look de outono

April brings a taste  of autumn to our days. Cooler mornings and nights, shorter days, blue skies and new colors in the landscapes. And if there’s a color I love in this new setting, it’s the one from the leaves that fall from the trees in a half-yellowish, half-brown tone. This is the inspiration for today’s look!

This blazer is from s econd hand store and I had never worn it. The color is simply beautiful and totally fits the season.

Although it did not need adjustments, it had huge shoulders and I kept it out of my closet. But since I have been into a cleaning closet and only keeping the pieces that I actually wear, trying not accumulating and giving a new destination to the one who stands still, I thought it was time to give a chance for the blazer. One of these days I decided to cut a piece of the lining myself and remove the shoulders. It was just that and I kept wondering why it took me so long to do it. The important thing is that it was ready just in time to wear it a lot this fall.

Back to the look, I thought of using it with a different color combination that came out a bit from the earthy tones. How about gray? It is neutral and works great with nude, brown and this fall color. I liked the idea so much that I wore gray on the tshirt and skirt.

In order not to leave the blazer isolated as the only piece in that color, I used the accessories to give more harmony. I chose Tutu‘s brown boot (thinks about a comfortable shoe!) and also a brown belt, so I distribute the color throughout the production. Hope you like it!

blazer: Brechó da neide / tshirt: Dafiti / sunglasses: Zerouv / jewelry: Pandora / boots: Tutu Sapatilhas

look de outono


    E a saia linda é de qual marca?

    • É da Gap, mas foi comprada em um brechó… já é antiga. ^^

  • Dai Borsatto

    Pura Inspiração este look! Amei!

  • Lidia

    I love the color of autum leaves too. These boots are beautiful!

  • Great colors! 😉