black and white

Eu estava com saudades de um look assim inteirinho em preto e branco com mix de estampas. Tudo que eu amo! Usei uma mini saia de pied de poule com uma blusa branca fofíssima da Narci com a golinha desfiada. Só assim o look já estava perfeito, mas como não resisto a uma terceira peça já acrescentei o meu casaco de listras. Adorei tanto a combinação das duas peças que já penso em repetir, mix de estampa poderoso né?

Os acessórios também são só amor. A bolsa de coração vocês já conhecem de muitos outros looks e continua sendo o meu xodó por aqui. A boina preta promete ser outra peça que vocês vão ver até enjoar. Adoro que ela tem alguns ilhós aplicados e sai daquele modelinho básico.

Também usei o meu óculos novo da ZeroUV em formato de coração. Até comentei lá no instagram que estou na fase do óculos branco né? Quero armações de todos os formatos nessa cor. E por fim, o sapato de laço, super clássico!

Que tal, gostaram do look?

blusa: Narci / casaco: Romwe / saia:  Forever21 / óculos: ZeroUV / bolsa: Dafiti / boina: Forever21 / sapato: shein

camisa listrada

Para os looks do dia a dia não tem combinação mais certeira do que camisa e calça jeans né? Eu amo e confesso que é a minha fórmula pronta para aqueles momentos que não quero pensar muito sobre o que usar. Em geral acabo caindo na clássica camisa branca e calça jeans preta.

Mas que tal incrementar essa fórmula acrescentando alguma estampa na camisa e um pouco de cor na calça? Eu experimentei com a camisa listrada em preto e branco. Tenho essa peça há anos mas só recentemente realmente me apaixonei por ela e tem sido uma das minhas escolhas frequentes. Ainda bem que não me desapeguei dela antes.

Já na parte de baixo a calça jeans preta seria a escolha mais óbvia. Então dei uma chance para essa calça ferrugem e amei demais a combinação. Não é algo que eu pensaria imediatamente como uma opção e por isso mesmo me agrada. O que vocês acham?

Nos acessórios usei a bolsa em matelassê tipo maleta da Dafiti e a minha indefectível sapatilha preta da Tutu. O destaque mesmo vai pra esse óculos oval branco da ZeroUV e minha nova boina preta.

CALÇA: rENNER / CAMISA: sHEIN / BOLSA: dAFITI / óculos: Zerouv / BOINA: ROMWE / sapatilha: Tutu 

camisa listrada

Saia midi branca

Some outfit combinations have no error right? Each one has an infallible formula of wearing certain pieces or colors and feel incredible always. For me today’s look is all about it. It has black and white, has midi skirt, has cute accessories and scarpin.

I’ll start talking about this skirt because I love it when there’s a lot of fabric and make the skirt really round. Also, this fabric is heavier, so it looks gorgeous in movement and is still super comfortable to wear, without fear of any wind making that Marilyn Monroe effect.

As the skirt is really chic because of the length and fabric, I chose to wear with a tshirt to break this idea and make it more casual. This tshirt is so cute!

Now focus on the accessories: what is this heart bag? So beautiful and makes any basic look more fun. I also wore the scarpin I showed in yesterday’s shoe post. It looks incredible, right? It’s different and it’s very comfortable.

Finally, I am varying between hairstyles, hat, anything that gives life to my hair. I’m finding it a little dull in that intermediate length, so I’ve been increasing the look with handkerchiefs like this one.

tshirt: Dafiti / skirt: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Dafiti / jewelry: Pandora / shoes: Dafiti

Saia midi branca

Gingham Pants

Here is a look that I loved and I intend to repeat many times. I posted an outfit with this pants long time ago, anyone remember? I took advantage of the sunshine weekend to give it a new life and I thought it really looked like Sunday. Comfortable, easy and stylish!

The highlight of the look is all about the pants with this print, gingham, vichy, no matter the name, a classic. Black and white made me go to a monochrome outfit . And that’s what I did. I wore it with this top off the shoulder from Eliza J (love that it has a super thick fabric).

As the proposal was very casual, the best choice was the Tutu’s black and white oxford. It’s brand new, but it looks like I’ve had it for years now. The leather is so soft and this color combination is very charming with the black detail.

Since the look is simple I added some accessories. I wore my cat bag that makes everything looks cute, my classic black hat and lots of Pandora jewelery. Hope you like it! (:

top: Eliza J / pants: Shein / sunglasses: Zerouv /  jewelry: Pandora / earrings: Santa Boutique /  Bag: NEW CHIC / oxfords: Tutu Sapatilhas

Gingham Pants

bota over the knee

This look could be my uniform during the fall, it brings together several classic details that I love and it’s the kind of outfit that I never get tired to wear.

Starting with this print, right? I wondered if it was pied de poule or a very delicate chess, but I do love the timeless design anyway. In black and white there’s no error. This time I wore the blazer and skirt together, kinda like a suit, but I can imagine so many different outfits for both pieces. Oh, and those pieces are from Pop Up Store.

I confess that I immediately thought about the Clueless film outfit and I totally went into that inspiration, completing the look with the white lace bow shirt.

Accessories also help to compose according to the inspiration, the black boater hat and the over the knee boots give the final touch. And the polka-dot bag is that detail I love, a discreet and fun mix of prints. What about?

blazer: Pop Up Store / skirt: Pop Up Store / bag: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / boots: Suzana Santos

bota over the knee

In the post about my 30 years (yay, it’s coming!) I told you that we bought our first apartment. It is a dream come true, right? We are so happy and full of plans that I decided to share a little more of this new phase here, because everything is so new and exciting for us!

We live together for almost a year, but we are in a rented apartment and we miss having a house that looks like us. Besides, it is not news that I love shooting and having cool places at home would greatly increase my photographic possibilities. Imagine? Today we do almost all of our photos on the street, but I have enjoyed a lot the few pics I took indoors. So I’m really excited to have a place of our own to produce even more special content!

During this year we searched for many apartments, visited numerous options and finally found one that fit our needs and budget. It is a small one, but with many possibilities and that with some changes will be exactly as we imagine.

Although Thiago is a civil engineer, we are thinking about the design and taking good advantage of the limited space we have, so we felt the need to look for an architect. And that’s the coolest part of the new house, huh? Think of the possibilities, set up each corner in our own way … but how to choose an architect?

This was our first great doubt, because we never made any reforms, we did not have contact with professionals in the area and we had no idea how this service works. Who else?

I want to share with you all the phases of our process and the first step was this: the choice of the architect.

The first thing we thought of was asking for recommendations from professionals to friends and acquaintances. It’s good to hear other people’s experience with these services and list some names. This is what we have done and with a considerable list of professionals from the city at hand we have been researching the work of each one of them.

I started searching the internet for their websites, photos on social networks, stories about projects already done. That way you can perceive a little of the style of each one and I started to filter according to your taste.

Already with some names selected we scheduled a conversation in the office of some professionals to better understand how they work, ask for a budget and explain our goals. I think this is the most important part and it was decisive for us!

This meetings allows you to imagine what the relationship with the architect will be like, after all you have to trust and feel at ease to show your opinions, change what it takes to get a nice result. Anyway, you have to sympathize with the person, it’s a bit of that feeling thing, you know? Inexplicable and only with a conversation personally you can decide this.

Nosso apê: escolhendo arquiteto

It was from that moment that we chose our architect: André Sartor!

In addition to those points I mentioned before (indications, a nice style, etc) he won us at the meetings. For some architects this first contact may be just to talk about the budget, since the client may not come back. With André we made a first meeting to know each other – and already served to confirm that the sympathy and feeling had worked.

But instead of sending us a standard budget via email, we set a second meeting at our apartment so that he could see it, analyze possibilities and such – another opportunity to show more about his service and captivate the client right? Only in a third meeting he gave us a detailed budget already accompanied by an imagined layout for the apartment.

At that moment he showed that laziness, ill-will, and bad mood definitely did not match his job. And all this attention with us was a great differential!

Ah, another important point? Show updated with everything, having social network I think is essential. I do not know if it’s because I work with it, but I had to check his Instagram and Facebook.

Nosso apê: escolhendo arquiteto

Well, now we are finalizing the project! I still can not show details, but I’ll tell you more about these next steps …

Oh, and today’s photos were taken in my current apartment! I improvised a little corner to illustrate the post and already show you a little bit of the mood that I want at our new home. What about?

Estampa de Estrelas

I can not resist to stars printed pieces, I think it’s so cute! It is almost a classic like the polka dot or stripes, but with a fun touch.

What I liked most about this Shoulder star dress is that the print does not have a regular repeat pattern and the designs look so free. It’s no the usual print and that is great right? Since the temperature is great right now I decided to add a shirt with a black bow underneath, because yes, I am completely addicted to these overlays.

The look were very preppy and so I decided to wear this denim jacket to keep it casual. This black jacket is also from Shoulder and I loved it because it is a bit longer, ideal to wear with dresses like this.

Accessories with Carrano’s over knee boots and a two-tone mini-bag. This look is already on repeat mode because I loved it a lot!

dress: Shoulder /  jacket: Shoulder / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Macadamia / boots: Carrano

Estampa de Estrelas

black and white black and white

The hottest days are always the hardest when it comes to get dressed. With the high temperatures you can’t think too much, no overlays, third piece, which means that you have to keep it simple. But you can keep your style, even wearing only a few pieces.

Yesterday was one of those typical summer days. Moments before the storm, the sensation is even worse. My choice to face the day was this Inspireland dress. Lightweight fabric and straps. But it’s the little details that make it all so charming. Instead of the basic straps, two delicate bows. The shape and this tiny plaid pattern is pure love, right? There’s a kind of vintage thing about it that makes this dress even more charming.

And since the temperature did not allow any other piece of clothing, I wore the accessories in my favor. Remember that in the last post I talked about some new accessories to increase my summer hairstyles (I’m just varying between high bun and ponytail)? So, this headband with a little knot is one of those accessories that makes the look even sweeter. I bought a black and a baby pink one and I am loving it.

Another highlight of the look is the Rosegal bag. For a passionate by mix of prints like me this bag is heaven. Stripes + polka dots: it’s pure love!

dress: Inspireland / sunglasses ZeroUV / bag: Rosegal / flats: Vinci Shoes