Some people say that the blazer is a trend right now, but for us it was never outdated, it’s a classic! If we could now choose some essential pieces for your wardrobe, no doubt a good blazer would be one of them. It’s that kind of investment that you can do without fear, because you will always count on it when you need to improve your outfit with style. Flávia loves a blazer and if you notice, she uses that trick all the time on her outfits.

Many people still think about blazer only for more formal occasions or link the piece directly and exclusively to work looks. Although it really makes a difference when the goal is to wear something aligned, it can (and should!) leave only this scenery and be included in your routine for any occasion.

There are several types of blazer, but there is no model or limit of its infinity of possibilities in the day to day. It’s worth to play and experience in new ways what you already have in your wardrobe, to borrow one from your mother or grandmother to create a vintage outfit or even a piece of your father or boyfriend to bet on a more oversized combination.

To show you how the blazer can be more versatile than you think and create incredible productions, I chose 10 blazer outfits from Look Du Jour to inspire you:

1. Velvet blazer outfit = classic + trend! More details here.

2. A neutral color blazer like gray provides many combinations. More details here.

3. Have you tried wearing a blazer with dress? More details here.

4. Using blazer as a suit! <3 More details here.

5. Vintage blazer updated for a modern look. More details here.

6.The same vintage blazer in a purpose to day to day. More details here.

7. It can also keep you warm (with style!) in a suddenly cold weather. More details here.

8. The longer blazer is great for the silhouette . More details here.

9. Of course you can not miss a boyish look with a blazer! More details here.

10. A colorful blazer breaks the seriousness of the piece. More details here.

Did you like these ideas? Keep trying new combinations everyday. We are sure that the blazer will also be part of your favourite pieces from now on.