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I’m finding it incredible how this season change made me want new colors. A mustard look blends perfectly with autumn right? I confess I do not like the orange color for clothes and accessories, but I love earthy tones. This mustard is in the middle between the two.

I have this jacket for some time, but as this is a color unusual for me I end up not wearing it that much. As my goal is to get out of that routine of always wearing the same pieces and giving a chance to something new, I bet on it for that outfit. It’s good to get out of my comfort zone!

The skirt was one of the pieces needing adjustments and stayed there for years. Yes, years! Finally I am giving life to the pieces that was stopped, some went to my online shop and others went to the seamstress. For being a leather skirt I thought it was worth keeping.

I really wanted to do a monochrome look, but I did not find any blouses in that color. So I used a neutral base with the nude blouse. Same thing with the shoe and the bag, I bet in light and neutral colors to leave the highlight in the skirt and the jacket. Although that’s a little bit different, did you like this color?

top: ANKURA / JAcket: ELLUS / skirt: Loft747 / bag: AMARO / sunglasses: ZEROUV / shoes: Amaro

Look Mostarda

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