Flávia already told about her passion for neutral color several times here, but lately the gray outfits gain more and more space on the look du jour. And there is a reason for this, gray is a color that wears very well in any season and provides a lot of combinations for all styles.

And the advantages do not end there! You will hardly get sick of a color like gray because even in a monochrome outfit it is subtle and elegant. When mixed with other colors the result can beyond be a creativity exercise, it may surprise you.

But if after all you still think that gray is a lifeless color, keep reading this post. I selected 10 amazing gray outfits that Flávia already showed on the blog to show you that color may be more interesting than you ever imagine! Look that:

1. Gray and black with texture mix. More details here.

2. Combined with metallized. More details here.

3. In layers and overlays. More details here.

4. Gray and earthy tones. More details here.

5. With silver and gold. More details here.

6. Beyond the t-shirt. More details here.

7. With nude, another neutral color. More details here.

8. Gray in prints. More details here.

9. With baby pink. More details here.

10. Monochrome. More details here.

I bet you already wanted to hurry to put some ideas into practice! After so much inspiration it is impossible not to fall in love with the gray too <3

look de outono

April brings a taste  of autumn to our days. Cooler mornings and nights, shorter days, blue skies and new colors in the landscapes. And if there’s a color I love in this new setting, it’s the one from the leaves that fall from the trees in a half-yellowish, half-brown tone. This is the inspiration for today’s look!

This blazer is from s econd hand store and I had never worn it. The color is simply beautiful and totally fits the season.

Although it did not need adjustments, it had huge shoulders and I kept it out of my closet. But since I have been into a cleaning closet and only keeping the pieces that I actually wear, trying not accumulating and giving a new destination to the one who stands still, I thought it was time to give a chance for the blazer. One of these days I decided to cut a piece of the lining myself and remove the shoulders. It was just that and I kept wondering why it took me so long to do it. The important thing is that it was ready just in time to wear it a lot this fall.

Back to the look, I thought of using it with a different color combination that came out a bit from the earthy tones. How about gray? It is neutral and works great with nude, brown and this fall color. I liked the idea so much that I wore gray on the tshirt and skirt.

In order not to leave the blazer isolated as the only piece in that color, I used the accessories to give more harmony. I chose Tutu‘s brown boot (thinks about a comfortable shoe!) and also a brown belt, so I distribute the color throughout the production. Hope you like it!

blazer: Brechó da neide / tshirt: Dafiti / sunglasses: Zerouv / jewelry: Pandora / boots: Tutu Sapatilhas

look de outono

look com tênis

This week I thought about doing a special edition of  look du jour: one week without heels! It feels great to see so many trends with sneakers and flat shoes and we all know that we don’t need to wear high heels to have a nice look. But some new inspirations is always good right?

And these looks are super real life because in day to day comfort is everything. So even though I love high heels I have been increasingly wearing on sneakers to face the days of work, a special meeting and even going out to dinner.

For this Monday I chose a basic sneaker, but that is among my favorites: Keds! I think these sneaker are super classic and have a casual style. This gray one is neutral and it fits into so many different looks, that kind of versatile piece that I’m looking for more and more to keep on my wardrobe.

I chose to wear a very nude ballerina dress with a tutu skirt and completed with the Gap bomber jacket. A contrast I love between pieces of very different styles – delicate x sporty. On the accessories I chose a gray mini bag and rounded glasses, all in gray and nude colors.

Last but not leats a tiny detail, but one of those that makes difference: I added a bow underneath the bun, something that can only be noticed when I’m on my back, but it makes the look so sweet, right?

I hope you have enjoyed it and tomorrow I’ll keep working on outfits with no heels!

JAcket: gAP / dress: rOMWE / bag: dRESSlINK / sunglasses: ZeroUV / sneakers: Keds

look com tênis

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