sequined jacket sequined jacket sequined jacket

Is there anything more beautiful than sequins during the day? I know that there is always a certain fear in wearing a sequined piece in the light of day, but these little things were made to shine, right? So it’s worth risking one look or another because the result is simply incredible.

This jacket I wore has a very discreet colour in gold with mini sequins. The model of the jacket, kinda biker is just perfect and makes it look casual. Another good trick to make the look more day to day is to wear a basic tshirt. I chose this gray one that I love and it has a rocker vibe.

The skirt is my one of my favourites ever and has appeared in a few looks, maybe hundreds. I love the rosy tone and this model is very light and with a nice shape. A good contrast to the jacket and tshirt, I love those mix of pieces.

Last but not least the choice of accessories was also essential for the result. The gray velvet bag harmonizes with the tshirt and the Cravo e Canela boots is a great idea. I love this option with heels to give an elongated look. Hope to inspire you to try a sequined piece for the day!

jacket: Lovers + Friends / tshirt: Dafiti / skirt: Minusey / boots: Cravo & Canela

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