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I love it when a piece inspires the whole look, almost instantly! That is what happened with this linen blazer with stripes from Shoulder. It’s the perfect piece for summer, light fabric, soft colour and the kind of piece you can still wear in a hot day.

As soon as I saw this blazer at the store I started imagine so many possibilities and the first one was this look du jour. The perfect combination for my Gap striped pants. nd since I love stripes, I added one more little piece with this pattern, the tshirt with vneck from AStars.

Three striped pieces in a single look can indeed work well, in harmony. All the pieces have softer colors and all of them have a more comfortable and relaxed vibe. And every pattern has stripes in different widths, which makes it more interesting.

With the clothes done it was time to choose the accessories and that the oxford from Inspection5 seems to have been made for this look. Ine more print for this outfit! Since the blue color appears subtly in all of them, I took another touch of color with Pandora jewelry. Blue appears both in the rings and in the charms of the Essence collection. Of course, I added many other rings to compose that mix I love.

And the final touch is this gorgeous hat from Chapéus25. I am already planning a post about this trend of hats with phrases, you have seen this out there too? The coolest thing is that it’s possible to customize and write what you want. I loved it and I guess I’ve got a new favorite hat for this summer.

blazer: Shoulder /  tshirt: Astars / calça: Gap / braceletes: Pandora / anéis: Pandora / chapéu: Chapéus25 / oxfords: Inspection5

fashioncoolture-08-09-2016-look-du-jour-shoulder-striped-summer look