My mother is super proud of every little thing I do. She always supported me even in my craziest dreams, like when I graduated in law and decided to create a blog! She keeps up with my work, comments on all the photos, talk about my blog with her friends and is always happy when I see myself fulfilled and happy.

But after we grow up we are the ones who are proud of our mothers, right? Impossible not to recognize all love and dedication for so many years. Life takes many turns, sometimes in ways that one can not imagine, but my mother has always been by my side – always! And I’m very lucky to be able to share all the important moments of my life with her.

So certainly this is one of the most special posts I’ve ever made. During all those years of blogging I had never done a Mother’s Day post, but I accepted Pandora‘s invitation to share with you a little bit of the pride and admiration I have for my mother, as well as taking beautiful pictures of moments to keep in my memory !

dia das mães

You can tell that the taste for fashion is something from my family, right? I know my mom loves to walk around the shopping mall and see the news so we started our day with a little shopping tour. Of course before we planned our looks together and it was so cool to share simple moments like that.

As always I wore that rosy tone that I love in a midi skirt and a warm and comfortable gray sweater. My mother wore a blazer that I love, also in baby pink and with some sparkle details, so beautiful! This is one of my favorite pieces in her wardrobe.

Then a stop at a coffee shop, with a lot of candies and a lot of talk. And shooting it all together was so much fun! In a way I still managed to show her a little bit of how our pictures works and how we do it. I think she liked it and it all made us even closer.

my outfit – sweater: Makenji / skirt: Forever21 / jewelry: pANDORA / shoes: Divalesi

dia das mães

This Sunday I want to print some of these photos to gift her along with some Pandora jewelry. A way to thank you with much love for all these years and also for this special day together.

I liked the result so much that here is my suggestion of gift for Mother’s Day: jewelry and pictures! They are two options that will last forever and will be kept with lots of love, handmade jewelry with a lot of dedication by Pandora and photos of cool moments that you can enjoy together. What about?

dia das mães

Thank you to Nações Shopping and Damas e Doces for the permission for the pictures.

pink lace skirt pink lace skirt

On Saturday I went in POA and took the opportunity to take a look at the news at the Shoulder store, I posted a little bit on Instagram, did you see? My favorite pieces in the store were exactly those ones in a gorgeous pink tone. so chic.

I showed this look in the dressing room at the instagram stories and I loved this mix of print + lace. The pink color makes both pieces look great together. That’s an interesting and feminine combination. I also tried this blouse with a lace top and I found the idea of the overlay simply beautiful, soon i’ll try to post here in another look for you to see.

Oh, another interesting detail is that I actually wore the blouse with the back detail in the front. This neckline was on the back and the front was more closed with the round neck (you can see on Shoulder website!). But for that look I specifically liked to wear in a different way, I tried it and it worked! Have you thought about trying your clothes with simple changes like this and discovering new ways to wear it?

In the accessories I chose Pandora’s jewels and I used 2 necklaces and a leather bracelet as a choker to enhance the neckline. I also wore the lace up shoe from Esdra and the nude Amaro handbag.

top: Shoulder / skirt: Shoulder / sunglasses: ZeroUV / jewelry: Pandora / bag: Amaro / shoes: Esdra

pink lace skirt

blazer with beltblazer with beltblazer with belt

I already posted some monochromatic looks in earthy tones this fall, right? It is not news that I love these colors and the possibilities are many. This time although the color is an old known but there’s a few styling trick that makes all the difference.

I’ll start by talking about this blazer! It is the one I posted some time ago, I removed the shoulder pads and I have been wearing it a lot. In order not to get sick of the piece it is always good to think about different ways of wearing it and this time I wore the blazer with a belt over it. Since the idea was a monochromatic look, I chose a sweater and a skirt in the same color. I chose a male belt that is bigger and allows you to do that little knot after the buckle.

To complete, I wore this wonderful over knee boots from Suzana Santos. Long ago I was looking for an over the knee in this color, because Ii only had this model in black and it was perfect. I love the lace up detail and the possibility of adjustment, just so these boots stop in the right place!

About the accessories I’m wearing an Amaro handbag and wooden round sunglasses, monochrome from head to toe!

blazer: Brechó da neide / sweater: GAP /  sunglasses: Wandry / bag: Amaro / boots: Suzana Santos

Since that first post with tips for flat lay photos (haven’t read yet? Click here!) I didn’t stop producing new pictures. I’ve always told you that I’m really passionate about photography, and since I’m always in front of the cameras for the outfit posts, I think I found a way to make myself happy and inspired with the flat lays!

I have been taking several photos a week and I often end up not posting here on the blog or on my Instagram profile. So I created another profile just to post this kind of photo: @coolflatlays!

More than that, I have taken advantage of the coolflatlays account to share more about each photo, give tips and show in the stories the real-time production of the photos. Who saw me up the stairs last week while I  was taking pictures?

This photo down here I showed in the stories today, so you still have time to see a nice tip I gave there to keep the objects exactly where you want them to stay. I also shared about the inspiration that came all from this autumn, gray and melancholic day.


Also, now I can gather all my photos of flat lay in one place which makes it very easy for anyone looking for inspiration right?

And talking about inspiration, if you are also in love with this type of photography and have produced some flat lays out there tag @coolflatlays and use #coolflatlays so that we can create together a cool gallery to inspire more and more. I will love to see what you are producing and find new ideas and compositions.

Seriously, even if you are still a beginner and are taking their first steps in this addictive world of flat lays tag me there on instagram. Let’s learn and improve our photos together! (:


Ah, but if you don’t like to take pics, but enjoy some nice little things, beautiful shoes, incredible sunglasses and all of those things, go there too! At @coolflatlays I show several pieces that I have not yet shown on looks du jour.

Anyway, this new project is very special for me and I am very happy with every comment, every direct and every photo I get there.

Meanwhile, I’m producing a new post with tips for flat lay photos. There are some tricks and details that go beyond the basics you already find in my first post.

And if you have any specific questions about this type of photography and composition, this is the time to write to me! Leave it here in the comments that in the next post I will reply.

See more about flat lays:

polka dots and stripespolka dots and stripes

Sometimes a simple look can be full of small details that makes the difference. Today’s look could be described as a simple overlay of a dress with a long sleeved blouse and it could be something boring.

But just the fact to mix different prints already makes the outfit much more interesting! Polka dots and stripes are a classic mix and have no error, especially if both patterns share the same colors, in this case blue and white. This is the most basic combination of prints and ideal for those who still have a certain fear when it comes to putting together such looks.

More than that, the different textures of the pieces help create this cool look. The fabric of the dress with the blouse lighter fabric (kinda sheer) and the sequine stripes make an interesting mixture between opaque, transparent and shiny. And isequins are just an upgrade to any look, right?

The bag also in blue and white but with larger pattern and inverse colors in the background gives the final touch. Because yes, I love coordinated looks! Also wearing ZeroUV round glasses and Tutu’s new two-tone flats.

dress: Lulu’s / top: Choies / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Dafiti / flats: Tutu

polka dot skirt

Sometimes it makes me want to have a different routine, full of events and parties, just to be able to wear these wonderful clothes in the day to day. Some looks I just don’t want to take out and if I could I would even use to go in the bakery. Yeah!

This polka dot skirt from Eliza J is a like a dream come true! Aside from the pattern being one of my favorites, I love navy blue. I love the pattern that big and the fabric and modeling are absolutely perfect. Another detail that confirms all this perfection? This skirt has pockets, that’s love, right?

I wore it with a white off the shoulder top also from Eliza J. After all, the skirt already rocks the look and deserves total attention.

To make the look more fun, I chose a yellow rounded bag. I love wearing navy blue with a touch of yellow. Maybe you have noticed this in previous looks.

Taking advantage of this polka dot inspiration I also chose a round white glasses from ZeroUV. So the look is pure harmony with many polka dots in the print and accessories. How about this wonderful inspiration to start the week?

Skirt: Eliza J / TOP: ELIZA J / sunglasses: ZeroUV / jewelry: pANDORA 

polka dot skirt

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macaquinho bordadomacaquinho bordado

Think about a wonderful piece that does not need anything else to have an awesome outfit? This romper from the Pop Up Store is just like that, what a piece!

Whe they opened their store I fell in love with it and it’s definetely my favorite piece of the collection. It’s black, it’s chic, it’s striped, it’s embroidered … I love the V neckline, the thinner sleeves and the lighter fabric. When it comes to wearing it, it does not require accessories and rocks the look itself, do you imagine hiding all those details under a jacket or blazer? Nah!

I wore only a few accessories and since sparkle is never too much, I bet on Esdra’s black and silver boots. I loved this combo of prints in silver between the romper and the boots. The gray velvet bag is another cool detail. Final touch with mirrored glasses and my usual bun! Did you like it?

romper: Pop Up Store / bag: Rosegal / sunglasses: ZeroUV / boots: Esdra

In the post about my 30 years (yay, it’s coming!) I told you that we bought our first apartment. It is a dream come true, right? We are so happy and full of plans that I decided to share a little more of this new phase here, because everything is so new and exciting for us!

We live together for almost a year, but we are in a rented apartment and we miss having a house that looks like us. Besides, it is not news that I love shooting and having cool places at home would greatly increase my photographic possibilities. Imagine? Today we do almost all of our photos on the street, but I have enjoyed a lot the few pics I took indoors. So I’m really excited to have a place of our own to produce even more special content!

During this year we searched for many apartments, visited numerous options and finally found one that fit our needs and budget. It is a small one, but with many possibilities and that with some changes will be exactly as we imagine.

Although Thiago is a civil engineer, we are thinking about the design and taking good advantage of the limited space we have, so we felt the need to look for an architect. And that’s the coolest part of the new house, huh? Think of the possibilities, set up each corner in our own way … but how to choose an architect?

This was our first great doubt, because we never made any reforms, we did not have contact with professionals in the area and we had no idea how this service works. Who else?

I want to share with you all the phases of our process and the first step was this: the choice of the architect.

The first thing we thought of was asking for recommendations from professionals to friends and acquaintances. It’s good to hear other people’s experience with these services and list some names. This is what we have done and with a considerable list of professionals from the city at hand we have been researching the work of each one of them.

I started searching the internet for their websites, photos on social networks, stories about projects already done. That way you can perceive a little of the style of each one and I started to filter according to your taste.

Already with some names selected we scheduled a conversation in the office of some professionals to better understand how they work, ask for a budget and explain our goals. I think this is the most important part and it was decisive for us!

This meetings allows you to imagine what the relationship with the architect will be like, after all you have to trust and feel at ease to show your opinions, change what it takes to get a nice result. Anyway, you have to sympathize with the person, it’s a bit of that feeling thing, you know? Inexplicable and only with a conversation personally you can decide this.

Nosso apê: escolhendo arquiteto

It was from that moment that we chose our architect: André Sartor!

In addition to those points I mentioned before (indications, a nice style, etc) he won us at the meetings. For some architects this first contact may be just to talk about the budget, since the client may not come back. With André we made a first meeting to know each other – and already served to confirm that the sympathy and feeling had worked.

But instead of sending us a standard budget via email, we set a second meeting at our apartment so that he could see it, analyze possibilities and such – another opportunity to show more about his service and captivate the client right? Only in a third meeting he gave us a detailed budget already accompanied by an imagined layout for the apartment.

At that moment he showed that laziness, ill-will, and bad mood definitely did not match his job. And all this attention with us was a great differential!

Ah, another important point? Show updated with everything, having social network I think is essential. I do not know if it’s because I work with it, but I had to check his Instagram and Facebook.

Nosso apê: escolhendo arquiteto

Well, now we are finalizing the project! I still can not show details, but I’ll tell you more about these next steps …

Oh, and today’s photos were taken in my current apartment! I improvised a little corner to illustrate the post and already show you a little bit of the mood that I want at our new home. What about?