Flávia already told about her passion for neutral color several times here, but lately the gray outfits gain more and more space on the look du jour. And there is a reason for this, gray is a color that wears very well in any season and provides a lot of combinations for all styles.

And the advantages do not end there! You will hardly get sick of a color like gray because even in a monochrome outfit it is subtle and elegant. When mixed with other colors the result can beyond be a creativity exercise, it may surprise you.

But if after all you still think that gray is a lifeless color, keep reading this post. I selected 10 amazing gray outfits that Flávia already showed on the blog to show you that color may be more interesting than you ever imagine! Look that:

1. Gray and black with texture mix. More details here.

2. Combined with metallized. More details here.

3. In layers and overlays. More details here.

4. Gray and earthy tones. More details here.

5. With silver and gold. More details here.

6. Beyond the t-shirt. More details here.

7. With nude, another neutral color. More details here.

8. Gray in prints. More details here.

9. With baby pink. More details here.

10. Monochrome. More details here.

I bet you already wanted to hurry to put some ideas into practice! After so much inspiration it is impossible not to fall in love with the gray too <3

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sequined jacket sequined jacket sequined jacket

Is there anything more beautiful than sequins during the day? I know that there is always a certain fear in wearing a sequined piece in the light of day, but these little things were made to shine, right? So it’s worth risking one look or another because the result is simply incredible.

This jacket I wore has a very discreet colour in gold with mini sequins. The model of the jacket, kinda biker is just perfect and makes it look casual. Another good trick to make the look more day to day is to wear a basic tshirt. I chose this gray one that I love and it has a rocker vibe.

The skirt is my one of my favourites ever and has appeared in a few looks, maybe hundreds. I love the rosy tone and this model is very light and with a nice shape. A good contrast to the jacket and tshirt, I love those mix of pieces.

Last but not least the choice of accessories was also essential for the result. The gray velvet bag harmonizes with the tshirt and the Cravo e Canela boots is a great idea. I love this option with heels to give an elongated look. Hope to inspire you to try a sequined piece for the day!

jacket: Lovers + Friends / tshirt: Dafiti / skirt: Minusey / boots: Cravo & Canela

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mini saia e tshirt

Holiday with an easy look but with focus on details! Mini skirt and tshirt have no mistake right? I chose a cute tshirt with a velvet detail in the heart and I must say that this piece is awesome. Besides being a cutie the price was just perfect. I do not usually mention prices here, but I thought it was worth sharing this tip this time.

But my favorite part of the look is really the accessories. The wine velvet bag is funny, with the vampire detail and mini size exactly like I like it.

And the bat flats won my heart. I think I’m kind of obsessed with bags and shoes with animals, they’re so cute. I wore it with the fishet socks to keep the focus on it.

tshirt: Dafiti / skirt: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZEROUV / bag: Dafiti / flats: Dafiti

mini saia e tshirt

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boyish boyish

I love this boyish style and who follows the blog since the beginning may remember the many looks that I used to post here with bow ties, blazer, etc. I love this proposal especially when there are unusual pieces in the composition. I remember a look with a white shirt, a tie and a pink blazer to rock it. This time, I bet on the sequined cardigan to make it work.

The white shirt with black bow is classic, it’s from Pop Up and I’ve been wearing it a lot. The leather shorts also from the brand was a find. They have small sizes and fits perfectly, a good choice for those who find it difficult to find pants and shorts in small size. No need to adjust!

The highlight is all for the sequined cardigan. How not to love it? Perfect shape, comfortable and a discreet brightness. Note that you can use this easy in chic looks or day to day outfits.

To complete I used my boots from Cravo & Canela. I love that it is varnish and I’m completely in love with varnish accessories right now. The best thing is that it is very comfortable, I wore it for the first time in Gramado and it has been a great choice in my fall looks.

cardigan: Pop Up Store / shirt: Pop Up Store / shorts: Pop Up Store / bag: Dafiti / boots: Cravo & Canela


bota de verniz

This black and gray look has that mix of textures that makes everything more interesting. I love monochromatic looks, but in productions with darker shades I find it essential to work these variations to totally rock it.

I wore the Shoulder’s tricot tshirt with the asymmetric plaid wool skirt and I confess that I liked it so much that I even took some photos without the jacket. I love this tshirt modeling made in tricot, with round neck and thick fabric. I wore the gray boyfriend blazer also from Shoulder to keep me warm.

In the accessories that mixture of shiny x opaque. The bag and the boots were my choices. The Tutu boots are new here and it has won my heart, that comfortable basics that is always a good option for winter.

The fishnet tight brings another “pattern” for the production. I also love the fishnet mixed with varnish accessories. Finally, my already usual black boater hat, I love it! How about this basic and interesting look to start the week really well?

top: Shoulder / blazer: Shoulder / skirt: rOMWE / bag: Dafiti / boots: Tutu

bota de verniz

look mostardalook mostarda

This year I discovered a new color to love! It all started when I bought a mustard trouser that you may have seen in several looks around here. The color is somewhat vibrant and looks beautiful combined with earthy tones, gray, off white and so many others. Some of my favorite outfits this year involves that mustard color.

So I was looking for new pieces in that color to increase my options and I found this skirt (actually a skort) at Renner last week. It is a little more “yellowish” than the pants, but it is beautiful! Plus, it’s velvet and has front pockets and I love pockets.

I wore with a neutral sweater and a leopard printed jacket. I have not worn the print for some time, but I love it and it always rocks.

I used it with the Legaspi bag in caramel leather, I love this shape – it’s so chic! Other accessories worth mentioning are the wooden Tempus watch, with rosé visor and fully adjustable, perfect for those who have a tiny wrist. Last but not least Cravo & Canela boots that has turned out to be super versatile, it looks like this color goes with everything!

skirt: Renner / jacket: Romwe / bag: Legaspi / sunglasses: ZeroUV / watch: Tempus / boots: Cravo&Canela

look mostarda


I love to see the photo albums of my childhood, photos of my parents when they were young, our family holidays, it is so good to have these memories to visit whenever you miss.

I’ve been thinking about the past few years and noticed that I do not have many printed photos, albums of recent events, or even photos of the most fantastic trips I’ve done.

Have you ever thought about the amount of photos we produce every day? Even those who do not have a blog make records of various moments of the day. But all these photos end up being forgotten in some computer drive, in the memory of the phone or at the most gain a space in our social networks right?

So I decided to start organizing my memories of the last years, trips, special photos. I printed a few travel photos I made last year and bought two cute albums. I did everything online on the Nicephotos website. Do you have any experience with this type of service?

Last year I made my first photo book with them, in a small size, just with some photos of me and Thiago. Now I decided to make a larger book with memories of me and Petite. Seriously, it’s the cutest album in my life and it made me so happy when I received that I decided to share everything with you!

Custom detail of the book: Me & Petite 

How not to love? I made the big classic photo book (30×22) with 23 pages and personalized cover. I found the size to be great, but it has other options of sizes and number of pages. I chose a whole formatting in black and white with geometric shapes. You can customize everything, add phrases, stickers.

With Petite I have several photos made with Canon with a really good quality, but even the photos with iphone were great in print. If the photo does not have quality Nicephotos itself already informs while you prepare the photo book.

I have chosen some of my favorite photos with Petite and I will always keep this memory of the happy moments that we live together!

I could post thousands of photos from the book’s photos! It’s so beautiful that now I want to show it to everyone who comes here at home. (:

Now I’m working to put together my travel photo album. I have some printed photos and I’ll show you the final result when it’s done.


Now Petite and I are going to see our photobook together once again! ^^


velvet lace up boots

How do you create your looks? I usually choose a piece to start and it inspires all the others, I always need a starting point, you know? It can be a skirt, a tshirt or an accessory. On today’s look I confess that the inspiration came from that velvet boot. It’s hard not to love it: velvet, pink, lace up and with velvet ribbon… and the best: it is comfortable! I had seen the boot in Suzana Santos’ catalog and I was too happy to see that it sells on Dafiti.

In fact, the look is all from Dafiti. I wore a cute gray tshirt, written “Miss You,” and pink skirt in a nice suede-like fabric. Since it is cold and can not escape wearing a jacket, I chose a super stylish Colcci jacket, metallized and textured. The jacket has a removable hood and this time I thought it did not match much and I removed it.

Accessories with Santa Lolla bag that already appeared in other looks around here and promises to keep showing up because I liked it too much. (:

jacket: Colcci (Dafiti) / tshirt: MRC (Dafiti) / skirt: Handbook (Dafiti) / bag: Santa Lolla (Dafiti) / boots: Suzana Santos (Dafiti)

velvet lace up boots