Saia midi branca

Some outfit combinations have no error right? Each one has an infallible formula of wearing certain pieces or colors and feel incredible always. For me today’s look is all about it. It has black and white, has midi skirt, has cute accessories and scarpin.

I’ll start talking about this skirt because I love it when there’s a lot of fabric and make the skirt really round. Also, this fabric is heavier, so it looks gorgeous in movement and is still super comfortable to wear, without fear of any wind making that Marilyn Monroe effect.

As the skirt is really chic because of the length and fabric, I chose to wear with a tshirt to break this idea and make it more casual. This tshirt is so cute!

Now focus on the accessories: what is this heart bag? So beautiful and makes any basic look more fun. I also wore the scarpin I showed in yesterday’s shoe post. It looks incredible, right? It’s different and it’s very comfortable.

Finally, I am varying between hairstyles, hat, anything that gives life to my hair. I’m finding it a little dull in that intermediate length, so I’ve been increasing the look with handkerchiefs like this one.

tshirt: Dafiti / skirt: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Dafiti / jewelry: Pandora / shoes: Dafiti

Saia midi branca