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I already said on Instagram but I need to write also here on my blog that I’m so glad with all the positive comments I received about my new hairstyle. Really thank you for al the love, guys! I must confess that I was a little bit surprised about the amazing reaction of my readers. So if I still had any doubt about this change now I’m pretty sure that I made the right thing.

Since the first picture I posted I also received a lot of comments asking for more information about how I got this hair colour, or tips to be confident and decide to change and so many other details about my new hair. So I decided to share with you 5 facts about my hairstyle, take a look:

1. I decided to change but I thought about it for a longtime

It really took me some time to decide this, a few years I must say. I really wanted to do it, and I lookd for some different inspirations for the colour and the new lenght, but I gave up a few times when I was already at the salon chair. When I finally felt it was time to do it I was really confident about it.

2. Always look for a good professional

It’s really  important to choose a professional you really trust. I met Jhony last year when I was looking for a new hair salon. Since then I went there for a few times and I realized that he would be the right one to make that change I wanted with a good and especially healthy way for my hair. For readers that live near Criciuma I totally recommend it.

3. What I used to dye my hair.

It was a mix with Majirel coloring L’Oreal 8.34 + 6.34 to get the shade of red I wanted. I collected a few inspirations and Jhony made everything. I knew that I wanted something more natural, not really a vibrant red hair. And it worked, I loved it!

4. Always changing

Every time I wash my hair I find a new color, it’s always changing. I think it’s somthing I notice more than anyone else, I don’t know if it’s something really significant, but it’s gradualy changing. In the early days it was more into a red shade, now is a little bit brown and the tips are beginning to get the ombré effect again. I predict that I’ll need to retouch everything really soon.

5. The consequences. 

I must confess that I’m not really open to changes. It’s hard for me to try new things, it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about food or new places or anything else, new things scares me. But I need to say: it’s sooo amazing when you do it, when you really change something, you know?! It’s just a new lenght and a new colour but totally made me think out of the box.

Besides the new colours of my outfits and also a new style, more classy, I guess, I also changed my make up. For example, my eyebrows are not that black anymore, I’m trying to keep it more soft and more natural. And there’s a lisptick from NYX called Euro Trash, I guess this one was made for me and my shade of red hair, I haven’t tried any other colur yet (I know I should, but it’s hard!).

That’s it! If you have any more questions or doubts about my new hairstyle just leave me a comment, ok?

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  • Lola Ribeiro

    Seu cabelo ficou perfeito! Sabe se ele usou 1 tubo inteiro de cada tinta ou se usou uma mais que a outra?

    • não sei, não reparei pq já veio pronto no potinho, sabe? acho que só ele vai saber responder mesmo ^^

  • Christiane Okamoto

    Oi Flávia, vc sabe se ele descoloriu o seu cabelo antes, ou só aplicou por cima mesmo?

    • Não tenho certeza, mas se foi descolorido foi algo junto com a tinta, pois foi só uma aplicação sabe?

  • Gabriella

    Olá! Achei lindo seu novo corte de cabelo! Como é o nome dele? O corte dele é reto ou repicado atras?