sapatilha boneca

For our special week without heels on look du jour I chose the classic flats for today’s outfit. I already posted a look with sneakers and another one with cool flat shoes, but if there’s a basic item that is almost unanimous in our wardrobe is the black flats, right?

I chose a lovely one from Tutu. I love wearing this model with skirts and dresses, it gets super girly. To wear with pants the ideal is to be a skinny shape, so the detail in the ankle is not hidden.

I wore the flats with another classic piece: the trench coat. I love this piece with shorter sleeves from Chicwish, a nice option to wear in this mid-season weather when the temperature is not really low. The base of the look has black skirt and striped sweater, this look is so easy to be inspired right? Only basic pieces that everyone has in the wardrobe!

The choice of accessories was also special, my usual black hat, big glasses and this very cute cat bag. Lately those kitten accessories have been my favorites, it’s hard not to fall in love. I hope you like it!

coat: Chicwish / op: Romwe / skirt: New Chic / glasses: UI!gAFAS / bag: new chic / flats: Tutu

sapatilha boneca

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You may have heard that the perfect accessory can transform any outfit. We believe that it is a big true and we are passionate about sunglasses, belts, handbags, jewelry, shoes, hats and sometimes we takes it all together in the same production! Some accessories are not actually necessary, but certainly add style when are well chosen. They can serve as a key piece and even as inspiration for a production. They are also great to take any outfit of sameness and give an instant up  basic combinations.

To show you how a good accessory is everything in a look, I chose some Flavia’s look du jour where they make all the difference:

GLASSES AND JEWELRY – A good pair of glasses makes any outfit more fashion. You can bet on more classic models or invest in more colorful ones and different options. The eyeglasses can also stand out as a fashion production item! And if before you had to choose just one earring, necklace or ring to gain prominence, now you can use all at once and mix colors and materials creating a mix with your style!

oculos-no-look-du-jour como-usar-bijuteria-no-look-blog-fashioncoolture



HATS AND BAGS – Many people still have doubts about how to wear a hat and even where to buy cool models. For being an accessory with more volume, even when he is alone already makes a nice difference. Start coordinating with the tones you already have on your outfit, so you gain the confidence to use more and more. The bags are almost always together with us, the tip here is to try out the basics and invest in them as another option to let outfit fashionable.

como-usar-chapeu-blog-fashion-coolture bolsas-na-producao-looks-flavia-linden



SHOES – No way, this accessory does not have to leave out of this topic. But what if the shoes was the high point in the entire production? Yes, it can be! A good exercise is to start your outfit matching the rest of the pieces with this accessory not the oposite like we usually do.




Tell us, which accessory cannot miss on your outfit?


We are couting days to the end of winter here in Brazil and with so many summer collections our wishlist for the hottest season of the year is getting bigger. Among my favourites for the next season are the hats, but not the usual ones, is the embroidered straw hat!

You may have seen a few variations of this idea with  phrases and cute details, like pompons, some sequins and what else your creativity wants.

I loved it so much that I couldn’t even wait for summer and I’m already wearing my hats in my city looks. Last week I posted my first outfit with my embroidered hat from Chapéus 25. I chose the phrase “Hello Sunshine” on the classic straw model in black.


The coolest thing about this hat from Chapéus 25 is that you can have a unique hat and customize it with the phrase you choose. There on their store they already have some suggestions of set phrases, but you can send your choice via email so that they produce especially for you. Additionally, you can choose how the customization will be done with embroidery or ink.

This weekend I wore my other model also from Chapéus 25, this time with the “Out of Office” phrase, perfect for a relaxing Sunday right? I’ll post the full look du jour later this week, but I wanted to share with you this other gorgeous hat!


Last week I met another brand with embroidered straw hats, from Mexico,  the Sun Brero Hats. So as I received my new hat I took some pictures to share with you this other amazing piece.

Sun Brero Hats also produce fully customized hats, you can choose the phrase, the hat color and the color of sequins – yes, the phrases are written with sequins – plus add pompons and some other things. For those who also love that touch of sparkle is a great option. I chose the “C’est la vie” phrase to this other hat and just take a look at how gorgeous it looks:


This one from Sun Brero Hats is much bigger, so it’s a hat that works better on the beach. The hat from Chapéus 25 is a little bit smaller so you can still wear it in urban looks without any fear. But undeniably the two options are so beautiful that makes me wish for an endless sumer so we can always be with our hats out there!

fashioncoolture-Chapéu de praia bordado-embroidered-straw-hat-2

In addition to the stores I mentioned on this post I also found some other embroidered straw hats options online. And if you have some skills you can also buy a simple hat or get an old one you might have and customize it. A great idea of DIY!

FashionCoolture - onde comprar chapéu hat

On my daily looks du jour you may have seen my outfits here on FashionCoolture wearing hats and I’m a real hat lover.

A god hat my save your bad hair day, or totally rock an outfit and most of all it’s not a usual piece here in Brazil (what about your country?) so it’s also a way to stand out. Obviously a hat is the perfect piece to warm you on winter days and protect you from the sun, but I usually don’t wear a hat for those reasons, it’s more like a special touch on my outfits. I’ll write more about my favourite shapes or how I wear it, so expect some new posts soon.

But today I want to answer an old question: Where I buy my hats?

I’ll tell you everything about my favourite stores, some are from Brazil and some other ones ships worldwide. So below you may find some of my beloved hats and the links to the stores:

FashionCoolture - hats chapéu (2)

orange: CHAPÉUS25 \ black: ASOS \ yellow: NASTYGAL \ red: CHOIES \ green: LACKOFCOLOR \ navy: LACKOFCOLOR \ nude: CHOIES \ pink: CHAPÉUS25 \ burgundy: CHAPÉUS25 \ gray: FOREVER21

There are so many options, but I’ll write about my experience and tell you what I love about each one:


This is definetely my favourite braand for hats. Lack of Color is an australian brand fully dedicated to produce the most beautiful hats ever. They look so good and the quality is perfect. The prices are not cheaper but it’s totally worth it. You can buy directly from their online store and it’s also avaiable on Nordstrom and other options. I would also recommend you to check Lack of Color website and social medias, their picures are gorgeous.


This is an online store from Brazil that I just discovered. My most recents hats are from Chapéus25 and I must say they are gorgeous. they have some nice models and also amazing colours (I got a pink one, orange and burgundy, all of them on the pictures above!). The price is pretty good and I guess they only ship to Brazil.


I bought my first hat on Asos a few years ago. After a long time is still one of my favourite online stores. They have so many options, different shapes and the price is ok. I like to check Asos new pieces once a week (such a shame the shipping is kinda expensive for Brazil!). Definetely recommend the store if you’re looking for a new hat!




Another brazilian online store, Amaro is a fast fashion with new collections every month so they always include a few accessories and the hats are classic. Specially for winter hats they have a nice selection and colours.


Fast fashion stores that ships worldwide and even though they are not dedicated to hats, they have a few options. The prices are really low and the quality may reflect it sometimes. I do have 3 hats from Choies that I really love (a red one, a black and a nude!) and they are absolutely perfect, such a shame it’s out of stock only avaiable in an orange colour.



Did you know any other stores? Where do you usually buy your hats? If you have any great tip please share with us on the comments!

FashionCoolture - 15.04.2015 look du jour Minnie jumper sequined Ohkei (1) FashionCoolture - 15.04.2015 look du jour Minnie jumper sequined Ohkei (2) FashionCoolture - 15.04.2015 look du jour Minnie jumper sequined Ohkei (3) FashionCoolture - 15.04.2015 look du jour Minnie jumper sequined Ohkei (4) FashionCoolture - 15.04.2015 look du jour Minnie jumper sequined Ohkei (5)


Ohkei tem os moletons e t-shirts mais lindos e com paêtes, pra sair do comum! E esse da Minnie é muito amor né?! É a minha escolha para o look du jour e montei uma produção fofa, com saia preta da Romwe e bolsa de beijinho Dafiti. Nos acessórios mais uma vez optei pelas botas over the knee Dafiti e chapéu Oasap.


  Ohkei is the best brand for cool jumper and t-shirts with some awesome sequins, they totally rock it! And this one with Minnie is just so cute! I wanted to keep this as a lovely outfit so I’m also wearing a black mini skirt and kiss clutch from Dafiti. One more time I’m wearing my over the knee boots from Dafiti and Oasap hat.


FashionCoolture - 15.04.2015 look du jour Minnie jumper sequined Ohkei (6)

FashionCoolture - 07.04.2015 look du jour Dafiti polka dots black and white outfit (1) FashionCoolture - 07.04.2015 look du jour Dafiti polka dots black and white outfit (2) FashionCoolture - 07.04.2015 look du jour Dafiti polka dots black and white outfit (3) FashionCoolture - 07.04.2015 look du jour Dafiti polka dots black and white outfit (4)

De vez em quando encontro uma peça que traduz tudo que amo e me faz sentir tão bem que acaba virando quase uniforme. Não importa quantas peças tenho, a minha favorita parece ser sempre a única opção. Esse macaquinho de bolinhas Dafiti (acho que esgotou, só achei na estampa floral!) foi assim, já usei casualmente, levei pra Curitiba e só agora fotografei, mas tem sido meu xodó! Dessa vez optei por uma coisa bem preppy com o casaquinho, chapéu da Oasap e bota over knee Dafiti.


Sometimes I fall in love with a piece and it doesn’t matter how many other pieces I have on my closet, that one seems to be my only option! That’s exactly the story behind this cute polka dotted romper from Dafiti. For this pictures I wanted something kinda preppy, so I’m also wearing a black & white coat, cute hat from Oasap and Dafiti over knee boots.

macaquinho|romper: Dafiti \ casaco|coat: Romwe \ bolsa|bag: Dafiti \ chapéu|hat: Oasap \ bota|boots: Dafiti

FashionCoolture - 07.04.2015 look du jour Dafiti polka dots black and white outfit (5)

FashionCoolture - 21.02.2015 look du jour Petit Sesame (1) FashionCoolture - 21.02.2015 look du jour Petit Sesame (2) FashionCoolture - 21.02.2015 look du jour Petit Sesame (3) FashionCoolture - 21.02.2015 look du jour Petit Sesame (4) FashionCoolture - 21.02.2015 look du jour Petit Sesame (5)


O look de hoje reúne várias das minhas paixões, preto e branco, listras e mix de estampas, como naõ amar?! O top da Petit Sesame tem inspiração navy com estampa de âncoras super fofa. A saia listrada e plissada da Romwe deixa o look mais divertido. Já que a aposta era mesmo no preto e branco optei pelo sapato da Esdra também com listras, além da bolsa Dafiti e chapéu Oasap.


Today’s look du jour brings all my passions, black & white, stripes and mix of prints, pure love! I’m wearing a cute navy top from Petit Sesame and striped skirt from Romwe for a sweet mix of prints. I’m also wearing Esdra comfy shoes, Dafiti bag and Oasap hat.


FashionCoolture - 21.02.2015 look du jour Petit Sesame (6)