Estalagem St Hubertus

In June I was in Gramado with a few bloggers and Revista Caras to enjoy some winter days in the south of Brazil. I have not yet shown the result for you with the photos published in the magazine (yes!), but I fell so much in love with the hotel we were in that I felt that I needed to go back to take pictures of every detail. Stuff of who loves photography and already imagines thousand of pics in each place.

The Estalagem St Hubertus is simply amazing and honestly I have never felt like this, felt like home in a hotel. The decor is cozy and full of small details that make the places simply perfect for relaxing and, of course, photographing.

The name and inspiration of the hotel comes from the patron saint of hunters, so all the décor is themed. I fell in love with the bird books and the deer cushions. But I could spend a month there just enjoying every detail, every painting, every ornament.

In all the common areas of the hotel the view is spectacular, directly to the Lago Negro, an important spot at the city. It was a delight to stay there just enjoying the sunset from the various windows in the rooms of the hotel. Besides the structure, the whole service of the hotel is impeccable and we feel really pampered from the first minute.

I could end this post with several beautiful photos that would make you fall in love with the hotel too, but there are things that I have not photographed and I need to mention! If there is something that earns my heart it’s attention to the small details, those that could even be banal.

Waking up in the morning with the weather forecast on a cute little card under the door is something simple, but it leaves a discreet smile on your face. The hotel’s afternoon coffee has delicious snacks and natural flower arrangements that grace the entire lounge. The soundtrack in all environments is smooth, between a bossa nova and a jazz, and completes the experience. In the farewell, a bag with a little card wishing you a good trip, water and a bag with chocolate. How not to fall in love?

Estalagem St HubertusEstalagem St HubertusEstalagem St Hubertus

So is this hotel wonderful or not? Look, I did not even post all the photos we did there, some of them are for a very special job and that fills me with pride, but I promise to tell and show you more about it soon.

Hotel Estalagem St Hubertus 

R. da Carrieri, 974 – Planalto, Gramado – RS, 95670-000

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  • Patrícia Grance

    Que sonho de lugar! Gramado é linda!! Mas este hotel pra mim é novidade, na próxima com certeza irei conhecê-lo. <3

    • siiiiim, é dos sonhos! <3 Gramado e esse hotel são a combinação ideal! (:

      beijo grande