autumn outfit autumn outfit

It has been a delight to finally be able to wear a sweater, a cardigan. Between evenings with temperatures that are still a little high, it’s possible to wear looks with more pieces and layers during the coolder and rainy nights. And here’s the best thing about it: layers!

In the summer we can hardly wear a simple top. But in the fall and in the winter you can invent and combine many more pieces and have layers. It has a super basic composition that I love, shirt under the sweater. To change a little bit I left the bottom of the shirt appearing under the sweater and I made a knot to ensure that the sweater would not cover the shirt. This way I also added an extra detail in the look.

From the shirt and the ccute sweater from As Marias I chose the other pieces and this rosy tone is never too much, right? Then I wore simple skirt, cause after all I needed the shirt to stay loose on top. And as if the overlay with the sweater was not enough I still wore a furry coat in the same tone, to get super girly.

Tutu’s cool shoes was my choice once again. Another accessory that made the difference is the Forever21’s headpiece, which makes the hairstyle more interesting and totally into that girly inspiration I wanted.

sweater: As Marias / coat: Dress Link / jewelry: PAndora / bag: Dumond / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Tutu

autumn outfit