Saia midi branca

Some outfit combinations have no error right? Each one has an infallible formula of wearing certain pieces or colors and feel incredible always. For me today’s look is all about it. It has black and white, has midi skirt, has cute accessories and scarpin.

I’ll start talking about this skirt because I love it when there’s a lot of fabric and make the skirt really round. Also, this fabric is heavier, so it looks gorgeous in movement and is still super comfortable to wear, without fear of any wind making that Marilyn Monroe effect.

As the skirt is really chic because of the length and fabric, I chose to wear with a tshirt to break this idea and make it more casual. This tshirt is so cute!

Now focus on the accessories: what is this heart bag? So beautiful and makes any basic look more fun. I also wore the scarpin I showed in yesterday’s shoe post. It looks incredible, right? It’s different and it’s very comfortable.

Finally, I am varying between hairstyles, hat, anything that gives life to my hair. I’m finding it a little dull in that intermediate length, so I’ve been increasing the look with handkerchiefs like this one.

tshirt: Dafiti / skirt: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Dafiti / jewelry: Pandora / shoes: Dafiti

Saia midi branca

sapatos Dafiti

While researching some products on Dafiti‘s website I found several beautiful shoes, apparently comfortable and with really good price. I liked this selection so much that I set up a post just to talk about this findings and share with you.

Comfort has been one of my priorities when choosing a shoe, so I gave priority to models with heavier heels. I still have a few shoes like that and I definitely want them to be more in my closet.

But I did not let go of the desire to have incredible and different shoes, so I fell in love with these ones. And this selection could not be more perfect for me, has rosy shoe in satin and with pearls, has vichy with bows and chic scarpin with straps.

sapatos Dafiti

vichy heels/ heart shapped bag / hat

This sandal with bows and vichy print is one of my favorites. So be ready to see it on many looks du jour this summer. Besides beautiful, it is really super comfortable, best choice!

And although the post is dedicated to the shoes, I could not avoid to show this heart bag from Santa Lolla. I showed you in the stories and I know you enjoyed it too. I think the red is out of stocj, but the black and beige are still available.

sapatos Dafiti

baby pink shoes / sunglasses / jewelry

Outro favorito é esse scarpin rosinha com pérolas, mal chegou por aqui e já foi direto para os meus pés. Super delicado e também confortável. Perfeito para aqueles meus looks rosinhas, né?

I have also wore the scarpin tricolor that appears in the first photo and definitely won points for comfort and looks incredible in the look. I’ll show you more later this week. I’ve tried it all and the pink satin shoe and the vichy print shoe have comfortable heels. As soon as I actually wear it for a day I’ll tell you more here, after all the focus is beauty with comfort right?

What about my choices? Any favorite?

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fundo para fotografia de flat lay

Among the most frequently asked questions I get about flat lays are those related to the background of the photos. A lot of people have doubts on how to choose the best option or how to leave it really white or even about variations that can make the photos even more creative.

Currently most of my photos have a white background. In the beginning, as I have shown countless times in the Instagram stories of @coolflatlays, I photographed using the top of a white cabinet. Since then I have tried many other options, from cardboard, EVA, sheet, printed canvas … but I opted for the ceramic tiles.

The reasons are many: practicality, easy to clean, relatively light and easy to carry to other places if you want to work with other light, lots of colors and textures. In addition, I chose square pieces that make it much easier to assemble the photos already in Instagram format.

As I said, I have preferably used white background in the photos, so I chose light ones with only a slight marbled effect. Up here are the two variations that I use most: a square plate with marble effect and another hexagonal with the same texture.

fundo para fotografia de flat lay


Both pieces are from Eliane, here above is the reference of the larger square. This is the most frequent background of my photos. The marbled effect is discreet, but leaves the photos with a more natural air since the white is not so flat. Also, the piece is finished in satin finish, so it does not shine and does not affect the photos.

This ceramic is sold in boxes with 4 units. I shoot small parts and have little space at home, so I currently use only one unit. But if you have space or want to shoot larger compositions with looks or other types of pieces, the 4 units will be perfect for mounting a larger square.


The hexagonal option already comes in smaller pieces, like the one in the first photo of the post. Up here is the reference of this piece that is also from Eliane. And, just like the previous option, it also has satin finish, so it does not shine in the photos.

This piece is sold in boxes with 10 units. For @coolflatlays photos I use 4 units that come together as a puzzle and form a larger square. If you need a larger background just join more pieces.

And if you like flat lays and search for references, you must have seen this hexagonal background in countless photos. It is a great option to vary a little and make the photos more interesting.


Finally, another option that has also appeared in my photos on @coolflatlays is the Sixties tile from Decortiles. Particularly this is my favorite applied to floors and here is a small spoiler of my future home!

It was the one I used in the photo above, and the variation from Eliane’s hexagonal is small. The Sixties is smooth with no marbled effect and has the most glossy finish. For the photos I prefer Eliane’s Hexagonal, because the space for grouting between the pieces is smaller and more discreet. Just notice how in Sixties you can see the little screen that connects the pieces. It’s a detail, but it makes a difference.

This tiles comes in boxes with 22 units. Similar to Eliane’s Hexagonal, I use only 4 units that together form a square.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, one of the advantages of ceramic tiles is the variety of sizes, colors and textures available. Just a quick glance at Eliane and Decortiles’ website for you to realize this (there’s so many wonderful options!).

So if you have space and a lot of creativity you can choose from numerous options of backgrounds for your photos. In the meantime I keep dreaming about having a studio to work with all these options and share it here with you, of course!

Still in doubt? Are you curious about this type of photo? Just leave a comment or check my other posts on the subject!

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Shoulder Maré Shoulder Maré Shoulder Maré

With spring closer and the winter days giving a truce, inevitably a summer feeling appears! And today’s outfit is especially dedicated to those summer days.

The photos were taken in a beautiful hotel, the Felissimo Exclusive, in Balneário Camboriú. And we were lucky during our stay with a beautiful day of sunshine and blue skies. The perfect opportunity to debut my SShoulder Maré pantacourt. This is a special Shoulder line dedicated to this lighter and less urban mood, a refreshment for any time of the year.

The pants are a delight, comfortable and full of movement, as the summer looks should be. I wore it with the bikini top and at the end of the day I put the embroidered blouse over it.

The accessories are also all about this weather, embroidered hat from Chapéus25, pineapple bag and sandals from Esdra. And just looking at this pictures already makes me wish that the summer arrives soon, for more days like this! Who is also in the countdown for the next seasons?

pants: Shoulder Maré / top: Shoulder Maré / hat: Chapéus25 / bag: Shein / sandals: Esdra

Today instead of posting only 1 look I decided to share 3, to show how a single idea or inspiration can yield many different productions.

To start I chose to work on a few points I have adored, flats + polka dots + earthy tones. I noticed that I have several pieces with these characteristics and I decided to try 3 different options and that can inspire many other outfits.

The first look is my favorite: polka dots rompwe and caramel accessories. Seriously, expect to see over and over again this little romper around here. I love color, print, comfort, simply everything in it. In place of my usual accessories in black and white, I opted for this old bag in caramel and Tutu’s flats. What about it?

romper: ShEIN / sunglasses: ZEROUV / Bag: BRECHÓ / flats: Tutu

The second look has shirt overlay and sweater, I love it! The romper print now appears on the details of the collar and cuff of the shirt. The predominant color is caramel, pants and sweater. I find this color super classic and easy to combine, whether in a look in earthy tones or in contrast to other colors.

In the accessories I’m wearing a tricolor mini bag and another great Tutu’s flats. Looks pretty preppy right?

SWEATER: MAKENJI  / shirt: MAKENJI / pants: RENNER / Bag: DAFITI / flats: TUTU

Finally, a look with mix of prints and mini skirt, totally me, right? The polka dots this time appear in details, like the bag and the scarf. I used the striped tshirt to add a mix of prints and make it even more fun.

The caramel skirt gives a break in the monochrome pieces, it’s a basic color combination, but sometimes we forget the simple ones. This time I wore a different flats, but with the same comfort and beauty as ever of Tutu’s shoes.

Did you like the different proposals? Which one is your favorite?

top: SLY / Skirt: ROMWE / Bag: DAFITI / sunglasses: ZEROUV / flats: TUTU

white boots

The white boot was among the recent trends I’d let go. But with my desire to wear light color looks during the winter, I noticed that Idon’t have the right shoes to fit my new color chart. I confess that among my few boots I can only see black basics or caramel. So I decided to try the white boot as an option!

And that’s how I discovered that the white boot can work on my looks and go beyond a season. As on today’s outfit with mini skirt and leather jacket. I wore a mini red skirt with a zipper detail. I combined it with an almost basic tshirt and black leather jacket, after all it’s still cold here.

In the accessories the white boots, of course. I chose a very cute baby pink mini bag that has been my choice in recent looks. I love the size and color. Finally, my inseparable boater hat in red color, heart earring and white glasses. How about this basic look, but with a fun touch?

tshirt: Dafiti / skirt: Dafiti / bag: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / earrings: Shein / boots: Dafiti

white boots

Preppy Outfit Preppy Outfit

There’s nothing new about me loving preppy outfits, right? So today’s look is one of those that will stay on repeat because it has a perfect combination for my style.

The formula of the outfit is common, but some details make a difference: the black pants get an extra highlight for being in fake leather, it brings an extra texture to the production! Also, I loved this shorter length, it gives more prominence to the shoe.

In fact the shoe is another point to take a look: another texture – this time the varnish. And it gaves the look a preppy + boyfriend inspiration. But always with a delicacy, like the details of pearl in the heel of the shoe, have you noticed?

Still on the boyfriend theme, I wore the black blazer that is and old love. One of those finds from the second hand stores. I love the modeling and the length of it, so classic.

Finally, I also wore this striped and furry sweater, pure love, from the Pop Up Store. And I finished with this black and white scarf with hearts on the tips, so cute, right?

pants: Pop Up Store / sweater: Pop Up Store / scarf: Shein / blazer: brechó / bag: Shein / sunglasses: ZeroUV / Shoes: Romwe

Preppy Outfit

xadrez vichy xadrez vichy

The vichy print is one of those classics and seems to match perfectly with summer looks right? I’ve tried and photographed many pieces with this print, but none have hit my heart as much as this look.

Once again I chose a midi skirt and I think the length is no longer a problem here. So good to be able to wear everything without fear, right? This piece is part of the new Shoulder collection which is definitely one of my favorites from the brand. I left the store wishing several pieces. But the one I brought home with me was this vichy print skirt, ruffles and a knot detail at the front. So beautiful!

And since it’s good to get out of our comfort zone, I risked a top with more frills, also from Shoulder. Yes, I would usually think of wearing a simple tshirt or a top without so much volume, to leave the overall highlight to the skirt. But I loved the result and I thought it made the look even more powerful.

Finally I added a touch of color with accessories in red. In addition to the shoe and the hat, I used this straw bag with cherry details. It’s so cute, huh?

skirt: Shoulder / top: Shoulder / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Shein / shoes: Haute & Rebellious

xadrez vichy