autumn outfit autumn outfit

It has been a delight to finally be able to wear a sweater, a cardigan. Between evenings with temperatures that are still a little high, it’s possible to wear looks with more pieces and layers during the coolder and rainy nights. And here’s the best thing about it: layers!

In the summer we can hardly wear a simple top. But in the fall and in the winter you can invent and combine many more pieces and have layers. It has a super basic composition that I love, shirt under the sweater. To change a little bit I left the bottom of the shirt appearing under the sweater and I made a knot to ensure that the sweater would not cover the shirt. This way I also added an extra detail in the look.

From the shirt and the ccute sweater from As Marias I chose the other pieces and this rosy tone is never too much, right? Then I wore simple skirt, cause after all I needed the shirt to stay loose on top. And as if the overlay with the sweater was not enough I still wore a furry coat in the same tone, to get super girly.

Tutu’s cool shoes was my choice once again. Another accessory that made the difference is the Forever21’s headpiece, which makes the hairstyle more interesting and totally into that girly inspiration I wanted.

sweater: As Marias / coat: Dress Link / jewelry: PAndora / bag: Dumond / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Tutu

autumn outfit

red outfit

The inspiration for today’s outfit comes all from this gorgeous top. Yes, starting from this sweater I imagined all the other elements and what could be a simple sweater was the inspiration of a whole look. The color chart is one of my favorites: red, navy blue and white. I love the details of stripes on the collar and cuffs of that As Marias‘s blouse.

I kept the color chart for the choice of the other pieces. I wore the white skirt that makes the striped details even more nice and the simple detail of a black belt made everything more harmonic. Notice how the skirt with the belt somehow mimics the details on the cuff of the blouse.

I completed it with accessories, because a jacket would hide this detail in the sleeves. I added some more red to the outfit. My classic hat gets a vibrant color! And Schutz‘s tote bag is even cuter with the detail of the little keyring, a fun touch that I love.

These shoes are another classic here on the look du jour, this model with Carel’s bow is the ideal choice for preppy looks like this. How about a red look with vibrant colors to start the week without laziness?

top: As Marias /  skirt: YOUNGHUNGRYFREE / sunglasses: Zerouv / bag: Schutz / keyrings: Asos / hat: Choies / shoes: Carel

red outfit

Boyish glam

I love a boyish look and if you follow me for some time you might know it well, those bow ties have always had a special place in my looks. More than that, among my favorite pieces is the blazer. I have many and I love the touch of sophistication that this piece adds to a look. Both in a more casual proposal with shorts + blazer than in a classic suit, there is no mistake.

In these kind of outfits I like to play with feminine elements as a contrast and this time I chose the gold to make the production even more chic, a boyish glam. The Shoulder golden top with pleated fabric was my choice to make this overlay with the white shirt. The gold fabric is very discrete and has a lace detail on the sides, two super positive points for the piece.

The blazer has a super soft fabric that makes it a great piece for the weather. And the length is perfect, just below the hips, which kinda gives that elongated idea.

I wore it with a black jeans with high waist from Gap, one of my favorites and kinda classic right?

In the accessories I brought a little more of gold that appears in the details of the Santa Lolla bag, in the glasses and in those gorgeous shoes from Esdra. Did you like that boyish glam inspiration?

blazer: Shoulder / top: Shoulder / shirt: Shoulder / pants: Gap / bag: Santa Lolla / shoes: Esdra

Boyish glam

While summer is still here, brands are beginning to show their fall collections in stores and inevitably there is a desire for autumn days, right?

That’s how I found this gorgeous printed bomber at Shoulder’s store! Even with some pieces on sale at the store there is already lots of new pieces with colors and prints for the next season. And when it comes to prints Shoulder is one of my favourites as I already shared my passion on previous posts.

This jacket has a pattern with plants and birds, a delicate blend with black and white outlines on a pink background. The pattern is so beautiful, and so is the colour. All this in a light fabric with gray cuffs (love those little details). I was still at store when I thought about this look with this gray girly skirt.

The top I wore is also from Shoulder. Although it does not appear that much in those pictures, it is pure inspiration because it has 3 beautiful colors combined: red, rosé and burgundy. I already wore it in another look at the weekend that I plan to post here soon.

And I need to metion the sweetest ice cream shop in the city, Venezia 311, where I took this pictures and one of my fav places in town!

jacket: Shoulder / top: Shoulder / skirt: Wear Ever / bag: Petite Jolie / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Asos

black sheer dress black sheer dress

After searching for some new inspirations I went back to the classic black! I mean, not that basic, right? After all I love focusing on the details, textures and a very girly silhouette.

This Motel Rocks‘s dress is a perfect little black dress. The neckline is beautiful, the sheer fabric makes everything more interesting with the floral details and it still has that perfect shape skirt that gives it a nice movement.

With such a beautiful piece, you can not even put a cardigan or any other piece that hides these details. So I decided to focus my attention at the accessories, so I could make this black sheer dress exactly my style.

A touch of black and white is always a good idea, so I chose Zaful’s striped bag and Asos’s sunglasses, two classics. But to get out of my usual I completed with the socks and the Carel shoes and I was surprised by the mixture of textures of the sock and the vinyl shoes. I loved it so much that I intend to repeat it soon!

Oh, and you noticed my hair recently? With this summer heat it’s been hard to let hair down, so I bet on the high bun. Best choice to keep it cool and super chic. I’m enjoying this change and I even bought some accessories to increase my hairstyle. I’ll show you soon!

dress: Motel Rocks / bag: Zaful / sunglasses: Asos / bracelets: Pandora / necklace: Pandora / shoes: Carel

black sheer dress

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Diogo Cunha and I got together to share some productions that we made especially for a new category here on the blog, the Fashion 4 Two. The coolest thing about it is to be able to see how each of us thinks and interprets certain trends, color combinations or mix of prints, bringing even more inspiration for you.

Diogo is a Portuguese blogger who also shares looks in beautiful photographs, so I’m excited to see how it’s going to be this Brazil x Portugal connection.

For this first  Fashion 4 Two we chose the military green as the theme for our productions. This shade of green is a classic every season, it’s always there specially on shirts and parkas. This shirt from Renner has already been in previous looks and it’s kinda old. I love that it is a little bit oversized and you can wear it like a parka with skirts and dresses.

This time we wore it with some black pieces, Diogo chose a casual look with denim, backpack and sneakers. I beted in a sequined skirt to break the seriousness of the military green shirt. Two looks with the same inspiration and different ideas!

fashioncoolture-fashion-4-two-military-greenfashioncoolture-fashion-4-two-military-green-outfits-2 fashioncoolture-fashion-4-two-military-green-outfits-3fashioncoolture-fashion-4-two-military-green

You can see the more of Diogo‘s look and get to know his work in his blog, so take a look! I hope you have enjoyed our first partnership and if you have any suggestions or want to see a particular topic in our next looks just leave a comment!

shirt: Renner / skirt: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Santa lolla / boots: Késttou


FashionCoolture - 22.08.2016 look du jour Amaro sale caramelo bolsa camel coat striped top (1) FashionCoolture - 22.08.2016 look du jour Amaro sale caramelo bolsa camel coat striped top (2) FashionCoolture - 22.08.2016 look du jour Amaro sale caramelo bolsa camel coat striped top (3) FashionCoolture - 22.08.2016 look du jour Amaro sale caramelo bolsa camel coat striped top (4) FashionCoolture - 22.08.2016 look du jour Amaro sale caramelo bolsa camel coat striped top (5) FashionCoolture - 22.08.2016 look du jour Amaro sale caramelo bolsa camel coat striped top (6)

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw yesterday this look from AMARO. I confess that I could not wait to share it there and tell you some big news. AMARO products are up to 60% OFF and it starts today. A great opportunity to get that perfect piece that you’ll wear a lot!

I choose some pieces that I really will weara and fits perfectly with my style. The striped blouse with high neck is classic, with an inspiration through the 70s and still has a golden drizzle there in the middle of colors that makes this combination even more beautiful.

The button skirt came once to my wardrobe and remains one of my favorite models ever. This time I chose a brown one with gold buttons and my so beloved pockets.

With the color palette set between earth tones I also chose a camel handbag. The bag shares the smae colour of the stripes so it gives even more focus to the print.

top: AMARO / skirt: AMARO / bag: AMARO / shoes: Asos

Did you like my choices?  I set up a wish list to help you to find the best pieces on AMARO sale!



FashionCoolture - 22.08.2016 look du jour Amaro sale caramelo bolsa camel coat striped top (7)

This post is in partnership with AMARO.

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FashionCoolture - 10.08.2016 look du jour Miss Patina shirt navy blue sequined jacket (1)FashionCoolture - 10.08.2016 look du jour Miss Patina shirt navy blue sequined jacket (2)FashionCoolture - 10.08.2016 look du jour Miss Patina shirt navy blue sequined jacket (3) FashionCoolture - 10.08.2016 look du jour Miss Patina shirt navy blue sequined jacket (4) FashionCoolture - 10.08.2016 look du jour Miss Patina shirt navy blue sequined jacket (5)

I love navy blue and if it comes in a sequined piece then it’s perfection, as is the case of this jacket I’m wearing. This jacket is super chic without being over, already used with jeans in a basic look and it works incredibly well.

My main inspiration for this look was the printed shirt with bow collar from Miss Patina. This is one of my favorite brands since the beginning of the blog. They have a vintage inspiration in cute pieces and sweet details, if you don’t know the brand yet it is totally worth the click!

I took the background color in the pattern of the shirt to choose other pieces also in navy blue like the already spoken sequined jacket and shorts from Lez a Lez. But it didn’t stop there, also added a mini bag of Carel and the slipper of iclothing also in the same color. So the emphasis is all for the jacket sequins and yellow bow on the shirt.

This time I tried something different with my hair in that new length. I used my hair almost always the same because I still do not know how to handle it. But I liked the result and little by little I will discover how to deal with my new hair.

shirt: Miss Patina / short: Lez a Lez / jacket: iclothing / bag: Carel / shoes: iclothing

FashionCoolture - 10.08.2016 look du jour Miss Patina shirt navy blue sequined jacket (6)