fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-1 fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-2 fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-3 fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-4 embroidered skirt fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-5 fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-6

I love those outfits in which we mix a little bit of everything and the result is amazing. If I describe the today’s look I guess it wouldn’t look so nice. A embroidered skirt, striped top, military green parka, red handbag and shoes and black and white glasses, it seems that nothing matches really well, right?

But it’s all looking good because of this gorgeous skirt from Zaful. That was the key piece of my outfit and that inspired the choice of the other pieces. If you take a look again you’ll notice that all the colors that appears on the look are also on the skirt. And I love that piece, is so beautiful. I’m really enjoying this trend full of embroidered pieces, floral and delicate details.

The military parka is from Renner an old piece, but that kind that is always good to have in the closet because they never go out of style. Also, it is great for those spring days where temperatures vary greatly.

Accessories with my cute little red bag from Farfetch, the ideal size and an amazing color that rocks any outfit.

top: FrontRowShop / skirt: Zaful / parka: Renner / bag: Farfetch / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Haute&Rebellious


fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-7 embroidered skirt

  • Emanuelle Sutil

    Olá essa marca Zaful entrega no Brasil, você compra sempre?

  • Carol

    Nossa! Esse parka é da renner? Queria tanto ♡♡♡♡

    • Aham, ela é de uma coleção passada, mas acho q eles sempre tem modelinhos assim! (:

      beijinho grande

  • Gabriela S. Padilha