look terracota look terracota

I think I don’t even need to explain my preference in terms of color for fall outfits right? Even without planning, the pieces in earthy tones, especially in this rusty tone, end up in all my looks.

The knit sweater from the Pop Up Store was the starting point this time. I really like these tricot sweaters with a round neck and kinda cropped. I loved this combination of black, white, gray and a more colorful band in the middle. Also, stripes … another of my passions!

I decided to bet on this proposal of colors of the blouse for the whole look. The color appears once more in the Makenji button skirt. I wore the Shoulder blazer once more,  I spoke in the other post and I repeat here, this blazer has been a key piece for many productions, the ideal length, neutral color, simply a great choice.

In the accessories I chose a beautiful crochet bag from Marilia Cabral. I showed this bag in the Instagram stories and I must also mention here that it is my new favourite. So beautiful and so well made! I also wore gray Arezzo boots and white ZeroUV glasses.

top: Pop Up Store / blazer: Shoulder / skirt: Makenji / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Marilia Cabral / shoes: Arezzo

look terracota

Preppy Outfit

This look brings together several things that I love in a preppy outfit. Starting of course by the layers with the shirt and sweater. It’s such a simple trick, but it works so well. The classic white shirt with the collar appearing has no error. But if you want to increase this idea, how about wearing a printed shirt and a colorful sweater?

That’s what I did! The polka dot shirt already gives extra charm – and it’s one of my favorite prints. Plus it has the bow detail that makes everything even cuter. I wore it with a rusty sweater, which is a color I love for fall. Both pieces are from Makenji.

Another nice detail to have in mind for this shirt+ sweater combination: let the cuff of the shirt appear. It’s something small, but it makes the look more interesting and harmonious.

Since the inspiration was preppy, I chose a pleated skirt from Shoulder that totally rocks. I also wore my Carel varnish shoes with the fishnet socks.

The polka-dot bag makes the look more fun and brings the focus to the print that also appears on the shirt. Lastly, my cat eyes glasses and my usual hairstyle!

shirt: Makenji / sweater: Makenji / skirt: Shoulder / bag: Dafiti / shoes: Carel

Preppy Outfit

Last weekend we went to Gramado, in the south of Brazil, to check out the summer colleciton of Cravo & Canela. The fair started on Monday so we had part of Saturday and all Sunday to enjoy the city’s autumn weather.

Specially during autumn and winter the hotels at the city are usually crowded and during my search I found a recently opened option slightly outside the city center, Pousada La Vista. Since the forecast was for rain on Sunday, I chose a beautiful, cozy place to spend the day. In addition, of course, I planned a hundred photos there. Who else also chooses hotel thinking about the photos ?!

We stayed in one of the cabins and enjoyed every second of our stay. The photos we took there were so beautiful that I decided to share some clicks with you.

tshirt: Shoulder / socks: Renner

In such a gorgeous place I decided to photograph my new Tutu flats, this beautiful shoes entirely inspired by the universe of dancers. So beautiful and delicate that it made me feel like a real ballerina (my dream is to have all the lightness and the posture of them!).

flats: Tutu / jewelry Pandora / pants: Gap

The cabin we stayed in has two floors and all the places are so charming! Loved this upstairs little window that has two twin beds and this table with a delightful view for an afternoon coffee.

 I love this combination of white and camel for autumn, it’s elegant and a great option to escape from the usual darkest looks. The striped sweater has already appeared here in several looks and the Cravo & Canela boots was the ideal choice for our days in Gramado.

boots: Cravo & Canela / pants: GAP / sweater: GAP

Another look I wore there in that color chart: white and earthy tones. This time in addition to the camel, which appears on the Makenji’s wool coat, I also wore the leopard scarf and the oxford in darker shades.

coat: Makenji / oxford: Cravo & Canela / hat: Chapeus25

pousada em Gramado

On Sunday, after a rainy and foggy morning, the end of the afternoon surprised us with a beautiful sunset. The cabin had a delightful view to enjoy the end of the day and the light was incredible.

It feels so good to be able to get away from the routine and find inspiration in new places. We ended up working all day to record a little of the beauty of the place, but it was worth every click we made there. Reviewing the photoswe already miss this wonderful place!

pousada em Gramadopousada em Gramado

Pousada La Vista

vestido de veludo

For those who have always liked velvet this recent trend is a good opportunity to find different pieces. I love the fabric, I think this effect that makes in the light and the texture is incredible, right?

This dress from Shoulder is one of those pieces that deserves a little place in the closet to be worn many times and for a long time. I loved that the brand invested in the fabric in different colors and that shade of green (it’s green? Blue? I don’t know t) is simply beautiful.

But I confess that my first reaction when I have new piece with a different color is to be in doubt about how to wear it and how to do the colour coordination. I think a lot of people also have fear to try new colours, right?

To avoid mistakes I bet on the basics: neutral tones! The gray Shoulder blazer also has a boyfriend shape and the ideal length to wear with mini skirts and dresses. In the accessories everything neutral also with gray bag and over knee boots in nude.

I decided to use the accessories to make this look a bit heavier and rocker, so I wore a metal belt and a mix of necklaces. A different look, but I liked it so much to get out of my usual colors and accessories.

dress: SHOULDER / BLAZER: SHOULDER / sunglasses: ZEROUV / belt: SHOULDER / BOots: DAFITI

vestido de veludo

bota over the knee

This look could be my uniform during the fall, it brings together several classic details that I love and it’s the kind of outfit that I never get tired to wear.

Starting with this print, right? I wondered if it was pied de poule or a very delicate chess, but I do love the timeless design anyway. In black and white there’s no error. This time I wore the blazer and skirt together, kinda like a suit, but I can imagine so many different outfits for both pieces. Oh, and those pieces are from Pop Up Store.

I confess that I immediately thought about the Clueless film outfit and I totally went into that inspiration, completing the look with the white lace bow shirt.

Accessories also help to compose according to the inspiration, the black boater hat and the over the knee boots give the final touch. And the polka-dot bag is that detail I love, a discreet and fun mix of prints. What about?

blazer: Pop Up Store / skirt: Pop Up Store / bag: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / boots: Suzana Santos

bota over the knee

blazer with beltblazer with beltblazer with belt

I already posted some monochromatic looks in earthy tones this fall, right? It is not news that I love these colors and the possibilities are many. This time although the color is an old known but there’s a few styling trick that makes all the difference.

I’ll start by talking about this blazer! It is the one I posted some time ago, I removed the shoulder pads and I have been wearing it a lot. In order not to get sick of the piece it is always good to think about different ways of wearing it and this time I wore the blazer with a belt over it. Since the idea was a monochromatic look, I chose a sweater and a skirt in the same color. I chose a male belt that is bigger and allows you to do that little knot after the buckle.

To complete, I wore this wonderful over knee boots from Suzana Santos. Long ago I was looking for an over the knee in this color, because Ii only had this model in black and it was perfect. I love the lace up detail and the possibility of adjustment, just so these boots stop in the right place!

About the accessories I’m wearing an Amaro handbag and wooden round sunglasses, monochrome from head to toe!

blazer: Brechó da neide / sweater: GAP /  sunglasses: Wandry / bag: Amaro / boots: Suzana Santos

polka dots and stripespolka dots and stripes

Sometimes a simple look can be full of small details that makes the difference. Today’s look could be described as a simple overlay of a dress with a long sleeved blouse and it could be something boring.

But just the fact to mix different prints already makes the outfit much more interesting! Polka dots and stripes are a classic mix and have no error, especially if both patterns share the same colors, in this case blue and white. This is the most basic combination of prints and ideal for those who still have a certain fear when it comes to putting together such looks.

More than that, the different textures of the pieces help create this cool look. The fabric of the dress with the blouse lighter fabric (kinda sheer) and the sequine stripes make an interesting mixture between opaque, transparent and shiny. And isequins are just an upgrade to any look, right?

The bag also in blue and white but with larger pattern and inverse colors in the background gives the final touch. Because yes, I love coordinated looks! Also wearing ZeroUV round glasses and Tutu’s new two-tone flats.

dress: Lulu’s / top: Choies / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Dafiti / flats: Tutu

Vestido Estampado

Usually we associate summer and spring with colorful looks, in lighter and more cheerful tones, while autumn and winter are usually linked to more sober colors and neutral tones right? I see this as an invitation to reverse the order of things. You all should try a very colorful winter look, it looks incredible and totally rocks those gray days.

Today’s look is just like this, a colorful and cheerful proposal for autumn. Although I love wearing earthy tones and burgundy at this time of year, I like even more to try other possibilities. So how about wearing a colorful printed dress?

I chose a very cute dress from Pop Up Store, besides the light and colorful print, the shape is really different. With cutouts on the sides and back and many frills this dress can easily be worn in the spring or fall.

As the weather has oscillated quite a bit here I chose a 3/4 sleeve coat also full of color. What about betting on a warm piece in a different color like this rose-colored coat?

For the accessories I chose shades of gray for both the purse and the shoes, a neutral touch in the middle of so many colors. But notice the details: I used a keychain with pompoms to keep the inspiration colorful and fun of the look.

dress: Pop Up Store / Coat: SINCERELY SWEET / sunglasses: Zerouv  / shoes: Divalesi

Vestido Estampado