When I posted the 25 things about me the fact that really got attention was my height. As I said it always happens when someone meets me in real life and many people was suprised to know that I’m just 1.60m.

If you take a look at my pictures is easy to understand it. In most of they I look really tall, with long legs and skinny.

This is a combination of different things, involving styling tricks and also a photo trick. I received a lot of comments asking me to share some of those tips here. So I’ll start posting about how to look taller in photos and in the next weeks I’ll talk about the styling tips.

I found that old picture Ari took of me and Thiago while we were working in Curitiba. You may notice that Thiago position. That’s the best tip ever to look taller changing only the camera angle: the camera lens should be at the same height of your waist or below!

All our pictures are exactly in that angle. A low shooting position “streches” the model and gives the idea of looking taller.  It’s a simple detail, but it makes a big difference!

We took some picture of two looks to try to illustrate this tip. Take a look at the pictures below, the left one was photographed in a low shooting position, just like we always do here on the blog. The right one was taken from above, as if one were looking at me in the face:


tshirt: Dafiti / pants: Romwe / sunglasses: Asos / heels: Luiza Barcelos

Looking side by side the difference may seem very subtle, after all there are no miracles. But if you look at the two photos again, one at a time, you realize that the left of the picture seem to have a few centimeters more leg (can you see it?).


Since the goal was to show only the question of the angle I chose outfits with pants and midi skirt, because wearing a mini skirt legs is easy to have a super long leg and this is a topic for another post!


skirt: Choies / sunglasses: ZeroUV / heels: Schutz

Even with the midi skirt the idea is the same in the left picture if you look in the direction of the sandal until the skirt  it seems to have a few centimeters more leg showing, pure illusion as I’m wearing the same piece. Oh, and that skirt is absolutely gorgeous right?


It’s important to say that pictures taken from a really low shooting position may distort the image and also look a little completely unnatural. So you better try and practice the right height at your camera.

But it’s super simple right? Did you notice the difference? Do you also use this trick? If you have any other shares in the comments and I will love to know and learn!

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