You may have heard that the perfect accessory can transform any outfit. We believe that it is a big true and we are passionate about sunglasses, belts, handbags, jewelry, shoes, hats and sometimes we takes it all together in the same production! Some accessories are not actually necessary, but certainly add style when are well chosen. They can serve as a key piece and even as inspiration for a production. They are also great to take any outfit of sameness and give an instant up  basic combinations.

To show you how a good accessory is everything in a look, I chose some Flavia’s look du jour where they make all the difference:

GLASSES AND JEWELRY – A good pair of glasses makes any outfit more fashion. You can bet on more classic models or invest in more colorful ones and different options. The eyeglasses can also stand out as a fashion production item! And if before you had to choose just one earring, necklace or ring to gain prominence, now you can use all at once and mix colors and materials creating a mix with your style!

oculos-no-look-du-jour como-usar-bijuteria-no-look-blog-fashioncoolture



HATS AND BAGS – Many people still have doubts about how to wear a hat and even where to buy cool models. For being an accessory with more volume, even when he is alone already makes a nice difference. Start coordinating with the tones you already have on your outfit, so you gain the confidence to use more and more. The bags are almost always together with us, the tip here is to try out the basics and invest in them as another option to let outfit fashionable.

como-usar-chapeu-blog-fashion-coolture bolsas-na-producao-looks-flavia-linden



SHOES – No way, this accessory does not have to leave out of this topic. But what if the shoes was the high point in the entire production? Yes, it can be! A good exercise is to start your outfit matching the rest of the pieces with this accessory not the oposite like we usually do.




Tell us, which accessory cannot miss on your outfit?