Macacão Pantacourt

Among the pieces I never imagined to wear was the pantacourt jumpsuit, by the way, anything pantacourt. It’s the kind of piece that I find beautiful on others, but it always seemed that would not work that well on me. After all, I’m short and the length seemed a little ungrateful.

Until the day I saw this black jumpsuit on the Pop Up Store website. I thought it was beautiful in the model, the neckline is wonderful, the straps, the soft fabric, and black, there is no mistake. I decided to give it a try! And I found out that I love it!

I have been surprised by trying out pieces that come out of my comfort zone and discovering that they can indeed look good on me. This goes a long way towards the confidence I have gained over time, with not caring enough if I’m short and accepting that at the end this is not something that needs to be disguised.

So if you have any restrictions on a particular piece because you are short or for any other reason that you imagine you need to disguise, try without fear. You may find that you can love new pieces instead of accepting that idea that such a piece does not favor your body!

macacão: Pop Up Store / earrings: Santa Boutique / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Esdra

Macacão Pantacourt

pink midi skirt

Do you remember the look I posted on Monday with an overlay and mix of prints (right here!)? I commented that day that the top with foliage print was beautiful also to wear with the skirt in the same print. And here’s the skirt!

I still can not get over the perfection that is the top and the skirt together, I think it will be one of my favorite looks in the summer. But meanwhile, I’m using the pieces in many other compositions. And this has been easy, besides the print that is beautiful, the color chart is all about my favorites, right?

Notice that I have tried many new things last days. On yesterday’s outfit I wore a midi dress, without all that volume that I usually prefer. This time the midi skirt also comes in a new shape for me and I’m learning to like this new silhouette.

When I was leaving the Shoulder store with this beautiful skirt I decided to take a look on Forever21. There I found this tshirt in the same color of the skirt and with an expression in French that I love. I thought it was a great option to wear with the skirt and I really enjoyed that combination, it’s so french chic!

I also wore a nude shoes from Amaro, I love it. The bag is different and I found this format to be graceful. Finally, the same earring from yesterday’s outfit. I said that I really liked it and was going to repeat it over and over again, right?

skirt: Shoulder / tshirt: Forever21 / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: SammyDress / brinco: Santa Boutique / shoes: Amaro

pink midi skirt

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white midi skirt white midi skirt

I never imagined that I would be so fond of midi skirts. In the early years of the blog were the mini length that dominated the looks around here. And it was real mini, whether for skirts, shorts or dresses, I liked the visual effect of having super-long legs.

After the change of my hair cut and colour I decided to risk one or two midi skirts and since then they have grown and gained more and more space in my wardrobe. I like the comfort that a midi skirt gives me. Being able to move freely and without worry. Even on windy days, I’m unconcerned. Another positive point is the silhouette that those midi skirts create. Exactly how I like it with a nice waist and an illusion of a little bit more hip – something that I  don’t have since I have a skinny body.

This skirt I’m wearing today is a delight, very fresh and light for the hot days. I loved the fabric and texture it adds to the look. This time I wore it with a very basic white t-shirt for an all white outfit.

To add some contrast to the look I wore some accessories in Pied de Poule – or Pied de Coq since the pattern is a bit bigger. I’ve talked about this on the blog before, do you remember? This Too Stylish Design clutch simply won my heart. In addition to having one of my favorite prints the design is simply different and creative. I especially like the details in velvet (the black part of the print, for example) and the way it opens. The brand is from Portugal and the pieces are developed and produced 100% by hand, one more point to love!

Of course I immediately thought of wearing it with my Esdra’s pied de poule shoes and I loved that combination.

top: Amaro / skirt: Shein / sunglasses: zEROuv / clutch: Too Stylish Design /  shoes: Esdra

white midi skirt

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black sheer dress black sheer dress

After searching for some new inspirations I went back to the classic black! I mean, not that basic, right? After all I love focusing on the details, textures and a very girly silhouette.

This Motel Rocks‘s dress is a perfect little black dress. The neckline is beautiful, the sheer fabric makes everything more interesting with the floral details and it still has that perfect shape skirt that gives it a nice movement.

With such a beautiful piece, you can not even put a cardigan or any other piece that hides these details. So I decided to focus my attention at the accessories, so I could make this black sheer dress exactly my style.

A touch of black and white is always a good idea, so I chose Zaful’s striped bag and Asos’s sunglasses, two classics. But to get out of my usual I completed with the socks and the Carel shoes and I was surprised by the mixture of textures of the sock and the vinyl shoes. I loved it so much that I intend to repeat it soon!

Oh, and you noticed my hair recently? With this summer heat it’s been hard to let hair down, so I bet on the high bun. Best choice to keep it cool and super chic. I’m enjoying this change and I even bought some accessories to increase my hairstyle. I’ll show you soon!

dress: Motel Rocks / bag: Zaful / sunglasses: Asos / bracelets: Pandora / necklace: Pandora / shoes: Carel

black sheer dress

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golden sequined jacket

Among my resolutions when choosing my looks in 2017 is wearing more what makes me happy. Pieces with sequines are at the top of the list of priorities, because definitely those little round, glittery little things is totally out of the obvious and, after all, what’s the fun of dressing without having fun?

And sequins may also be more discreet and appropriate for more informal occasions. Here on the blog I have posted some dozens of looks with sequins + jeans, shorts, sneakers, the kind of outfits that is perfect for day by day but with a fun touch! You may remember at least one look like that, right?

For today’s look du jour I chose a golden sequined jacket, seems a little bit over, but the brightness of it is almost discreet. I love the classic modeling of the jacket with such an unusual fabric. This is from Lovers + Friends, an old piece but one that I plan to keep for a long long time.

I even thought of wearing it with something more casual like jeans, but sometimes it feels good to exaggerate a little bit and bet on an all-gold look without fear of being happy. That’s what I did! The Chicwish skirt is another old but very lovely piece here. And incredibly the golden fabric has almost the same tone of the sequined jacket, I found that they work perfectly together.

I completed with my new MOS shirt, I love the fabric, the gorgeous detail of the collar pleated and a little higher and the wide handle, such a classic piece.

For the accessories I chose a round glasses from ZeroUV, the shoes from Tabita and a super chic bag from Onna Ehrlich. Hope you like it as much as I do!

shirt: MOS / skirt: Chicwish / jacket: Lovers + Friends / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Onna Ehrlich / shoes: Tabita

golden sequined jacket

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fashioncoolture-21-12-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-shoulder-1 fashioncoolture-21-12-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-shoulder-2 fashioncoolture-21-12-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-shoulder-3 fashioncoolture-21-12-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-shoulder-4 fashioncoolture-21-12-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-shoulder-5

This is my last look du jour of 2016 (still going to have some posts, but no looks!). What a year, right? I needed a special look to be the last one.

I chose a lace dress, super delicate and rich in details. The colors are gorgeous, that blush pink tone that I love and some black details. The modeling of the dress was more loose and as I’m short I thought it was a little bit too long for me. Nothing that I could not fix with a belt, I chose a leather band, and I really like the contrast of the strip with the lightness of the fabric.

Besides the fact that I really lvoed the piece I wanted to finish the year wearing something from a brand that I admire and has been a great partner of the blog, Shoulder. It’s something symbolic, but also my way of saying thank you! And also thanks to you who staye with us and saw all the looks du jour this year. See you soon guys!

dress: Shoulder / shoes: Tabita


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green maxi dress

This week was all about holiday outfits and my last look du jour brings another incredible dress, a beautiful piece that Lulus gave me. In my last post I wrote that the store is one of my favorites with incredible long dresses and rich in fabric and movement!

This long dress is just like that, it’s simple, but the fabric makes everything look magical when you walk. I explain, the skirt of this Lulus dress has a lot of fabric and it is very soft, so a tiny movement is enough for it to reveal a beautiful volume, you know?

Plus I really like the color! I noticed that I do not have many green pieces in my closet, but I really like the color especially in darker shades. That is a color I’ll keep in mind when it comes to new pieces. But with this great start with this dress I think I’m already on the right path.

I hope you enjoy it, once again I chose a special place to photograph the look du jour and that perfectly combines with this magical atmosphere!

dress: LULUS

fashioncoolture-14-12-2016-blush-pink-velvet-dress-7fashioncoolture-14-12-2016-blush-pink-velvet-dress-2 fashioncoolture-14-12-2016-blush-pink-velvet-dress-3 fashioncoolture-14-12-2016-blush-pink-velvet-dress-4 fashioncoolture-14-12-2016-blush-pink-velvet-dress-5 blush Velvet Dress fashioncoolture-14-12-2016-blush-pink-velvet-dress-6

I’m still inspired by all those incredible maxi dresses, so today I have another velvet one, but this time in a cute blush pink. This blush tone is definitely among my favorites, there were so many monochrome looks with that colour here lately. It’s soft, super feminine and chic.

Lulus sent me this gorgeous piece and I must say that in when it comes to maxi and/or fluttering dresses they’re the best. My favorite until then was a long floral that I wore in Miami, can you remember it? But now another piece got my heart, this blush velvet dress is unique, not only for it’s colour but also for the perfect shape.

I took advantage of the moments when the shoe appears between the dress to photograph this model also in blush pink from Lulus. The neutral colour helps to lengthen the silhouette and will be a key piece to many other outfits, for sure! Hope you like it!

dress: Lulus / shoes: Lulus

fashioncoolture-14-12-2016-blush-pink-velvet-dress-1 blush Velvet Dress