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Sometimes more is more, right? When I saw this top on Shoulder I knew it had to be mine! I don’t know exactly how but they managed to make the sequins even more incredible. Not just the natural glow of these little round little things, they still added a kind of sparkle on top that made the top even more wonderful and shiny. But it’s not that over thing, you know? It’s the perfect shine!

I also saw this same sequins in a dress at the store, it’s wonderful too with lace details. But I think I’m going to wear the rtop even more and I can already imagine day-to-day looks wearing it with jeans, blazer, the kind of piece that’s worth it.

Since we are in this golden mood, brightness, parties, I decided to bet on the long golden skirt too. It could be a little bit too much, but I think the mix of textures, the darker shades of gold and the perfect trim of the pieces made everything very chic.

At the accessories the higlight is that beautiful choker from Lulu’s. Very delicate and chic with leather bow and stones, to refresh the usual ones. The leopard clutch is the final touch!

top: Shoulder / skirt: Shoulder / chocker: Lulu’s / rings: Pandora


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