Embora eu amei estampas e combinações de cores, não posso negar que existe um espacinho especial para os looks all black no meu coração. Mas no meu caso esses looks nunca são minimalistas né? Sempre incluem uma mistura de texturas, uma sobreposição, algum detalhe que sai do básico.

No caso do look de hoje eu adoro especialmente essa sobreposição. A blusa transparente de manga longa e bolinhas com a camisetinha preta de renda, amo! Ainda não tinha usado essa blusa porque a gola dela era um pouco alta e ficava meio desajeitada ao vestir. Dei um jeitinho com a tesoura e agora tem sido uma das minhas escolhas frequentes.

A saia de couro acrescenta mais uma textura. Adoro essa peça, tenho há alguns anos e comprei em um brechó aqui em Criciúma mesmo.

A bolsa de coração da Dafiti vocês já conhecem bem. Usei com o sapatinho que também é de verniz da Tutu, esse modelo é tão fofo e preppy. Pra fechar, nos acessórios também usei esse brinco de bolinhas da Santa Boutique. Foi um dos primeiros brincos grandes que usei e realmente amei. Acho que fica tão legal com estampa de bolinha!

camiseta: Shoulder / blusa transparente: Shein / saia: vintage / bolsa: Dafiti / sapato: Tutu

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Preppy Outfit Preppy Outfit

There’s nothing new about me loving preppy outfits, right? So today’s look is one of those that will stay on repeat because it has a perfect combination for my style.

The formula of the outfit is common, but some details make a difference: the black pants get an extra highlight for being in fake leather, it brings an extra texture to the production! Also, I loved this shorter length, it gives more prominence to the shoe.

In fact the shoe is another point to take a look: another texture – this time the varnish. And it gaves the look a preppy + boyfriend inspiration. But always with a delicacy, like the details of pearl in the heel of the shoe, have you noticed?

Still on the boyfriend theme, I wore the black blazer that is and old love. One of those finds from the second hand stores. I love the modeling and the length of it, so classic.

Finally, I also wore this striped and furry sweater, pure love, from the Pop Up Store. And I finished with this black and white scarf with hearts on the tips, so cute, right?

pants: Pop Up Store / sweater: Pop Up Store / scarf: Shein / blazer: brechó / bag: Shein / sunglasses: ZeroUV / Shoes: Romwe

Preppy Outfit

saia assimetrica saia assimetrica

After a week of intense cold I’m glad the temperature is getting higher here. Is there anything better than simple and easy looks? Sometimes a single different piece is enough for an entire production. This is the case of today’s look with this asymmetrical skirt.

I loved this different shape of the Pop Up skirt, with eyelet cutouts and details. It’s a basic piece but with a different twist. I took the warmth to put my arms out and chose a Shoulder‘s strap that I love with lace. A look all black with focus on details.

I wore it with the Cravo & Canela boots, which is heavier with lace up details, perfect to contrast with the lightness of the blouse. I love these contrasts! I chose the ZeroUV’s marble effect sunglasses, black and silver bracelets and black mini bag.

top: Shoulder / skirt: Pop Up Store / sunglasses: ZeroUV / boots: Cravo & Canela

saia assimetrica

Macacão Pantacourt

Among the pieces I never imagined to wear was the pantacourt jumpsuit, by the way, anything pantacourt. It’s the kind of piece that I find beautiful on others, but it always seemed that would not work that well on me. After all, I’m short and the length seemed a little ungrateful.

Until the day I saw this black jumpsuit on the Pop Up Store website. I thought it was beautiful in the model, the neckline is wonderful, the straps, the soft fabric, and black, there is no mistake. I decided to give it a try! And I found out that I love it!

I have been surprised by trying out pieces that come out of my comfort zone and discovering that they can indeed look good on me. This goes a long way towards the confidence I have gained over time, with not caring enough if I’m short and accepting that at the end this is not something that needs to be disguised.

So if you have any restrictions on a particular piece because you are short or for any other reason that you imagine you need to disguise, try without fear. You may find that you can love new pieces instead of accepting that idea that such a piece does not favor your body!

macacão: Pop Up Store / earrings: Santa Boutique / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Esdra

Macacão Pantacourt

polka dot sheer  

I received this dress from the brand Olga Skazkina a few months ago, along with another gray tulle dress that I have already posted here (also wonderfu!). But unlike the other dress that is super delicate, I thought this piece had a certain attitude and should not be used casually.

I waited for a day when I really felt incredible to wear the dress. As it has a length that escapes from my usual, sheer fabric, peplum and many polka dots wanted it to be something really special.

And the day I decided to wear it I thought it was perfect to me. I fell in love with every detail and I enjoyed it so much that I’m already thinking of repeating it soon.

This time I wore it with a Cravo & Canela boots to avoid a more obvious and classic option like a black sandal. I got out of my comfort zone and I loved the result! I must say that this boots surprised me, it is light and very comfortable. Also, it works well with so many outfit, you know? I wore it in different productions and styles and it has proved to be more versatile than I thought.

Finally, another new thing to me that I have tried and loved: this Santa Boutique dots earrings. Guys, I rarely wear earrings, as big as this is even rarer. But I loved it so much, I need to try more! What did you think?

 dress: Olga Skazkina / earrings: Santa Boutique / hat: CHOIES / boots: Cravo & Canela

polka dot sheer

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mini saia e tshirt

Holiday with an easy look but with focus on details! Mini skirt and tshirt have no mistake right? I chose a cute tshirt with a velvet detail in the heart and I must say that this piece is awesome. Besides being a cutie the price was just perfect. I do not usually mention prices here, but I thought it was worth sharing this tip this time.

But my favorite part of the look is really the accessories. The wine velvet bag is funny, with the vampire detail and mini size exactly like I like it.

And the bat flats won my heart. I think I’m kind of obsessed with bags and shoes with animals, they’re so cute. I wore it with the fishet socks to keep the focus on it.

tshirt: Dafiti / skirt: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZEROUV / bag: Dafiti / flats: Dafiti

mini saia e tshirt

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boyish boyish

I love this boyish style and who follows the blog since the beginning may remember the many looks that I used to post here with bow ties, blazer, etc. I love this proposal especially when there are unusual pieces in the composition. I remember a look with a white shirt, a tie and a pink blazer to rock it. This time, I bet on the sequined cardigan to make it work.

The white shirt with black bow is classic, it’s from Pop Up and I’ve been wearing it a lot. The leather shorts also from the brand was a find. They have small sizes and fits perfectly, a good choice for those who find it difficult to find pants and shorts in small size. No need to adjust!

The highlight is all for the sequined cardigan. How not to love it? Perfect shape, comfortable and a discreet brightness. Note that you can use this easy in chic looks or day to day outfits.

To complete I used my boots from Cravo & Canela. I love that it is varnish and I’m completely in love with varnish accessories right now. The best thing is that it is very comfortable, I wore it for the first time in Gramado and it has been a great choice in my fall looks.

cardigan: Pop Up Store / shirt: Pop Up Store / shorts: Pop Up Store / bag: Dafiti / boots: Cravo & Canela


bota de verniz

This black and gray look has that mix of textures that makes everything more interesting. I love monochromatic looks, but in productions with darker shades I find it essential to work these variations to totally rock it.

I wore the Shoulder’s tricot tshirt with the asymmetric plaid wool skirt and I confess that I liked it so much that I even took some photos without the jacket. I love this tshirt modeling made in tricot, with round neck and thick fabric. I wore the gray boyfriend blazer also from Shoulder to keep me warm.

In the accessories that mixture of shiny x opaque. The bag and the boots were my choices. The Tutu boots are new here and it has won my heart, that comfortable basics that is always a good option for winter.

The fishnet tight brings another “pattern” for the production. I also love the fishnet mixed with varnish accessories. Finally, my already usual black boater hat, I love it! How about this basic and interesting look to start the week really well?

top: Shoulder / blazer: Shoulder / skirt: rOMWE / bag: Dafiti / boots: Tutu

bota de verniz