That’s an accessory that besides enhancing the look, is really useful! I love watches and it was time to make a special post dedicated to them.

Despite the utility I must confess that I wear watches as a decorative element to compose the mix of bracelets much more than to see what time is. I’m always working on my notebook or at the cell phone, so it’s easier to take a look at their clock. And that is so true that if you notice in the picture above you will see that all my watches have different hours. What a shame! I usually only notice that kind of thing when the battery of my iphone is low and I need to know the time.

There are so many models and variations that it is difficult to choose a favorite, but I wrote a little bit about each one of them down here, come with me!


This is one of my favorite watches, all black! It is discreet, lightweight, super thin and with adjustable metal bracelet, which is essential for those who have a tiny wrist like me.

Ma-Ga London – model BILLY BONES RANGE | WB5

The display of this model is slightly larger, the limit size for my wrist which is small. But I love it because of the skull detail, totally rocks!

Daniel Wellington – model CLASSY | 26MM SHEFFIELD

This is my most delicate watch and probably my favorite among all. It is the smallest, only 26mm and so it gets more comfortable on the wrist. The bracelets are made of leather and fit perfectly. In the link of the brand you can see perfectly the difference between this size and a slightly larger clock in the traditional size. If you like delicate pieces  this is the best choice!

AEON – model: The Craftsman

This model is very similar to that one from Ma-Ga London. It also has a slightly larger size, on the limit for my wrist. The leather strap also gets a little big, even in the slightest adjustment. Despite the problems with size I love the croco texture of the bracelet.

Triwa – model: Lansen

I think this is one of my oldest watches, so I did not find the exact model for sale. I love the color of it, the bracelets are leather in brown braided and the display is rosé with chronometers, the design is beautiful! By having braided bracelets it is highly adjustable and the leather is soft and comfortable.

Jord – model: FIELDCREST series | Maple

I think this watch is a work of art. It is all my made of wood! The size is great and you can adjust the size of the bracelet by taking some of it off. Precisely because it is made of wood it is a bit more fragile and my watch has a small crack in the clasp. So you have to be careful when use it!

Adidas – model: ADH4048

I don’t really like sport watches, so it’s such a challenge to find a delicate digital watch. This is one of the few exceptions I have found. It’s all black with some sparkle in the outline of the visor which totally changes the sporty style, and it’s easier to wear in casual looks. It has rubber straps and is very light.


You know that wonderful watch over there in the middle of the picture? I can’t remember the brand. Incredibly it has nothing written so it is even more difficult to find out. If you know, write me here in the comments.

By the way, it’s wonderful! These sparkles around the viewfinder makes all the difference. The bracelets are rubber and he’s a little bit heavy, but so gorgeous right?

1:Face – model: Classic Watch

This is another digital model that has nothing to do with sporty style. The screen is all mirrored and the numbers only appear when a button is pressed. It’s beautiful, but fragile. By having the screen mirrored, any small impact can cause damage. Mine has some cracks in the upper left corner and this requires even more attention and care.


Daniel Wellington – model: CLASSIC | 36MMOXFORD

You know that I love a navy inspiration, right? So I don’t need to say how much I love the bracelet of this model. The color combination is chic and it’s my favorite model for summer looks, it looks like it was made for a navy blue striped look!


This watch is all gold! It is similar to the rosé model I wrote up there also from the Triwa with the timers. However it has metal bracelets that as well as the braided ones are also fully adjustable. It’s so chic!


The big differential of this model is the display background in pearl, it’s so cute! The design is discreet and minimalistic with metal bracelets. It also allows some adjustments by removing part of the bracelet. It is a bit heavier than the other models, probably by having the metal bracelet with a greater thickness.


This model is identical to the one I mentioned above, but in silver color.

Above I posted some old pictures wearing a few models I showed throughout this post. I like to wear watches like this, with a very varied mix of bracelets, total arm party!


Do you like watches? Are there any other cool brands to indicate? Tell me here in the comments!

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