The first great partner of the blog was a thrift store called Brechó da Neide. Back in 2010 when I was still learning about fashion and trying to find my style I discovered the store here in Criciúma. Between all those clothes I found some of the most incredible pieces of my wardrobe (look at that embroidered coat up there!) and 7 years later many of them remain among my favorites.

Neide was a great friend who believed in my work. Although her thrift store closed a few years ago and I miss it a lot, even today those pieces inspire me and taught me a lot of cool things during these years.

And since we have talked a lot about conscious consumption and about rethinking our  habits, I thought it was worth a special post here on the blog. I chose my 5 favorite pieces from Brechó da Neide – it was a difficult task because I only have a wonderful things from there! And if my precious ones do not conquer you, please take a look at those 5 reasons to buy in thrift stores:

comprar em brechó

1. Unique pieces

In thrift shops there are no repeated pieces so it may be a great chance to take home a unique piece. And there’s no better way of expressing ourselves than being singular.

Also, because they are not inspired by a certain trend, these pieces remain usable after years, they are not obsolete and we do not get sick after a few months (or weeks?) of use – something that usually happens at fast fashion clothes.

2. Quality

While in this fast fashion logistics the pieces do not need quality since they are discarded and replaced by others quickly, in thrift stores you find pieces of other decades when quality mattered – and a lot! Just look at the clothes composition and their flawless condition even after years of use.

And is there anything better than to be able to use as many times as you want the clothes you love and know that it will be there for many, many years?

3. Price

There are many types of thrift stores right? There are those super cool, full of vintage pieces and a nice curatorial – in which the price is usually a little higher – and there are others also full of incredible clothes and others not so much, but with a better price. And these are a paradise for those who like to search and save.

The joy of buying a wonderful piece for a lower price is inexplicable. Only those who buy at the thrift stores know that feeling!

4. Sustainability

Increasing the life cycle of a piece means giving a new chance to what would be discarded and avoiding the frantic consumption and production of new pieces. It’s so good to give new life to a piece that was once standing still. And this realization that what is not good for us can be very useful to others makes our choices much more human and conscious.

5. Fashion ideas

When buying in thrift stores I like to say that I see potential in the pieces. You know that coat that nobody cares when it’s there in the middle of the mess, but then you style it in a nice way and instantly the piece becomes a desire? Buy at thrift store is all about that! And there’s no better way to experiment, discover and test new styles.

When we buy at the mall, we are only assimilating the trends that are avaiable, making limited choices. But in a thrift store one must train the eye and learn to see this potential in the pieces. And this is incredible!

comprar em brechó

What did you think of my 5 favourite pieces from thrift store? Can you recognize some of them from my previous looks du jours? I love the embroidered coat, the black and white prints, the nude blazer and that red coat.

And tell me, how is your experience with thrift stores? Do you like, never been or prefer traditional stores?