I love to see the photo albums of my childhood, photos of my parents when they were young, our family holidays, it is so good to have these memories to visit whenever you miss.

I’ve been thinking about the past few years and noticed that I do not have many printed photos, albums of recent events, or even photos of the most fantastic trips I’ve done.

Have you ever thought about the amount of photos we produce every day? Even those who do not have a blog make records of various moments of the day. But all these photos end up being forgotten in some computer drive, in the memory of the phone or at the most gain a space in our social networks right?

So I decided to start organizing my memories of the last years, trips, special photos. I printed a few travel photos I made last year and bought two cute albums. I did everything online on the Nicephotos website. Do you have any experience with this type of service?

Last year I made my first photo book with them, in a small size, just with some photos of me and Thiago. Now I decided to make a larger book with memories of me and Petite. Seriously, it’s the cutest album in my life and it made me so happy when I received that I decided to share everything with you!

Custom detail of the book: Me & Petite 

How not to love? I made the big classic photo book (30×22) with 23 pages and personalized cover. I found the size to be great, but it has other options of sizes and number of pages. I chose a whole formatting in black and white with geometric shapes. You can customize everything, add phrases, stickers.

With Petite I have several photos made with Canon with a really good quality, but even the photos with iphone were great in print. If the photo does not have quality Nicephotos itself already informs while you prepare the photo book.

I have chosen some of my favorite photos with Petite and I will always keep this memory of the happy moments that we live together!

I could post thousands of photos from the book’s photos! It’s so beautiful that now I want to show it to everyone who comes here at home. (:

Now I’m working to put together my travel photo album. I have some printed photos and I’ll show you the final result when it’s done.


Now Petite and I are going to see our photobook together once again! ^^