Since that first post with tips for flat lay photos (haven’t read yet? Click here!) I didn’t stop producing new pictures. I’ve always told you that I’m really passionate about photography, and since I’m always in front of the cameras for the outfit posts, I think I found a way to make myself happy and inspired with the flat lays!

I have been taking several photos a week and I often end up not posting here on the blog or on my Instagram profile. So I created another profile just to post this kind of photo: @coolflatlays!

More than that, I have taken advantage of the coolflatlays account to share more about each photo, give tips and show in the stories the real-time production of the photos. Who saw me up the stairs last week while I  was taking pictures?

This photo down here I showed in the stories today, so you still have time to see a nice tip I gave there to keep the objects exactly where you want them to stay. I also shared about the inspiration that came all from this autumn, gray and melancholic day.


Also, now I can gather all my photos of flat lay in one place which makes it very easy for anyone looking for inspiration right?

And talking about inspiration, if you are also in love with this type of photography and have produced some flat lays out there tag @coolflatlays and use #coolflatlays so that we can create together a cool gallery to inspire more and more. I will love to see what you are producing and find new ideas and compositions.

Seriously, even if you are still a beginner and are taking their first steps in this addictive world of flat lays tag me there on instagram. Let’s learn and improve our photos together! (:


Ah, but if you don’t like to take pics, but enjoy some nice little things, beautiful shoes, incredible sunglasses and all of those things, go there too! At @coolflatlays I show several pieces that I have not yet shown on looks du jour.

Anyway, this new project is very special for me and I am very happy with every comment, every direct and every photo I get there.

Meanwhile, I’m producing a new post with tips for flat lay photos. There are some tricks and details that go beyond the basics you already find in my first post.

And if you have any specific questions about this type of photography and composition, this is the time to write to me! Leave it here in the comments that in the next post I will reply.

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