fashioncoolture-leopard-print-jacket-flatform-1fashioncoolture-leopard-print-jacket-flatform-2 fashioncoolture-leopard-print-jacket-flatform-3fashioncoolture-leopard-print-jacket-flatform-4fashioncoolture-leopard-print-jacket-flatform-5 fashioncoolture-leopard-print-jacket-flatform-5 fashioncoolture-leopard-print-jacket-flatform-6

I’m totally addicted to girly look and even a leopard jacket can be a inspiration for a feminine and delicate outfit. I’m wearing some soft tones, nude and baby pink and a tulle skirt from Minusey that I love, it’s definetely one of my favourites.

Also wearing this nude top from Ankura and I love that fabric, the shape and the cut out details. I must say that the brand is really awesome, one of those we are proud to support. They work with natural fabrics from Peru in a sustainable way. They also work with local people creating better job opportunities with fair wages and promotes responsible and ethical practices.

Finally, I’m wearing this gorgeous leopard jacket that you’re probably going to see me wearing a lot!

Accessories with a cute mini bag, cat eyes sunglasses and this comfy and cool flatform oxford from Luiza Barcelos.

skirt: Minusey / top: Ankura / jacket: Romwe / bag: Choies / shoes: Luiza Barcelos


FashionCooltureShop -lojinha-blog-fashioncoolture-criciuma-sc

November is FashionCooltureShop’s month! If you are from Brazil and are reading this post in English, I definetely recommend you to check the portuguese version just clicking here or on the gray little button on the top left “PT” to know more about our physical and temporary store. And for the international readers I hope you like to see a little bit of our event happening once again.

fashioncoolture-26-10-2016-look-du-jour-shoulder-long-dress-1fashioncoolture-26-10-2016-look-du-jour-shoulder-long-dress-2fashioncoolture-26-10-2016-look-du-jour-shoulder-long-dress-3 fashioncoolture-26-10-2016-look-du-jour-shoulder-long-dress-4fashioncoolture-shoulder-long-dress

A few days ago I saw this gorgeous dress at Shoulder store. I instantly thought about this look, kinda rocker with many accessories and some black eyes. I can’t remember the last time I tried those black smoke eyes. That was my basic make up on the first years here on the blog, anyone remember that?

The fact is that even though I have been wearing a lot of girly looks lately there’s still some place for rocker looks and there will always have. It feels grat to wear something different and this dress is just amazing. First of all because I love ombré effect. And if you look closer you can see the tiny stripes. So we have two of my passions in the same piece.

So I just added 3 necklaces with different lenghts, a chocker, a short one and the long version. I love this mix. Also wearing a leopard printed clutch, the perfect final touch for a rocker look, right?

dress: Shoulder / necklace: Shoulder




When I posted the 25 things about me the fact that really got attention was my height. As I said it always happens when someone meets me in real life and many people was suprised to know that I’m just 1.60m.

If you take a look at my pictures is easy to understand it. In most of they I look really tall, with long legs and skinny.

This is a combination of different things, involving styling tricks and also a photo trick. I received a lot of comments asking me to share some of those tips here. So I’ll start posting about how to look taller in photos and in the next weeks I’ll talk about the styling tips.

I found that old picture Ari took of me and Thiago while we were working in Curitiba. You may notice that Thiago position. That’s the best tip ever to look taller changing only the camera angle: the camera lens should be at the same height of your waist or below!

All our pictures are exactly in that angle. A low shooting position “streches” the model and gives the idea of looking taller.  It’s a simple detail, but it makes a big difference!

We took some picture of two looks to try to illustrate this tip. Take a look at the pictures below, the left one was photographed in a low shooting position, just like we always do here on the blog. The right one was taken from above, as if one were looking at me in the face:


tshirt: Dafiti / pants: Romwe / sunglasses: Asos / heels: Luiza Barcelos

Looking side by side the difference may seem very subtle, after all there are no miracles. But if you look at the two photos again, one at a time, you realize that the left of the picture seem to have a few centimeters more leg (can you see it?).


Since the goal was to show only the question of the angle I chose outfits with pants and midi skirt, because wearing a mini skirt legs is easy to have a super long leg and this is a topic for another post!


skirt: Choies / sunglasses: ZeroUV / heels: Schutz

Even with the midi skirt the idea is the same in the left picture if you look in the direction of the sandal until the skirt  it seems to have a few centimeters more leg showing, pure illusion as I’m wearing the same piece. Oh, and that skirt is absolutely gorgeous right?


It’s important to say that pictures taken from a really low shooting position may distort the image and also look a little completely unnatural. So you better try and practice the right height at your camera.

But it’s super simple right? Did you notice the difference? Do you also use this trick? If you have any other shares in the comments and I will love to know and learn!

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Weekend with some casual outfits and I enjoyed the sunny days to take some pictures of my look to share with you. I posted on Instagram and I’ll try to post more looks there, so keep and eye on @fashioncoolture.

I got this mule loafer from Carrano and I could not wait to wear it. I chose a monochromatic gray outfit and all the attention goes to the metallic shoes and mirrored sunglasses.

TOP: RENNER / CARDIGAN: RELIGION / sunglasses: EMBLEM EYEWEAR / shoes: Carrano

Hello sunday! ☺️ all gray outfit and mirrored sunglasses!

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Sunday wearing an all denim outfit from head to shoes. I wore my new flatform from Luzia Barcelos that I posted about here. This scalloped skirt from Lulu’s is one of my favourites. And the Gap denim jacket is such a classic.


All denim! 💙 have a lovely weekend, guys!

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The pink color began a little shy, but gradually was invading the runways and looks on the streets. Pantone had already signaled that this would be the year of color, but it seems that only now that it appeared a lot. You can choose your favorite tone to wear. We’re loving this trend as you can see in this cute Flávia’s outfit, so we decided to put together a special wishlist on the subject. To learn more about your favorite items just click on the “+” on the products or the links at the end of the post.

+ Cute t-shirt for anytime.
+ Nice glasses to add on the outfit.
+ Stripes on sweaters are never to much!
+ Crimped and stylish skirt.
+ Pink double buckle belt.
+ Combo for a pop of color on lips and cheeks.
+ Dream bag consumption.
+ Funny flamingo inflatable.
+ Glitter shoes because we love it.
+ Trend glasses with flat lenses.

fashioncoolture-flower-embroidered-top-10 fashioncoolture-flower-embroidered-top-2 fashioncoolture-flower-embroidered-top-3 fashioncoolture-flower-embroidered-top-4 fashioncoolture-flower-embroidered-top-5

I guess everyone wake up sometimes feeling a little bit like Carrie Bradshaw, right? In my case this is quite common, I am in love with her looks and tulle skirts. So needless to say where comes the inspiration for today’s look.

The starting point for this outfit was the floral embroidered top from Zaful. It’s the kind of piece that makes my eyes shine. With beautiful embroidery, lots of flowers and colors and a see through fabric. I chose to use it in an overlay. Here comes another cool element: the textures mix. To enhance the look I opted for a leather top of Colcci,  instead the basic cotton tshirt option.

The tulle skirt is just the best part of it! I tried the top with other skirt options in more discreet outfits, but if you can wear fashion in a funny way, why not? Some days I feel like wearing tulle skirt to go to the bakery!

Since the aim point was a fun and inspiring look I chose some great accessories. More is more! The red bag gives even more prominence to the embroidery. Finally, a black boot that gives rocker look and replaces the traditional scarpin or obvious high heels sandal.

top: Zaful / leather tshirt: Colcci / saia: Space 46 boutique / bolsa: Farfetch / sapato: Jorge Bischoff



The end of the year is just around the corner and it’s time to get ready for the next FashionCooltureShop! We’re really excited for it and already have the days of the next edition on our schedule.

So if you’re from Brazil I would definetely recommend you to check the portuguese version of this post (just click on the gray little button on the top left). And for my international readers I hope you like to see a little bit of our local shop happening once again.

striped: DRESS LILY / denim: Luiza Barcelos / black: Ramarim / oxford: Luiza Barcelos

I must confess that I didn’t fall in love at first sight with the flatforms trend, as you may have noticed on look du jour. At first the shoes look a little bit heavy for me, and I’m not talking about the weight, is the visual thing. I usualy prefer more delicate shoes.

But I can’t deny, this shoes are sooo comfy. It’s wonderful to wear high heels and still feel confortable. So that’s the main point of those shoes for me.

After a some time I have noticed that some flatforms can look good and I finally have a few ones to call mine. I may say that my favourites are the sneakers or oxfords, I definetely don’t sandals with flatforms. There’s only one that I have see and I added to my wishlist but I’ll talk about it later.

But back to my favourites: this blue one it’s probably my favourite for summer. It’s perfect to wear with denim, with the straw details and it’s so comfy. This one is from Luiza Barcelos and the brand have some great options.

Shop now

The striped one from the picture below is pure love! Do you know when you find a piece that look like it was made specially for you? So that’s it, stripes and black&white the perfect mix. I already wore it in a recent look du jour, right here!

The only bad thing about it it’s the fact that it’s from an online store, Dress Lily and it’s not avaiable in all sizes. I’m size 37 in Brazil and it’s the biggest one they have, so some girls might not find it in their sizes.

The other flatform from Luiza Barcelos on that first picture, the off white oxford, I wore in Curitiba and posted here! This is a classic one, right? I love oxfords no matter what and this leather one is a perfect choice.

Last one, th e black shoes from Ramarim I still haven’t take some pictures but I wore it a lot on my daily routine. It’s really comfy and I love the leather bow and the white soles. Soon I’ll take a few pictures wearing it for look du jour.

You can find some great options online and also on fast fashions. I have been waiting for a special one I saw on the Preview Renner in São Paulo last month. The pineaple shoes is one of my favourites and I can’t wait to see it avaiable on stores. I’ll keep an eye on it!


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Pra colorir o dia cinzento look vermelho e sapatinho novo lindo e confortável da @luizabarcelos pra dar uma voltinha no museu! ❤️

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Last Thursday I went in Curitiba for a few days and decided to do some photos in one of my favorite cities. I shared some pictures there on Instagram (@fashioncoolture) and I liked it so much that I had to share here.

Even though it was a rainy and gray day I must confess that I fell in love with the city once again. It always feel great to be there.

I took the opportunity to visit the Museu Oscar Niemeyer one of the most iconic sights of the city, right? It was  for a long time on my list of places to visit and finally got some time to go there. The museum’s architecture speaks for itself, simply amazing, and the collection is also super cool. So if you’re going to  the city don’t miss the MON.



Even though it was a short visit to Curitiba I had to go to the Jardim Botânico once again. It’s my favourite place in the city, so gorgoeus and with beautiful gardens. I took a few pictures there for a special post that will be live soon. Can’t wait to share with you.

Visitinha rápida em Curitiba tem que ter foto no Jardim Botânico ❤️ amo essa cidade!

Uma foto publicada por Fashion Coolture (@fashioncoolture) em

I’m already looking forward to my next visit to Curitiba! Can’t wait to have a chance to visit one of my favourite cities in Brazil.


fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-1 fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-2 fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-3 fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-4 embroidered skirt fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-5 fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-6

I love those outfits in which we mix a little bit of everything and the result is amazing. If I describe the today’s look I guess it wouldn’t look so nice. A embroidered skirt, striped top, military green parka, red handbag and shoes and black and white glasses, it seems that nothing matches really well, right?

But it’s all looking good because of this gorgeous skirt from Zaful. That was the key piece of my outfit and that inspired the choice of the other pieces. If you take a look again you’ll notice that all the colors that appears on the look are also on the skirt. And I love that piece, is so beautiful. I’m really enjoying this trend full of embroidered pieces, floral and delicate details.

The military parka is from Renner an old piece, but that kind that is always good to have in the closet because they never go out of style. Also, it is great for those spring days where temperatures vary greatly.

Accessories with my cute little red bag from Farfetch, the ideal size and an amazing color that rocks any outfit.

top: FrontRowShop / skirt: Zaful / parka: Renner / bag: Farfetch / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Haute&Rebellious


fashioncoolture-17-10-2016-look-du-jour-military-green-beaded-skirt-7 embroidered skirt


We already talked about the off the shoulder trend here, what we did not expect was over this new option: the off the shoulder jacket! Yep! Differently of the on the shoulder jacket (that is beautiful, but not always practical) the new trend join a classic jacket with another hit and create this piece nothing obvious.

The off the shoulder jacket itself is stylish. Best of all is that it can be combined with any basic piece as a jeans, for example, to make all the difference. The lap on display is even more charming with scarves, necklaces and chokers. Just take a look at how it is amazing in these outfits:

jaqueta-ombro-a-ombro-blog-fashion-coolture off-the-shoulder-jacket-trend-fashioncoolture-blog

Camila | Bec + Marissa | Jenny | Helen | Jessi

In the market there are still a few options, but soon we will probably find in fast fashion too. One of the brands that invested in strong model was Faith Connexion, prices are high, but the jackets are incredible!


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