My mother is super proud of every little thing I do. She always supported me even in my craziest dreams, like when I graduated in law and decided to create a blog! She keeps up with my work, comments on all the photos, talk about my blog with her friends and is always happy when I see myself fulfilled and happy.

But after we grow up we are the ones who are proud of our mothers, right? Impossible not to recognize all love and dedication for so many years. Life takes many turns, sometimes in ways that one can not imagine, but my mother has always been by my side – always! And I’m very lucky to be able to share all the important moments of my life with her.

So certainly this is one of the most special posts I’ve ever made. During all those years of blogging I had never done a Mother’s Day post, but I accepted Pandora‘s invitation to share with you a little bit of the pride and admiration I have for my mother, as well as taking beautiful pictures of moments to keep in my memory !

dia das mães

You can tell that the taste for fashion is something from my family, right? I know my mom loves to walk around the shopping mall and see the news so we started our day with a little shopping tour. Of course before we planned our looks together and it was so cool to share simple moments like that.

As always I wore that rosy tone that I love in a midi skirt and a warm and comfortable gray sweater. My mother wore a blazer that I love, also in baby pink and with some sparkle details, so beautiful! This is one of my favorite pieces in her wardrobe.

Then a stop at a coffee shop, with a lot of candies and a lot of talk. And shooting it all together was so much fun! In a way I still managed to show her a little bit of how our pictures works and how we do it. I think she liked it and it all made us even closer.

my outfit – sweater: Makenji / skirt: Forever21 / jewelry: pANDORA / shoes: Divalesi

dia das mães

This Sunday I want to print some of these photos to gift her along with some Pandora jewelry. A way to thank you with much love for all these years and also for this special day together.

I liked the result so much that here is my suggestion of gift for Mother’s Day: jewelry and pictures! They are two options that will last forever and will be kept with lots of love, handmade jewelry with a lot of dedication by Pandora and photos of cool moments that you can enjoy together. What about?

dia das mães

Thank you to Nações Shopping and Damas e Doces for the permission for the pictures.

  • Regiane Jordao

    Nossa ja procurei tanto essa saia rosa..

    • Ah, ela é linda! Vale até a pena mandar fazer uma assim <3

  • Patrícia Grance

    Flááááá!!! Que coisa mais rica e mais maravilhosa esses momentos!!! Sua mãe é uma Lady!!! Genteeee!!! A beleza e o bom gosto vem de família mesmo!!! <3
    Menina, vocês conseguiram me deixa emocionada aqui com este post tão lindo e esses olhares ternos!!! Tudo ficou perfeito nessas fotos, e até o flat lay na mesa ficou sensacional!!!
    Parabéns Flá! Essa relação é linda e traz cor ao mundo, merece muito ser compartilhada! Parabéns a Pandora também, eles acertaram e muito na escolha das modelos!!! <3 <3 <3

    Um Beijo e um abraço apertado pra vocês!!!

  • Bruna

    Fotos lindas!! <3

  • Priscila Lkt

    Lindas fotos, looks incriveis, sua mãe é linda ♥ Beijosss

  • Beautiful post!