Throughout these months posting on @coolflatlays I received some questions from readers on the most varied subjects. I received a few more questions these past few days and I tried to select some to answer in this post today.

I tried to answer in details and illustrate whenever possible. As the post was too long I will split into different posts and dedicate some to more recurring themes like editing the photos. So if your question was not answered here, you can rest assured that I will soon post part II.

Hi, I wanted to know how tot ake pictures without appearing the shadow of the camera in the photo, I can never take pictures like that for that reason.

In the flat lays we stand really above the composition right? So in this case the ideal is that the light is not behind you – in the ceiling for example.

I do not have any lighting equipment for photographs, so I prefer to use natural light. I usually photograph on a furniture that is next to a balcony door. So there’s a lot of light coming in from the side of the photo and I do not have to worry about my shadow. In this case it is worth remembering that I have a translucent curtain that leaves the light softer and leaves even the shadow of the objects almost imperceptible.

But if you really need to shoot using some light from your home and it is located on the ceiling I suggest you to do not try to shoot below that lamp, move your composition out of that central focus of light and that will soften your shadow. Or try adding other points of light by entering the sides of the composition, with a lamp for example.

I love this kind of photo and thanks for the tips! But when your arm / hand appears, does anyone takes the picturet or can you do it on the camera’s timer using a tripod?

Currently for the photos in which my hands or feet appear I need the help of Thiago, my boyfriend – who is also the photographer of all my looks here on the blog.

I usually get all the composition of the photo, I leave the right places to position myself and he shoots for me. But we always need a few more clicks since it is difficult to be in the right place and in a natural way without seeing the final result. And it’s zero glamorous: I’m under the ladder and sometimes I do the greatest juggling to be perfect for the photo!

But I intend to buy a tripod so I can shoot alone in these cases, too. As soon as this happens I’ll tell you about my experience with the tripod for these photos.

flat lays

You use a furniture to take the pictures, right? What’s the size of it?

Yes! Currently a lot of my photos of flat lay are made on the surface of a white furniture. It does not have anything special, but works well because it is neutral and located near a good light. It is 50 cm wide by 1.40m long. As the photos are square if it was 50x50cm would be enough.

Remember that I use this furniture for small flat lay photos, with accessories and smaller objects. In the case of flat lays that has as object garments it takes a larger background!

I have doubts about symmetry. I have already noticed that in your flat lays there is always an imaginary line. But I can not do it…

I loved the question because symmetry is super important in the photos! Actually I think I almost always have two imaginary lines in the pictures, take a look:

External imaginary line: the limits of the photo. My photos are square since I produce to post in instagram. That is why the limits of my composition have this (imaginary) format. In some cases I position the objects and form a square (example 1), in other clean compositions the edges become freer and the objects in the center (example 2) and in a third option I surpass the limits of the square with the objects And make a square cut leaving some of them in half (example 3). Here are some complete photos of the compositions for you to better visualize the imaginary lines in red:

example 1

example 2

example 3flat lays

In all these cases you can “preview” the square using the square tool on the camera of your cell phone, for example. This way you can ensure that the outer imaginary lines are positioned as you need them.

Internal imaginary line: this is more difficult to explain and will vary according to each composition. A composition can be with objects perfectly aligned (example 1). But it can also be tilted (example 3) or asymmetrical (example 2). In all cases you will only be able to “draw” those lines by assembling, experimenting and realizing what is best. It is super abstract and depends on the aesthetic sense of each.

How to use mini sculptures (like an eiffel tower) on flat lays?

In a flat lay basically every type of object can be used. But as the angle is always from above it is good to analyze what looks better from this point of view. In the opening photo of this post you can see 2 Eiffel Towers, but notice how they gain a new format seen from above. This will vary according to each object and you will need to test what works or not.

Some things, such as nailpolish, for example, looks more beautiful and visible when placed lying on the photo. A lovely stamped mug, for example, will not be appreciated, since you will only see the bottom of the mug and “lying down” would depend on the composition to look nice and tell a coherent story. So it’s worth collecting some cool objects that you would like to use and perform some tests to see the result in the photo!

Take a look how different the objects look from above in a flat angle to the other perspective in the same height of the objects. The ideal is to always try and discover how it looks better!

You should give classes about flat lays! Have you ever thought about it? “flatlays and composition for beginners”

I had never thought of it, but I loved the idea! I think I’m still learning and every day I discover something new about flat lays, but I think I already have some tips to share and some experience since I began to photograph more assiduously for @coolflatlays. What do you think of the idea? How about a flat lays workshop?

More about flat lays:

wine red boots wine red boots

Since the weather has changed I noticed that I still have a certain difficulty in wearing midi skirt in autumn and winter. It seems that in the summer days it’s enough to wear a midi skirt and a top, that’s it! But when I need to put on a warm blouse or a coat I have not yet gotten used to the new silhouette. Does anyone else have this problem?

I decided to try a mid-season look, I wore my pink midi skirt with the striped sweater. I love this color chart that goes from pink to wine red. Since the blouse is more tight, despite being long-sleeved, it was easier to match the midi skirt without changing the silhouette that much.

The special touch that gives this an autumn and winter feeling is my new Tutu boots. This color is new and barely arrived here at home already inspired me to put together a look to share with you. Boots + midi skirt is also new to me. Experiencing new possibilities, my new mantra right?

I also wore a Petite Jolie bag in the same tone of my boots. The baby pink sunglasses has been one of the most used lately, have you noticed? And the Pandora jewelry always with me, in the mix of bracelets, rings and necklace.

top: Renner / skirt: Forever21 / bag: Petite Jolie / sunglasses: ZeroUV / jewelry: Pandora / boots: Tutu Sapatilhas

wine red boots

pink midi skirt

Do you remember the look I posted on Monday with an overlay and mix of prints (right here!)? I commented that day that the top with foliage print was beautiful also to wear with the skirt in the same print. And here’s the skirt!

I still can not get over the perfection that is the top and the skirt together, I think it will be one of my favorite looks in the summer. But meanwhile, I’m using the pieces in many other compositions. And this has been easy, besides the print that is beautiful, the color chart is all about my favorites, right?

Notice that I have tried many new things last days. On yesterday’s outfit I wore a midi dress, without all that volume that I usually prefer. This time the midi skirt also comes in a new shape for me and I’m learning to like this new silhouette.

When I was leaving the Shoulder store with this beautiful skirt I decided to take a look on Forever21. There I found this tshirt in the same color of the skirt and with an expression in French that I love. I thought it was a great option to wear with the skirt and I really enjoyed that combination, it’s so french chic!

I also wore a nude shoes from Amaro, I love it. The bag is different and I found this format to be graceful. Finally, the same earring from yesterday’s outfit. I said that I really liked it and was going to repeat it over and over again, right?

skirt: Shoulder / tshirt: Forever21 / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: SammyDress / brinco: Santa Boutique / shoes: Amaro

pink midi skirt

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polka dot sheer  

I received this dress from the brand Olga Skazkina a few months ago, along with another gray tulle dress that I have already posted here (also wonderfu!). But unlike the other dress that is super delicate, I thought this piece had a certain attitude and should not be used casually.

I waited for a day when I really felt incredible to wear the dress. As it has a length that escapes from my usual, sheer fabric, peplum and many polka dots wanted it to be something really special.

And the day I decided to wear it I thought it was perfect to me. I fell in love with every detail and I enjoyed it so much that I’m already thinking of repeating it soon.

This time I wore it with a Cravo & Canela boots to avoid a more obvious and classic option like a black sandal. I got out of my comfort zone and I loved the result! I must say that this boots surprised me, it is light and very comfortable. Also, it works well with so many outfit, you know? I wore it in different productions and styles and it has proved to be more versatile than I thought.

Finally, another new thing to me that I have tried and loved: this Santa Boutique dots earrings. Guys, I rarely wear earrings, as big as this is even rarer. But I loved it so much, I need to try more! What did you think?

 dress: Olga Skazkina / earrings: Santa Boutique / hat: CHOIES / boots: Cravo & Canela

polka dot sheer

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pink velvet

If I had imagined a rosy velvet jacket I think it would not be as perfect as this. I confess that at the beginning of this velvet trend I was a little bit afraid to wear it since everything is repeated to exhaustion. Sometimes it is better to escape than to follow those trends right?

But if there is something good about it, it is precisely the variety of pieces that have appeared in the market with this fabric, and for those who really enjoys it is the ideal time to guarantee some finds. That coat is just like that for me.

I love the color, a very light pink that depending on the light oscillates between a champagne and rosy. In addition, the shape is great, which is a bit difficult to find since the fabric is soft and usually gets a little messed up in pieces that require a more structured shape, as is the case of the blazer.

I already wore the jacket with a pair of pants this weekend and I want to photograph the look to show you soon. In that other option I wore it with an embroidered skirt that also has some details in pink. I love this mixture of textures between velvet and embroidery.

I kept all accessories in this neutral color chart, varying from pink to gray. The shoes are from Tabita, very cute! I also used a bag in a different format, which already gives a new details to the look. Finally, my inseparable Pandora jewelry.

coat: Shein / skirt: dafiti / jewelry: PANDORA / bag: Shein / shoes: Tabita

pink velvet

sobreposição com top sobreposição com top

It feels so good to have a few summer days in the middle of winter! I really enjoy  winter anda all of those looks full of layers, but I confess that I am loving this small respite from the cold. Better yet to enjoy the days of sun and blue sky to debut my pieces of the new Shoulder‘s collection.

it made me wish for spring days when I saw these new prints. Luckily, we had a perfect weekend to wear this overlay with top and blouse, all rosy and with a mix of prints (as always!). The blouse has a very loose sleeve and a cute print of mini coconut trees. The top also has a awesome floral print and I love that shape.

I must say that this print is so beautiful that I did not resist and also brought home the same print in a gorgeous midi skirt. Beautiful to wear as a suit or woth other pieces like I wore here. In the next few days I’ll post a look with my new skirt.

I wore the tops with a mini skirt in baby pink, the same color of the background of the top print. As I wore this on a Sunday I decided to chose some casual shoes, so I wore my rosé Keds. Accessories with velvet bag and ZeroUV sunglasses.

blouse: Shoulder / top: Shoulder / sunglasses: ZeroUV / jewelry: Pandora / sneakers: Keds

Flávia already told about her passion for neutral color several times here, but lately the gray outfits gain more and more space on the look du jour. And there is a reason for this, gray is a color that wears very well in any season and provides a lot of combinations for all styles.

And the advantages do not end there! You will hardly get sick of a color like gray because even in a monochrome outfit it is subtle and elegant. When mixed with other colors the result can beyond be a creativity exercise, it may surprise you.

But if after all you still think that gray is a lifeless color, keep reading this post. I selected 10 amazing gray outfits that Flávia already showed on the blog to show you that color may be more interesting than you ever imagine! Look that:

1. Gray and black with texture mix. More details here.

2. Combined with metallized. More details here.

3. In layers and overlays. More details here.

4. Gray and earthy tones. More details here.

5. With silver and gold. More details here.

6. Beyond the t-shirt. More details here.

7. With nude, another neutral color. More details here.

8. Gray in prints. More details here.

9. With baby pink. More details here.

10. Monochrome. More details here.

I bet you already wanted to hurry to put some ideas into practice! After so much inspiration it is impossible not to fall in love with the gray too <3

sequined jacket sequined jacket sequined jacket

Is there anything more beautiful than sequins during the day? I know that there is always a certain fear in wearing a sequined piece in the light of day, but these little things were made to shine, right? So it’s worth risking one look or another because the result is simply incredible.

This jacket I wore has a very discreet colour in gold with mini sequins. The model of the jacket, kinda biker is just perfect and makes it look casual. Another good trick to make the look more day to day is to wear a basic tshirt. I chose this gray one that I love and it has a rocker vibe.

The skirt is my one of my favourites ever and has appeared in a few looks, maybe hundreds. I love the rosy tone and this model is very light and with a nice shape. A good contrast to the jacket and tshirt, I love those mix of pieces.

Last but not least the choice of accessories was also essential for the result. The gray velvet bag harmonizes with the tshirt and the Cravo e Canela boots is a great idea. I love this option with heels to give an elongated look. Hope to inspire you to try a sequined piece for the day!

jacket: Lovers + Friends / tshirt: Dafiti / skirt: Minusey / boots: Cravo & Canela

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