red outfit

The inspiration for today’s outfit comes all from this gorgeous top. Yes, starting from this sweater I imagined all the other elements and what could be a simple sweater was the inspiration of a whole look. The color chart is one of my favorites: red, navy blue and white. I love the details of stripes on the collar and cuffs of that As Marias‘s blouse.

I kept the color chart for the choice of the other pieces. I wore the white skirt that makes the striped details even more nice and the simple detail of a black belt made everything more harmonic. Notice how the skirt with the belt somehow mimics the details on the cuff of the blouse.

I completed it with accessories, because a jacket would hide this detail in the sleeves. I added some more red to the outfit. My classic hat gets a vibrant color! And Schutz‘s tote bag is even cuter with the detail of the little keyring, a fun touch that I love.

These shoes are another classic here on the look du jour, this model with Carel’s bow is the ideal choice for preppy looks like this. How about a red look with vibrant colors to start the week without laziness?

top: As Marias /  skirt: YOUNGHUNGRYFREE / sunglasses: Zerouv / bag: Schutz / keyrings: Asos / hat: Choies / shoes: Carel

red outfit