair da minha zona de conforto com mini saias e tal, e tenho gostado!

Quando vi essa calça da Colcci no site da Dafiti já me apaixonei. Amo a cor azul marinho e os detalhes de botão, mas confesso que tive receio pelo comprimento e por ser mais soltinha. Definitivamente sai do meu usual, mas valeu a pena ter arriscado. Apesar da modelagem diferente, achei que a calça veste super bem. Também adoro que ela tem dois bolsinhos na frente e bolso já rende uns pontos a mais.

Para balancear o volume da calça complementei o look com o top cropped de alcinha. Achei que ficou fofo e fresquinho para um dia de verão.

Os acessórios também são super charmosos, começando pela sandália com estampa vichy vermelhinha. A estampa está super em alta e combina muito com o verão. Além disso apesar do salto altíssimo ela é confortável. Ainda nos acessórios destaque para a bolsa quadrada tipo maletinha. Amo o detalhe em matelassê e amarrei um lencinho vermelho pra deixar ainda mais francês esse look.  Por fim, a boina vermelha que tem sido meu xodó nos looks recentes. Que tal esse look meio navy meio francês?

top: Dafiti / calça: Dafiti / bolsa: Dafiti / sandália: Dafiti

calça navy

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Saia midi branca

Some outfit combinations have no error right? Each one has an infallible formula of wearing certain pieces or colors and feel incredible always. For me today’s look is all about it. It has black and white, has midi skirt, has cute accessories and scarpin.

I’ll start talking about this skirt because I love it when there’s a lot of fabric and make the skirt really round. Also, this fabric is heavier, so it looks gorgeous in movement and is still super comfortable to wear, without fear of any wind making that Marilyn Monroe effect.

As the skirt is really chic because of the length and fabric, I chose to wear with a tshirt to break this idea and make it more casual. This tshirt is so cute!

Now focus on the accessories: what is this heart bag? So beautiful and makes any basic look more fun. I also wore the scarpin I showed in yesterday’s shoe post. It looks incredible, right? It’s different and it’s very comfortable.

Finally, I am varying between hairstyles, hat, anything that gives life to my hair. I’m finding it a little dull in that intermediate length, so I’ve been increasing the look with handkerchiefs like this one.

tshirt: Dafiti / skirt: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Dafiti / jewelry: Pandora / shoes: Dafiti

Saia midi branca

sapatos Dafiti

While researching some products on Dafiti‘s website I found several beautiful shoes, apparently comfortable and with really good price. I liked this selection so much that I set up a post just to talk about this findings and share with you.

Comfort has been one of my priorities when choosing a shoe, so I gave priority to models with heavier heels. I still have a few shoes like that and I definitely want them to be more in my closet.

But I did not let go of the desire to have incredible and different shoes, so I fell in love with these ones. And this selection could not be more perfect for me, has rosy shoe in satin and with pearls, has vichy with bows and chic scarpin with straps.

sapatos Dafiti

vichy heels/ heart shapped bag / hat

This sandal with bows and vichy print is one of my favorites. So be ready to see it on many looks du jour this summer. Besides beautiful, it is really super comfortable, best choice!

And although the post is dedicated to the shoes, I could not avoid to show this heart bag from Santa Lolla. I showed you in the stories and I know you enjoyed it too. I think the red is out of stocj, but the black and beige are still available.

sapatos Dafiti

baby pink shoes / sunglasses / jewelry

Outro favorito é esse scarpin rosinha com pérolas, mal chegou por aqui e já foi direto para os meus pés. Super delicado e também confortável. Perfeito para aqueles meus looks rosinhas, né?

I have also wore the scarpin tricolor that appears in the first photo and definitely won points for comfort and looks incredible in the look. I’ll show you more later this week. I’ve tried it all and the pink satin shoe and the vichy print shoe have comfortable heels. As soon as I actually wear it for a day I’ll tell you more here, after all the focus is beauty with comfort right?

What about my choices? Any favorite?

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white boots

The white boot was among the recent trends I’d let go. But with my desire to wear light color looks during the winter, I noticed that Idon’t have the right shoes to fit my new color chart. I confess that among my few boots I can only see black basics or caramel. So I decided to try the white boot as an option!

And that’s how I discovered that the white boot can work on my looks and go beyond a season. As on today’s outfit with mini skirt and leather jacket. I wore a mini red skirt with a zipper detail. I combined it with an almost basic tshirt and black leather jacket, after all it’s still cold here.

In the accessories the white boots, of course. I chose a very cute baby pink mini bag that has been my choice in recent looks. I love the size and color. Finally, my inseparable boater hat in red color, heart earring and white glasses. How about this basic look, but with a fun touch?

tshirt: Dafiti / skirt: Dafiti / bag: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / earrings: Shein / boots: Dafiti

white boots

look Dafiti

I photographed this look last week and really wanted to share it with you. The color chart has been my favorite lately. The classic black and white + rosy. The almost complete look is from Dafiti and some of the pieces are on sale with discounts that are worth it.

The inspiration is rocker, but with some contrasts that I love. The tshirt and the black boots bring a heavier look, perfect for balancing with the rosy skirt with lace details, a super delicate piece. I want to repeat this skirt again and again.

Accessories with mini bag with ideal color and size, I loved this Colcci bag. Going back to the boots I must say that it was a find, exactly as I wanted it, with a comfortable heels and lace up. Perfect!

skirt: Dafiti / tshirt: Dafiti / bag: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / boots: Dafiti

look Dafiti

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mini saia e tshirt

Holiday with an easy look but with focus on details! Mini skirt and tshirt have no mistake right? I chose a cute tshirt with a velvet detail in the heart and I must say that this piece is awesome. Besides being a cutie the price was just perfect. I do not usually mention prices here, but I thought it was worth sharing this tip this time.

But my favorite part of the look is really the accessories. The wine velvet bag is funny, with the vampire detail and mini size exactly like I like it.

And the bat flats won my heart. I think I’m kind of obsessed with bags and shoes with animals, they’re so cute. I wore it with the fishet socks to keep the focus on it.

tshirt: Dafiti / skirt: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZEROUV / bag: Dafiti / flats: Dafiti

mini saia e tshirt

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velvet lace up boots

How do you create your looks? I usually choose a piece to start and it inspires all the others, I always need a starting point, you know? It can be a skirt, a tshirt or an accessory. On today’s look I confess that the inspiration came from that velvet boot. It’s hard not to love it: velvet, pink, lace up and with velvet ribbon… and the best: it is comfortable! I had seen the boot in Suzana Santos’ catalog and I was too happy to see that it sells on Dafiti.

In fact, the look is all from Dafiti. I wore a cute gray tshirt, written “Miss You,” and pink skirt in a nice suede-like fabric. Since it is cold and can not escape wearing a jacket, I chose a super stylish Colcci jacket, metallized and textured. The jacket has a removable hood and this time I thought it did not match much and I removed it.

Accessories with Santa Lolla bag that already appeared in other looks around here and promises to keep showing up because I liked it too much. (:

jacket: Colcci (Dafiti) / tshirt: MRC (Dafiti) / skirt: Handbook (Dafiti) / bag: Santa Lolla (Dafiti) / boots: Suzana Santos (Dafiti)

velvet lace up boots

FashionCoolture - 15.02.2016 look du jour Amsterdam winter leopard printed coat burgundy (1) FashionCoolture - 15.02.2016 look du jour Amsterdam winter leopard printed coat burgundy (2) FashionCoolture - 15.02.2016 look du jour Amsterdam winter leopard printed coat burgundy (3) FashionCoolture - 15.02.2016 look du jour Amsterdam winter leopard printed coat burgundy (4)FashionCoolture - 15.02.2016 look du jour Amsterdam winter leopard printed coat burgundy (5) -FashionCoolture - 15.02.2016 look du jour Amsterdam winter leopard printed coat burgundy (6)FashionCoolture - 15.02.2016 look du jour Amsterdam winter leopard printed coat burgundy (7)

After Milan we went back to Amsterdam for 3 days, there we found some gray and cold days. In fact, if there’s anything I learned in Amsterdam is that when the weather forecast says it’s windy, it’s really windy outside and that means the thermal sensation is even colder.

For this day we had a cool schedule with visit to some museums and long walks through those amazing streets with canals (I’ll write everything about it on my next travel diary!). So I chose a comfy and warm outfit in my favourite colour: burgundy!

I was wearing a purple denim pants from Dafiti and a burgundy wool sweater. The leopard coat also from Dafiti it’s kinda classic and the perfect piece to rock an outfit. I loved the mix of the animal print and my favourite colour.

Accessories with Ui!Gafas glasses, this gorgeous bag from Dafiti, some cute rings from Pandora  and Carrano boots once again.

coat: DAFITI \ pants: DAFITI \ rings: PANDORA \ sunglasses: UI!GAFAS \ bag: DAFITI \ boots: CARRANO

FashionCoolture - 15.02.2016 look du jour Amsterdam winter leopard printed coat burgundy (8)