black and white black and white

The hottest days are always the hardest when it comes to get dressed. With the high temperatures you can’t think too much, no overlays, third piece, which means that you have to keep it simple. But you can keep your style, even wearing only a few pieces.

Yesterday was one of those typical summer days. Moments before the storm, the sensation is even worse. My choice to face the day was this Inspireland dress. Lightweight fabric and straps. But it’s the little details that make it all so charming. Instead of the basic straps, two delicate bows. The shape and this tiny plaid pattern is pure love, right? There’s a kind of vintage thing about it that makes this dress even more charming.

And since the temperature did not allow any other piece of clothing, I wore the accessories in my favor. Remember that in the last post I talked about some new accessories to increase my summer hairstyles (I’m just varying between high bun and ponytail)? So, this headband with a little knot is one of those accessories that makes the look even sweeter. I bought a black and a baby pink one and I am loving it.

Another highlight of the look is the Rosegal bag. For a passionate by mix of prints like me this bag is heaven. Stripes + polka dots: it’s pure love!

dress: Inspireland / sunglasses ZeroUV / bag: Rosegal / flats: Vinci Shoes