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Cozy outfit

I’m enjoying the Easter holiday to get new inspirations, read a book and relax a little. I love staying at home and in this cool autumn weather with rainy days it couldn’t be better.

Today’s look du jour reflects this relaxing feeling of the last days, a comfortable outfit to stay at home. I wore one of my favorite colors, that rosy tone. I even commented on the instagram how the change of my colur hair also led to the change in my choice of colors. With red hair I feel great wearing rosy!

I chose this GAP pants that are kinda like a uniform for me. It’s comfortable and I like it so much that I have in 3 different colors, but this is the one I wear the most. The sweater in a slightly darker tone is made of wool, but lightand cozy. It even has a sheer detail at the shoulders, maybe you noticed it at the photos.

I also made a flat lay inspired by this holiday mood, full of inspirations with the Aimee Song book (I’m still reading and enjoying!). Pandora‘s jewels are another inspiration, always with me. And the Ankit mug is the cutest!

And I also made a flat lay (picture below) especially for Easter with that beautiful dish with the bunny painting that I received a few years ago from Antix. It’s so beautiful, huh? I kept it with great affection and this year inspired me for this flat lay.

A different outfit full of references and inspirations that reflects my current moment. Happy Easter, everyone!

pants: Gap / sweater: Chicwish / jewelry: Pandora / mug: Ankit

Cozy outfit

autumn outfit autumn outfit

It has been a delight to finally be able to wear a sweater, a cardigan. Between evenings with temperatures that are still a little high, it’s possible to wear looks with more pieces and layers during the coolder and rainy nights. And here’s the best thing about it: layers!

In the summer we can hardly wear a simple top. But in the fall and in the winter you can invent and combine many more pieces and have layers. It has a super basic composition that I love, shirt under the sweater. To change a little bit I left the bottom of the shirt appearing under the sweater and I made a knot to ensure that the sweater would not cover the shirt. This way I also added an extra detail in the look.

From the shirt and the ccute sweater from As Marias I chose the other pieces and this rosy tone is never too much, right? Then I wore simple skirt, cause after all I needed the shirt to stay loose on top. And as if the overlay with the sweater was not enough I still wore a furry coat in the same tone, to get super girly.

Tutu’s cool shoes was my choice once again. Another accessory that made the difference is the Forever21’s headpiece, which makes the hairstyle more interesting and totally into that girly inspiration I wanted.

sweater: As Marias / coat: Dress Link / jewelry: PAndora / bag: Dumond / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Tutu

autumn outfit

Do you know when you see a piece in a store and even after weeks can not forget it? With that stars printed top it was exactly like this. A few weeks ago I fell in love with it at the Shoulder store in Porto Alegre, but I did not bring it home. But it is the kind of piece that I want to keep in my closet and there are so many reasons.

I loved the delicate print with stars. The colors are also great and fits perfectly looks with soft colours like this, but also with a total black look will look incredible. Being a sleeveless top I can wear it in the summer and with a jacket as well when the temperatures get low. And the best: there is still this scarf to wear like a tie.

This time I to wear it with light colours, because I saw it like that at the store with this baby pink blazer. And it was so cute that the pieces seemed to have been made for each other. The blazer is longer and the fabric has a discrete texture and shine. I love it!

I imagined wearing it with this tulle skirt, almost the same color as the blazer. So the highlight is all for the print of the blouse that stands out with the black background. Finally on the accessories I chose the rosy shoe from Lulu’s that maintains all the lightness of the look and a gray velvet bag.

top: Shoulder / blazer: Shoulder / sunglasses: ZeroUV / jewelry: Pandora / shoes: Lulu’s

Look sem salto

I loved your feedback about these special edition of look du jour on my social medias. Lots of people already practicing this in day-to-day looks and several girls needing some more inspiration to start wearing sneakers and flats. So I think you’ll like today’s look with a monochrome proposal.

Just as the mini length dominated the blog in the early years, the big heels was also always present. I loved feeling myself with 3 meters of leg in these looks, after all the combo mini lenght + high heels is great. But today I feel totally confident and comfortable to wear pants + flat shoes, something that seemed impossible to me.

This is something that we learn over time and there is no recipe to feel this way, but there is no harm in looking short, right? I have only 1.59m and I can wear midi skirt with sneakers, pants and shoes without heels and still feel absolutely incredible. Because that’s how I felt, for example, with this monochrome look.

You know that I love this color and these Gap pants are practically my uniform. And when I wear it in monochrome outfits it’s pure love. The fringe jacket is in my opinion the high point of this look, it is different, cool and yet delicate.

Today I chose the cool shoes from Tutu, this is exactly their name and it fits perfectly right? It has the comfort of a sneaker, is varnish, handmade and vegan, without any component of animal origin. Need to say more? A comfortable choice that leaves the look as cool as a nice heels.

And did you notice? I’m wearing earrings (beautiful by the way!). For someone who wore earrings very rarely that is a big thing. Get out of the comfort zone, experiment … this has been my best learning. Try this at home! (;

pants: Gap / coat: SHEIN / bag: AMaro / earrings: Santafina / rings: Pandora / shoes: tutu Sapatilhas

Look sem salto

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fashioncoolture-19-12-2016-look-du-jour-baby-pink-erre-erre-1 fashioncoolture-19-12-2016-look-du-jour-baby-pink-erre-erre-2 fashioncoolture-19-12-2016-look-du-jour-baby-pink-erre-erre-3 fashioncoolture-19-12-2016-look-du-jour-baby-pink-erre-erre-4fashioncoolture-19-12-2016-look-du-jour-baby-pink-erre-erre-5 baby pink outfit

The temperature is getting higher here in Brazil and it’s always a challenge to choose a nice outfit on these days. Hoswto stay comfy and fresh and still look well? Today’s look du jour have some nice tips that can help. I chose some light colours in this baby pink outfit. Is just a top and skirt, two basic pieces for summer, but still there’s some little details that makes a big difference.

The pink top has a soft fabric, a beautiful color and a little lace detail on the back. The skirt has a fabric with a soft bright, kinda like satin sheen and a nice shape, both from Erre Erre. This mixture of textures, opaque and shiny, between the pieces and the choice of a monochrome look make the basics “top + skirt” much more interesting.

To complete the look I chose accessories in the same color chart, keeping the idea of a monochrome and casual chic look with the mini bag and ZeroUV sunglasses. I also wore some high heels (super stretcher of legs since the color has low contrasts with my skin) and a pink chocker with satin ribbon, modern and delicate right?

top: Erre Erre / skirt: Erre Erre / sunglasses: ZEROUV / chocker: LULUS / shoes: Lulus

fashioncoolture-19-12-2016-look-du-jour-baby-pink-erre-erre-6 baby pink outfit

fashioncoolture-01-11-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-the-look-of-you-baby-pink-outfit-1fashioncoolture-01-11-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-the-look-of-you-baby-pink-outfit-2 fashioncoolture-01-11-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-the-look-of-you-baby-pink-outfit-3fashioncoolture-01-11-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-the-look-of-you-baby-pink-outfit-4 fashioncoolture-01-11-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-the-look-of-you-baby-pink-outfit-5 fashioncoolture-01-11-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-the-look-of-you-baby-pink-outfit-6fashioncoolture-01-11-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-the-look-of-you-baby-pink-outfit-7 fashioncoolture-01-11-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-the-look-of-you-baby-pink-outfit-8

Lately I have been wearing a lot those rose quartz pieces, just like today in a casual chic outfit. Although the look  is pretty  simple and clean the accessories make the difference.

I wore this Gap pants that is one of my favourites. I love the fabric and the shape, it’s the perfect one to look taller. Then I just realized this cape coat from Renner have the same colour and they look so chic together in monochromatic outfits.

The white shirt from Shoulder is another classic piece form my wardrobe. I love the cut out detail, those little things that make a piece a special one.

But the best thing about this outfit are the accessories, it couls be a basic look but it looks sophisticated with the Pandora jewelry.  I love the endless possibilities when it comes to using them.

I must confess that I fell in love when I saw a blogger wearing the classic bracelets of the brand with a totally new styling. She wore lotf of bracelets as a necklace and it looked simply amazing. So I knew I had to try it, it’s so creative. And it looks gorgeous right?

As I have lots of pieces on my neck I chose some minimalist pieces to complete my look, with two bracelets and my beloved mix of rings. Hope you like it as much as I do!

shirt: Shoulder / coat: Renner / pants: Gap / jewelry: Pandora / belt: Shoulder / sunglasses: Emblem Eyewear / shoes: Esdra


FashionCoolture - 28.07.2016 look du jour baby pink cape beaded skirt (1) FashionCoolture - 28.07.2016 look du jour baby pink cape beaded skirt (2) FashionCoolture - 28.07.2016 look du jour baby pink cape beaded skirt (3). FashionCoolture - 28.07.2016 look du jour baby pink cape beaded skirt (4) FashionCoolture - 28.07.2016 look du jour baby pink cape beaded skirt (5)FashionCoolture - 28.07.2016 look du jour baby pink cape coat beaded skirt (6)

I haven’t tried too much colours with my new colour hair. I confess that some colors doesn’t fit so well with my red hair. By now I wore the classic black and white (you can’t go wrong with that, right?), nude and that baby pink tone. I always loved that colour, and now has been one of my favorites.

Some time ago I found this cape coat in Renner and it was instant passion. I noticed I had just a few capes but all of them in wool for really cold days. In addition to the perfect color, I really like the clean cut and the fabric of this cape coat. I have put together a look with Gap pants in the same tone and now took the opportunity to use it with a skirt. I chose this embroidered skirt, a really delicate piece from Mango. And I completed with a super basic gray tshirt.

Cape coats are so elegant so I wanted to keep this also for the accessories. The lace up shoes in white are from iclothing, very feminine. This Dapper Diction clutch is classic with a neutral colour. And my usual mix of bracelets and watch in gold.

cape coat: Renner \ skirt: Mango \ watch: Triwa \ clutch: Dapper Diction \ shoes: iclothing

FashionCoolture - 28.07.2016 look du jour baby pink cape coat beaded skirt (7)

FashionCoolture - 15.07.2016 look du jour baby pink monochromatic outfit (1)FashionCoolture - 15.07.2016 look du jour baby pink monochromatic outfit (2)FashionCoolture - 15.07.2016 look du jour baby pink monochromatic outfit (3) FashionCoolture - 15.07.2016 look du jour baby pink monochromatic outfit (4)FashionCoolture - 15.07.2016 look du jour baby pink monochromatic outfit (5) FashionCoolture - 15.07.2016 look du jour baby pink monochromatic outfit (6)FashionCoolture - 15.07.2016 look du jour baby pink monochromatic outfit (7)

Among my favourite colours right now to wear with my new hairstyle is this cute baby pink , kinda nude and all the shades of it. I used to love this colour before, but now with my hair a little bit more red it looks so chic.

It’s a little bit cold right now so I thought it was a great chance to wear this fluffy coat. It’s an old piece from my favourite second hand store, such a shame it doesn’t exist anymore. Anyway I wore this lovely coat with my beaded top from Forever 21, it’s a very delicate and feminine piece. The Gap pants is classic, I have the same model in other 3 colours and I love it. Even though the pieces share almos the same colour, I like how they have different textures and that’s something great to keep in mind for monochromatic looks.

As this is a very neutral outfit I added some (lots of!) accessories, mixing different bracelets, a cool watch and many rings in camel and gold.

The flats are the perfect final touch, gorgeous colour and some pearls from Ferrucci.

pants: Gap \ top: Forever21 \ coat: Brechó da Neide \ flats: Ferrucci

FashionCoolture - 15.07.2016 look du jour Baby Pink Monochromatic outfit (8)