Dicas de fotografia

In our recent research to discover what kind of content you would like to see on the blog we found that photography tips were among the preferences. It actually took me too long to do this post, right? I always told you that one of the reasons I had a blog was my passion for photography that came long before fashion and it will be great to share a little more about our photos with you.

Today with all the looks du jour I spend more time in front of the camera, but I always find a way to create a photo or another of flat lay just to be able to photograph as well. All my outfit pictures are made by Thiago, my boyfriend. Did you know that ?!

He is a civil engineer and I have a law degree, we do not have any technical training in photography or some special technique. But I’ll share a little bit of what we’ve learned and how we make our photos for the blog. Let’s start with the basics, the camera we use and how we do the editing of the photos.

Which camera is used for out blog photos?

I need to start by saying that a good camera makes a difference in the results of the photos, but that’s not all. I think the differential comes in knowing how to make use of light, to compose the details, colors, angles. But that’s a topic for another post. The important thing is knowing that no one needs an expensive camera to make good pictures, okay?

I will not talk very technically about the cameras because my experience is more the basis of the practice, the daily use. But I will tell you about the 3 cameras that I have had and with which I have taken the photos of the blog until today.

When I started the blog, back in 2010, I wore a Nikon D40X. I wanted a camera that would change the lens, even though I did not know how to use it. But I confess it was an upgrade after those compact cameras that everyone had.

As the blog was growing I felt I needed a better camera and bought a Canon 50D used, more or less in 2012. And it was with that camera that I did almost all the photos of the blog until last year. I was able to buy it at a nice price and it’s not exactly an extraordinary camera, you know? But the result is there on the blog and does not let me lie that it can have good pictures.

Since June of last year we are using the Canon 6D, we took the trip to work to Miami to buy a new camera that had more quality, high ISO, a reasonable price, wi-fi and the option of videos (plans for a Youtube chanel!). 6D delivers all that and we feel a difference already in the first photos that we took in Miami. Currently this is our daily camera for all the photos and I love the results with it!

Which lens we use to take our pics?

Almost all of our photos are made with the 50mm lens. This is one of the cheaper lenses, but it has a nice blur that works well on street style photos. Now we are taking more indoor photos and we are already researching another lens to use in smaller environments. Anyone who has tips, I accept!

Are the instagram photos made with the cell phone camera?

No, almost all the photos that I post on instagram are made with the Canon 6D. Not only looks pictures that I also posted on the blog, but pictures of flat lays, details or Petite. Only at events, selfies or eventually I use the iphone camera. Although the quality of the pictures made with the cell phone are also good for internet posts, I confess that I feel a lot of difference in relation to the lens and other adjustments that the traditional camera allows.

(Yep, my screen is broken, hunf!)

With which program are the photos edited?

Everything about choosing the photos and editing is done by me. And at this point I must say that I’m not great with all the thousands of tools available. I use Photoshop, but only the basic features. Color correction, contrast, brightness, alignment, crop…

Currently along with Photoshop I have also used some apps in the iphone for editing, since the process is a little faster and intuitive. As the Canon 6D has wi-fi to download the photos directly on the mobile I can edit and post on social networks faster.

Dicas de fotografia

Which apps are used for editing on the iphone?

I have 3 photo editing apps on my phone and I will list them below in order of preference and frequency of use.

Snapseedmy favorite! I find it easy to use and has many tools that allow a more detailed and localized editing. It has some filters ready to apply to the photos, but my favorite features are the image adjustment part (atmosphere + high lights + shadows) and also the brush tool that allows lightening or darkening, change exposure, temperature and saturation at specific points . In summary is this, but Icould make a post only about Snapseed, cause I love it!

VSCO: this one everyone knows, right? I love the filters, sometimes a photo that seems lost ends up getting great with them. It’s basically the only tool I use in the app.

Enlight: there are some things that I do not know how to do in Photoshop but I know how to do it at this app and it makes life much easier. I confess that the part of filters and adjustments of color is not my favorite, but the tools to reform and repair the photo are just great. An example: sometimes in a photo of flat lat I need to erase some detail, let’s say my foot appears in the photo, with Enlight I can remove it easily. It allows you to freeze certain areas of the photo and so the tool only acts at the point you determine. I use especially for flat lay photos!

The apps icons are the ones below. The latest is the camera application to download the photos right on the phone!

We start with the basics: camera and editing. How about these photography tips showing a little bit more of our work? If you have any questions or special curiosity just write in the comments that I’ll answer in the next post.

Still about photography, have you seen my post about flat lay? Flat Lay – Six Tips for a Perfect Photo.

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  • Beatriz Tucunduva

    Adorei as dicas, duas fotos são muito lindas, podia dar mais dicas de como o Thiago tira as fotos e as poses.

    • Ahhh, vou tentar fazer mais posts com dicas, inclusive em relação aos looks! ^^

      brigadão <3

  • Patrícia Grance

    Legal as tuas dicas, ajudam muito na edição de fotos, que fazem toda diferença!!

  • Mila Cardoso

    Ameeei❤ Obrigaaada por ouvir teus leitores !!

  • Nice post dear 🙂

  • Oi, Flávia! Amei o seu post! Queria saber qual tipo de lente 50 vc usa, é 1.2, 1.4 ou 1.8?

    Obrigada, beijos :*

    • Oi Gerusa,

      Ah, é a 50mm 1.8! esqueci de mencionar no post!

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    As suas fotos são incríveis

    • Oi Diana, super obrigada! Fico contente que vc tenha gostado!

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    Adorei cada dica, vou baixar os app , beijão

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