Look sem salto

I loved your feedback about these special edition of look du jour on my social medias. Lots of people already practicing this in day-to-day looks and several girls needing some more inspiration to start wearing sneakers and flats. So I think you’ll like today’s look with a monochrome proposal.

Just as the mini length dominated the blog in the early years, the big heels was also always present. I loved feeling myself with 3 meters of leg in these looks, after all the combo mini lenght + high heels is great. But today I feel totally confident and comfortable to wear pants + flat shoes, something that seemed impossible to me.

This is something that we learn over time and there is no recipe to feel this way, but there is no harm in looking short, right? I have only 1.59m and I can wear midi skirt with sneakers, pants and shoes without heels and still feel absolutely incredible. Because that’s how I felt, for example, with this monochrome look.

You know that I love this color and these Gap pants are practically my uniform. And when I wear it in monochrome outfits it’s pure love. The fringe jacket is in my opinion the high point of this look, it is different, cool and yet delicate.

Today I chose the cool shoes from Tutu, this is exactly their name and it fits perfectly right? It has the comfort of a sneaker, is varnish, handmade and vegan, without any component of animal origin. Need to say more? A comfortable choice that leaves the look as cool as a nice heels.

And did you notice? I’m wearing earrings (beautiful by the way!). For someone who wore earrings very rarely that is a big thing. Get out of the comfort zone, experiment … this has been my best learning. Try this at home! (;

pants: Gap / coat: SHEIN / bag: AMaro / earrings: Santafina / rings: Pandora / shoes: tutu Sapatilhas

Look sem salto

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look com tênis

This week I thought about doing a special edition of  look du jour: one week without heels! It feels great to see so many trends with sneakers and flat shoes and we all know that we don’t need to wear high heels to have a nice look. But some new inspirations is always good right?

And these looks are super real life because in day to day comfort is everything. So even though I love high heels I have been increasingly wearing on sneakers to face the days of work, a special meeting and even going out to dinner.

For this Monday I chose a basic sneaker, but that is among my favorites: Keds! I think these sneaker are super classic and have a casual style. This gray one is neutral and it fits into so many different looks, that kind of versatile piece that I’m looking for more and more to keep on my wardrobe.

I chose to wear a very nude ballerina dress with a tutu skirt and completed with the Gap bomber jacket. A contrast I love between pieces of very different styles – delicate x sporty. On the accessories I chose a gray mini bag and rounded glasses, all in gray and nude colors.

Last but not leats a tiny detail, but one of those that makes difference: I added a bow underneath the bun, something that can only be noticed when I’m on my back, but it makes the look so sweet, right?

I hope you have enjoyed it and tomorrow I’ll keep working on outfits with no heels!

JAcket: gAP / dress: rOMWE / bag: dRESSlINK / sunglasses: ZeroUV / sneakers: Keds

look com tênis

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mulheres que me inspiram

For this international women’s day I decided to share with you a little bit of my admiration for some very special women. What makes me love them there1s nothing to do with super powers or impossible stories (though they are worthy of all this!), but small attitudes, the day-to-day struggle and a mix of strength and delicacy that could go unnoticed.

Without looking too far, I can say that most of these women come from my family. How proud I am! Although I am discreet with my personal life I could not fail to mention my first inspirations.

As a youngest daughter, I must say that my first inspiration came from my older sister, Mariana. She was my example for everything and despite a difference of only 2 years from my sh point of view she was so adult and full of personality, you know? My idol! As a child, my great-aunt Marlene and my aunts Claudia and Ana were the references for the joy, the crazy ideas and the independence, I was always dreaming of being like them as an adult!

We grow up and start to hear more of our family’s life stories and then I realized that behind two grandmas who were pure sweetness there were difficult times in their lives, but none of them made them lose their huge hearts. I am very proud of the struggles of my grandmother Regina and my grandmother Therezinha.

And, of course, the admiration that always existed and will exist for my mother, Leila, my greatest reference. Her infinite love and untiring dedication to me and my sister is priceless. Even though life wasn’t easy and gave a big twist in the late years she made the right choices and makes me proud to see her rediscovering life.

These are some of the women who made me who I am today and I am very grateful to each of them. Unfortunately I can not share with you all the privilege of being inspired and living with my family, right? But in a way I also live on the internet, so here it’s like my second home and in this wonderful world of internet I also found real, strong, creative and inspiring women. So I’ve prepared a short list with some incredible women that you can follow too and have inspiration for life!

Louise Ebel – Pandora

Louise was my first style reference at the blog’s world. 7 years later nothing has changed, it remains a great inspiration to me. My admiration goes beyond aesthetics, because her work is full of historical references and much knowledge. Her looks are not empty and simple copies from the catwalks. There is a special care in each production, a context for each piece and scenario chosen. So I also learned to look for other references when thinking about a look and she shows in an incredible way how her outfits was inspired by a certain work of art or historical figure.

mulheres que me inspiram

 Ana Paula Passarelli (portuguese only)

When I met Passa while doing a job in SP, I never imagined the incredible person that was in front of me. After that day I returned home and I followed her on social networks just because she was nice. For my surprise, that woman was pure knowledge and experience – about social media, gender issues or random themes – it doesn’t matter, she has a lot of cool things to share and the good news is that she shares everything she knows all the time.

See more: Youtube and also Facebook.

Garance Doré

Another of my first inspirations on the internet and the queen of street style photography, right? At first it was the photograph that made me love her, but then came the delicate and expressive illustrations and, finally, the texts with a delicious and intelligent humor. How good it is to admire someone completely, in all areas Garance inspires. Did you know that her real name is not Garance? I never imagined it, I just discovered it by reading the book she wrote! Curiosities aside, what really matters is that this woman is incredible, stylish, talented and knows how to laugh at herself, I want to be like her when I grow up! ^^

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Melina Souza – Serendipity (portuguese only)

If you look at the her pictures you will fall in love, because they are beautiful and have a good feeling, you know? I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and seeing that she is exactly like this – and her mother too, this family is pure love! Beyond the photos Mel has great book tips (and she recently launched a book with Lia that I’m eager to read), travel and share only good things in her blog and life. She is one of those people who make us believe that there is still goodness in the world. Thank you for existing, Mel! <3

See more:

Carla Lemos – Modices (portuguese only)

Those who followed the first fashion blogs in Brazil may know Modices. I confess that I spent some time without checking the news there, but recently it has been my constant reading. Carla is one of the few big bloggers that really post about fashion conscious. Her posts have been my favorites and helped a lot in my reflections abouth this subject. It’s so nice to have a blog with such rich content, it also addresses other cool topics like empowerment and real beauty (seriously, there are some very good posts).

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Isadora Ribeiro – Na nossa vida (portuguese only)

I met Isa’s blog a short time ago when Ar told me about her work. And I did not need more than one visit or two to fall in love with her ability to make life’s seemingly simplest things poetic. Everything is so beautiful in her eyes, in photos or text. What a delight to live like this, it makes us exercise this generous look with our life and with everything around us. It makes me learn a lot!

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Cristina Zanetti e Fernanda Resende – Oficina de Estilo (portuguese only)

I’ve talked about Oficina de Estilo a thousands times here on the blog. But I’ll say it again, Cris and Fe were my first fashion reading at the internet. And lucky me, because apart from being experts in color combinations, styling tips and making a piece yield many productions, they go beyond and see the human behind the clothes. Do you know that kind of work that is full of emotions and knowledge to make us reflect and improve? They are exactly like this!

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These are just a few women that I admire in this wonderful world of internet and to whom I also leave here my thank you very much!

And who are the women who inspires you? From real life or the internet if you have some nice story tell me there in the comments. I will love to meet them!

white midi skirt white midi skirt

I never imagined that I would be so fond of midi skirts. In the early years of the blog were the mini length that dominated the looks around here. And it was real mini, whether for skirts, shorts or dresses, I liked the visual effect of having super-long legs.

After the change of my hair cut and colour I decided to risk one or two midi skirts and since then they have grown and gained more and more space in my wardrobe. I like the comfort that a midi skirt gives me. Being able to move freely and without worry. Even on windy days, I’m unconcerned. Another positive point is the silhouette that those midi skirts create. Exactly how I like it with a nice waist and an illusion of a little bit more hip – something that I  don’t have since I have a skinny body.

This skirt I’m wearing today is a delight, very fresh and light for the hot days. I loved the fabric and texture it adds to the look. This time I wore it with a very basic white t-shirt for an all white outfit.

To add some contrast to the look I wore some accessories in Pied de Poule – or Pied de Coq since the pattern is a bit bigger. I’ve talked about this on the blog before, do you remember? This Too Stylish Design clutch simply won my heart. In addition to having one of my favorite prints the design is simply different and creative. I especially like the details in velvet (the black part of the print, for example) and the way it opens. The brand is from Portugal and the pieces are developed and produced 100% by hand, one more point to love!

Of course I immediately thought of wearing it with my Esdra’s pied de poule shoes and I loved that combination.

top: Amaro / skirt: Shein / sunglasses: zEROuv / clutch: Too Stylish Design /  shoes: Esdra

white midi skirt

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Here in Brazil we usually say that the year only begins after Carnival. So here we are ready for 2017, full of ideas and plans to share with you.

Since last year the content of the blog has changed a bit, you must have noticed! More personal posts, travel diaries, some thoughts about consumerism, photography tips among many others appeared. For the first time I felt totally excited and passionate about the blog. I have always loved my work, it has not changed. But we went through a moment of reflection, of rethinking purposes and much more than the looks I realized that we can (and should!) inspire people with beautiful images, some cool stories or with simple experiences and learning from everyday life.

From your feedback I was able to feel that the changes were welcome. And that has been the motivation to continue with the transformations and work with love.

We already have some ideas to follow, new content formats for the blog, big changes to the next FashionCooltureShop, but we want to hear the most important and essential part for all this to happen which are you, our readers!

That is why we have prepared a very quick survey but it will help us to direct our work, and together you and I will build content that will inspire more and more.

green floral midi skirtgreen floral midi skirt

I can’t stay for a long time without wearing a mix of prints. And this green floral midi skirt seems like an invitation to do it! Color prints are always a good option to mix with black and white stripes, have you noticed that? It works really well almost always, I have tested with yellow, blue, green and red in geometric prints, floral and polka dots.

Today’s look du jour have another highlight: mix of textures. Those little details that make the look more interesting. Notice that the skirt has a brighter fabric while the striped top has lace in the white parts. By the way, I love this top just because it mixes stripes + b&w + lace, it’s a recipe for success.

Another thing that I love about this look is that it makes me get out of my comfort zone. I’m wearing green, a color that I don’t wear much and I do not have many pieces, but I find it so beautiful. I discovered that I like green a little while ago, I don’t know if it was the change in my hair color – red hair looks good with green right? For the next seasons I’m wishing the color in darker shades, a little more than the military green, I think it would be an olive green!

The fact is that while the weather is terrible hot this vibrant green seems like the best option to add color to the days. And all the credits for my new passion are going to Tutu with that green flats that won my heart.

top: GIZELY SANGALETI / skirt: Choies / sunglasses: ZeroUV / flats: Tutu Sapatilhas

flat lay

You may not know the term flat lay but surely you have seen many photos of this style on Pinterest and Instagram. This type of photo in which objects are arranged on a flat surface and photographed from above is becoming more and more popular and it’s one of my favorites.

The cool thing is that while preparing this post I researched the origin of this style of photography and discovered that the initial inspiration came from a method of organization known as knolling. The term is from 1987 when an employee of a furniture factory (which produced chairs for Knoll) routinely arranged objects on a flat surface at 90 degree angles. In 2009 the sculptor Tom Sachs adopted the technique as an art form and so the flat lay photographs become more popular.

I love shooting flat lays and putting together different compositions. Over the last few years I have tried and learned a lot with this technique. It is a delight to think about the objects, care about color harmony, theme, proportions, even if at the end of a session I am with a terrible back pain for being trying to find the angle and the correct position of each element.

Since the beginning of the year I have been producing pictures in flat lay more often so I will share with you some of my favorite and 6 tips to produce a beautiful photo!

1. Alignment and arrangement of objects

The way you dispose the objects on the photo is essential for the result of a flat lay. At first the objects used to be carefully arranged symmetrically as a form of organization, but in this style of photography it is also possible to work with a carefully planned asymmetry. Sometimes the best thing of a picture is precisely in this perfectly misaligned disposition.

Still about the organization of the elements it’s worth paying attention in the space between them and in the proportion of size of what will be photographed. Sometimes you need to shoot a few times to analyze the result on the screen of the camera and make small adjustments, dragging something else to one side, moving away something or looking for new elements. It takes patience and dedication!

2. Colours

Working with a specific color chart helps to have an harmonic photo. I love choosing a certain color as inspiration for my photos and from there I look for other elements to compose the photo using color as the connecting element.

Set the colour it’s time to search the entire house for objects that can be used as complements, this part is fun and can yield photo compositions you would never have imagined. In this case the black and white is an infallible classic!

Saturday mood. Black is for the coffee and the lace bra.

Uma publicação compartilhada por Fashion Coolture (@fashioncoolture) em

3. Subject

Besides the colors, establishing a subject can also be very useful when choosing objects. It’s cool to tell a story with the photos! It can be a flat lay  about sport, a more romantic one, maybe about food or inspired by a special moment. The important thing is to make sense and show some connection between the elements photographed.

Still about telling a story I like to include my hands or feet in some of the photos as a way to make everything more personal. In that case it’s time to ask for help for your boyfriend or a friend to click  the photo!

4. Background

The background of the photos is almost always basic and neutral. This way you can highlight the objects and it is easier to have an harmonic photo. But that’s not a rule and there are some incredible flat lays with backgrounds with prints or textures.

Down here for example I photographed two flat lays inspired by the summer using the sand from the beach and a wooden deck as a background, as this is essential to tell the story I wanted to share.

Sometimes the flat lay has a picnic fabric, a green grass or a walkway as the background and all of these options can also work perfectly. But if you’re starting now, the od and good white background can be the best choice. I use to photograph on a white cabinet, it is practical and efficient.

5. Perspective

The flat lay photos are always taken from above, parallel to the ground. To find the perfect angle you may need to use a ladder!

So the ideal is to put the objects on the ground or somewhere low so that you can shoot properly. In small photos with accessories sometimes it is possible to photograph with the camera and without the help of the ladder. But in flat lays with larger pieces of clothing some steps makes all the difference.

Once the photo is donet it is still possible to correct some mistakes in the perspective. Some photo editing apps on the phone have this option (I really like Snapseed for that!).

flat lay

6. Light

Last but not least, something essential for a good photo: light!

Natural light is always better in my opinion. I have already photographed flat lays on the street, in the beach or even indoors and I always wait for the best time to enjoy the daylight. At home I always photograph near the window with a translucent white curtain, so I can better control the light and shadows of the objects and still be able to position myself exactly on top of the objects without having any shade.

flat lay

There’s a lot of nice inspirations for a good photo! Besides my pictures that you find here and on my Instagram account I also have a folder on Pinterest full of cool references to try, just follow me there too.

Carnaval Pandora Carnaval Pandora

My plans for Carnival in Brazil include some relaxing moments, but I can’t deny that the season is specially inspiring for outfits. For those who are afraid to dare, it is the ideal time to play with sparkles, vibrant colors, metallic pieces, etc. In my case the sequins are part of my casual looks, right?

But the date deserves a special look du jour and I needed to share with you the Pandora news to celebrate the Carnival: an exclusive collection for Brazil in limited edition. It is the first time that the country receives an exclusive collection and the theme could not be any other right?

So for this Carnival look du jour I chose an easy production to adapt with the daily pieces. I chose the floral theme and a lovely color combination in shades of red, pink and purple. The floral crown gives the look a Carnival feeling and is super easy to do at home.

I wore the floral skirt with a basic top in baby pink, so I could add a lot of accessories. I wore the Pandora leather bracelets as chockers in 3 different tones (loved!). I wore a necklace a little longer and took the opportunity to add another touch of color with the red stone pendant.

In the bracelets I mixed the classics with another leather piece, cause it looks more casual. I was inspired by the mix of colors of the skirt and the charm with the carnival mask, my favorite of the new collection. The little pops of color on leather bracelets and charms are a detail that makes all the difference. I love it!

skirt: amaro / top: amaro / jewelry: Pandora / bag: Ellus / shoes: Carel

Carnaval Pandora

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