Since the beggining of the blog I wrote just a few things about me here. I never wanted FashionCoolture to be a personal diary, I wanted to share outfits and beautiful pictures to inspire people. But I loved the idea of a special post with 25 things you don’t know about me. I guess I have some surprising facts to share with you, take look:

1. I love my name and surname: Flávia Desgranges van der Linden. The first is of French origin and the second Dutch.

2. I am short, I have only 1,59m. And whenever people find me they comment that they really thought I was much higher because of the photos (it’s all about a good trick!).

3. I’m always – ALWAYS – with eyeliner! I admit that not even to sleep I remove it.


4. My favorite ice cream is mint with chocolate, I love it!

5. My boyfriend and photographer, Thiago, was my English teacher.

6. I started taking pictures as a way to scape boredom and loneliness, as I had just moved to Criciuma and didn’t know anyone. It was a way of recording days that previously passed in blank.

7. I graduated in Law in late 2009, but have never exercised law, since at the beginning of 2010 I created the blog.

8. My favorite singer is Ella Fitzgerald.

9. I am from Minas Gerais, I was born in Belo Horizonte and lived there until the age of 17. Now I live in Criciúma, Santa Catarina.

10. I love piano, I find the sound and the movements simply beautiful. I’ve done lessons, but I definitely lack in skills.

11. I am very shy! Who sees me here in the blog pousing comfortly for the pictures can not imagine how shy I am personally.

12. I have no great culinary skills, but my lasagne has a great reputation- at least in my family!

13. I hate the smell and taste of any alcoholic drink.

14. I loved to draw, I have folders and more folders full of drawings.

15. I have phases with things, it can be a food or a particular artist, I am very obsessive for a while and then it passes.

16. As a child I thought I was different, had come from another planet and that if one day I did a blood test or X-ray people would figure it out. It was the biggest disappointment when I discovered that I was “normal”.

17. I love perfumes, creams, candles, anything with good smell.

18. I always change clothes in the car to photograph for the blog and I have developed a great technique.

19. I love jazz and bossa nova.

20. The best trip of my life was at the beginning of the year with Thiago, we went to Milan, Paris and Amsterdam.


21. I’ve always been very thin and hated the classic childhood nicknames, like Olivia Palito, skeleton, etc.

22. My memory is terrible and I’m always losing things, I can not remember the people and not even important moments of my life.

23. I loved listening to music while walking down the street thinking that it was the soundtrack to the movie of my life, almost always the film was French and a drama.

24. I like my job so much that since 2010 I have never really disconnected from FashionCoolture for more than 2 days.

25. I love dog and the passion of my life is the Petite (but I think that you already know it, right?).

Hope you liked to know a little bit more about me! Is there any specific fact that surprised you the most? Iwould lvoe to hear from you, guys!

fashioncoolture-26-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-romper-polka-dots-shirt-striped-shoes-1 fashioncoolture-26-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-romper-polka-dots-shirt-striped-shoes-2 fashioncoolture-26-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-romper-polka-dots-shirt-striped-shoes-3 fashioncoolture-26-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-romper-polka-dots-shirt-striped-shoes-4 fashioncoolture-26-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-romper-polka-dots-shirt-striped-shoes-5 fashioncoolture-26-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-romper-polka-dots-shirt-striped-shoes-6 fashioncoolture-26-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-romper-polka-dots-shirt-striped-shoes-7

Today’s look du jour is all about prints and with a great tip on how to mix all of them. I chose some pieces that shares the same colour, in this case is blue and white. When you focus on pieces with the same colour you can mix not only one, but as many different prints as you want. And if you’re starting on this mix things you can always start with black and white.

I chose my old floral romper from Motel Rocks and wore it with a polka dots shirt. It’s a casual and simple outfit but with those great little details that makes all the diference. Both are old pieces and it feels great to wear them in a new way. I liked this combination so much that I had to add a few other prints, more is more!

So I also wore my striped shoes from Esdra and another polka dots prints with my Seanite bag. Yes, we have stripes + floral + dots! Also wearing my classic boater hat from Asos and ZeroUV sunglasses.

romper: Motel Rocks / shirt: Dafiti / bag: Seanite / sunglasses: ZeroUV / hat: Asos / shoes: Esdra



I’m still working on my closet to sell most of my pieces! I have to many things and not that much space, so while we are preparing our next FashionCooltureShop here in Criciúma I’m selling my pieces online (for Brazil only, at least for now!).

But I love to share all the news with you so here is a few of our last updates. Every week we add new pieces there and still have so many more to come. Do you remember those outfits below? (missing my long hair!)


fashioncoolture-22-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-and-stripes-1 fashioncoolture-22-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-and-stripes-2 fashioncoolture-22-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-and-stripes-3 fashioncoolture-22-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-and-stripes-4 fashioncoolture-22-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-and-stripes-5 fashioncoolture-22-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-and-stripes-6 preppy look

Recently I posted here about how I’m adapting the trend of the sleep dress with tshirt for my style, using the classic white shirt with a dress from SlyWear. I liked so much the result of that look that I decided to try more variations of this idea with more layers.

I wore the white shirt as a basis for the floral romper from SlyWear. It’s a piece that works very well alone, the print is beautiful, light fabric and a touch of color in the black flora. But I decided to increase the look and thought that the white shirt would work very well. Another detail: I got a little ribbon to use as black bow at the shirt!

I could have stopped there, but I just imagined a mix of prints and added a cardigan with black and white stripes perfectly that totally works with the floral on the romper.

Since the look has a preppy inspiration I chose my shoes from Carel, a super classical model. And I was really excited to try it with white socks, it’s different but I kinda like this school vibes. I must say that is not a easy styling and it may not work well for everybody but I loved it!

romper: SlyWear / shirt: Romwe / bag: Macadâmia / sunglasses: Asos /shoes: Carel

fashioncoolture-22-09-2016-look-du-jour-mix-of-prints-floral-and-stripes-7 preppy look



Do you believe in fashion rules? Here we think that the term itself sounds very strange, because something that should be fun and liberating does not fit much with right and wrong, limiting choices or anything that make us insecure in relation to the way we dress, right?

The Refinery 29 site also believes that fashion is made to celebrate the individuality and personal choices and has just released – not by accident while the fashion weeks are happening around the world – the F*uck The Fashion Rules, an overview of fashion rules they believe doesn’t make sense anymore. We loved the selection and we took 15 of the 29 rules to share our opinion here:

That was a rule that always appeared in magazines and styling tips, but now it’s totally outdated if you create the outfit thinking that everything has its purpose and more elaborate productions tend to reflect personality and creativity.

If in the past printed clothes could only be combined with basic or one color pieces, today stripes are mixed with floral, floral join stripes and out of these nothing obvious mixtures comes more and more incredible looks.


What would women’s clothes be? Dresses, skirts? Clothes are clothes! Thankfully we have evolved and we can use all kind of pieces and trends as boyish outfits help spread the experimentation.

Nowadays there is nothing that can not be shown, it all depends. The bra gained modern versions to be shown and even to be a stylish item in the production.


Until recently the rule was to enhance the good and hide the bad. But who defines what to show or not is just one person  … you!

If before women had to be female by simply being a woman, today we have a lot of options and shapes to choose and wear what we feel better with. A Thanks to the oversized and comfort too!

Makes you fat! Ok, they can even create the illusion of perspective, but don’t stop trying, use stripe in the direction you want if you feel good! We have written about it in the post Stripes beyond the basic.


Since when basic looks reflect if you are a good mother or not? This rule is one of the most outdated, moms should not let the style and the way they like to dress in the arrival of the new phase. Fashion is self-esteem!

Another old known rule that fell to the ground. Today it is not difficult to find the proper accessories coming alreay with this mixture.

Unless it bother you exclusively, the heels should be used by anyone who likes to. Feel beautiful and happy with your choices is the only rule here!

Not for someone that doesn’t like heels. Comfort has never been so valued and fashion has kept an eye on this with more and more cool options including the sneakers as shown in the post How to wear sneakers with style.


It’s over! The t-shirts are all-in productions for all styles and occasions. Want a outfit to the night with t-shirt or a modern, stylish outfit with t-shirt? Yes, it is very possible!

Sport trend also remains strong in fashion, it is not hard to find someone using a super modern legging with heels!

The rule says that it shortens and can give the impression that you were lower than you actually are. Again, it is up to you whether you like or not what you see.


The craziest rule I’ve ever heard! Does anyone really believe this kind of thing? If it depends on this kind of bad luck, Flávia would be single forever. 🙂


Leave in the comments other fashion rules you consider outdated!

fashioncoolture-21-09-2016-look-du-jour-black-and-white-stripes-with-camel-skirt-1fashioncoolture-21-09-2016-look-du-jour-black-and-white-stripes-with-camel-skirt-2 fashioncoolture-21-09-2016-look-du-jour-black-and-white-stripes-with-camel-skirt-3 fashioncoolture-21-09-2016-look-du-jour-black-and-white-stripes-with-camel-skirt-4fashioncoolture-21-09-2016-look-du-jour-black-and-white-stripes-with-camel-skirt-5

Last Monday I posted about my embroidered hats (here!), this mini trend with customized pieces and some amazing and funny hats for summer. Among my favorites are the ones from Chapéus25, a brazilian online store that surprised me with some gorgeous hats.

As I mentioned in the other post I love this hat because the size is ideal not only for the beach looks, but also to wear in the city. That was my choice last Sunday. I took the day to take a walk and enjoey with my dog, Petite, and completed the look with my  “Out of Office” hat, perfect for those more relaxing moments.

The outfit is comfortable and casual but with those great little details that makes all the difference. Starting with the velvet bag with kitten ears, pure love. I also wore my striped coat in black and white with some old oxfords from Melissa, that piece is such a classic for me.

To keep this out of the bicolor piece I wore some caramel pieces like this gorgeous pleated skirt from Forever21, another piece you may have seen a lot here on look du jour.

Finally, the best part of this look: Petite, my beloved dog. Every time she appears here I take the opportunity to say: do not buy, adopt! Adopting this little girl from the streets was the best decision I ever made.

skirt: Forever21 / bag: Asos / hat: Chapéus25 / oxford: Melissa


fashioncoolture-21-09-2016-look-du-jour-black-and-white-stripe coat-with-camel-skirt-6


Diogo Cunha and I got together to share some productions that we made especially for a new category here on the blog, the Fashion 4 Two. The coolest thing about it is to be able to see how each of us thinks and interprets certain trends, color combinations or mix of prints, bringing even more inspiration for you.

Diogo is a Portuguese blogger who also shares looks in beautiful photographs, so I’m excited to see how it’s going to be this Brazil x Portugal connection.

For this first  Fashion 4 Two we chose the military green as the theme for our productions. This shade of green is a classic every season, it’s always there specially on shirts and parkas. This shirt from Renner has already been in previous looks and it’s kinda old. I love that it is a little bit oversized and you can wear it like a parka with skirts and dresses.

This time we wore it with some black pieces, Diogo chose a casual look with denim, backpack and sneakers. I beted in a sequined skirt to break the seriousness of the military green shirt. Two looks with the same inspiration and different ideas!

fashioncoolture-fashion-4-two-military-greenfashioncoolture-fashion-4-two-military-green-outfits-2 fashioncoolture-fashion-4-two-military-green-outfits-3fashioncoolture-fashion-4-two-military-green

You can see the more of Diogo‘s look and get to know his work in his blog, so take a look! I hope you have enjoyed our first partnership and if you have any suggestions or want to see a particular topic in our next looks just leave a comment!

shirt: Renner / skirt: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / bag: Santa lolla / boots: Késttou



We are couting days to the end of winter here in Brazil and with so many summer collections our wishlist for the hottest season of the year is getting bigger. Among my favourites for the next season are the hats, but not the usual ones, is the embroidered straw hat!

You may have seen a few variations of this idea with  phrases and cute details, like pompons, some sequins and what else your creativity wants.

I loved it so much that I couldn’t even wait for summer and I’m already wearing my hats in my city looks. Last week I posted my first outfit with my embroidered hat from Chapéus 25. I chose the phrase “Hello Sunshine” on the classic straw model in black.


The coolest thing about this hat from Chapéus 25 is that you can have a unique hat and customize it with the phrase you choose. There on their store they already have some suggestions of set phrases, but you can send your choice via email so that they produce especially for you. Additionally, you can choose how the customization will be done with embroidery or ink.

This weekend I wore my other model also from Chapéus 25, this time with the “Out of Office” phrase, perfect for a relaxing Sunday right? I’ll post the full look du jour later this week, but I wanted to share with you this other gorgeous hat!


Last week I met another brand with embroidered straw hats, from Mexico,  the Sun Brero Hats. So as I received my new hat I took some pictures to share with you this other amazing piece.

Sun Brero Hats also produce fully customized hats, you can choose the phrase, the hat color and the color of sequins – yes, the phrases are written with sequins – plus add pompons and some other things. For those who also love that touch of sparkle is a great option. I chose the “C’est la vie” phrase to this other hat and just take a look at how gorgeous it looks:


This one from Sun Brero Hats is much bigger, so it’s a hat that works better on the beach. The hat from Chapéus 25 is a little bit smaller so you can still wear it in urban looks without any fear. But undeniably the two options are so beautiful that makes me wish for an endless sumer so we can always be with our hats out there!

fashioncoolture-Chapéu de praia bordado-embroidered-straw-hat-2

In addition to the stores I mentioned on this post I also found some other embroidered straw hats options online. And if you have some skills you can also buy a simple hat or get an old one you might have and customize it. A great idea of DIY!


Today’s look is very special, I was challenged by PANDORA to interpret the trend Street Bohemian and also tell a little bit more about my style. All of this is part of a global action of the brand, The Look of You, that through influencers around the world wants to show that PANDORA jewelry can be fit any occasion and style.

This is what  I love about  the PANDORA jewelry, this versatility and the many ways to use it. I always say that I do not have a strictly defined style, I love experimenting and transit through all the possibilities. I may be in a day feeling more girly, the other using a boyish inspiration and the next day put together a boho look. And in all of these styles the jewels  can be used in different combinations and styling tricks that transform they completely.

And with all this multiplicity of styles I will share with you a few questions that PANDORA sent me and to help to understand a little more about FashionCoolture style, take a look:

– What is your style and where do you get inspiration?

As I said before, my style is quite variable. I like that freedom to experiment and wear the pieces without any concern about if it fit or not my style. Just take a look at my outfits and you will notice it. But some “themes” are always around, as girly looks, a some boyish ideas, rocker variations and boho.

My inspiration for looks comes from many places, but above all from the street style. I became interested in fashion watching the looks of other people around the world, following blogs and following common people. It’s amazing  to see color combinations that I never thought or a mix of unusual prints or even a nifty styling trick. These are small perceptions of everyday life that make everything more inspiring.

 Who are your style muses?

I  would say Olivia Palermo remains a reference for amazing outfits. Among the bloggers I love Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific and Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper.


– What are your special items to create your style?

I think that over the years of blogging I can identify some pieces that are always present in my looks and are already part of the basis of my style. Among them, I would highlight striped pieces, a touch of sequins and skirts full of volume that draw the silhouette for a very feminine look.

– What are your favourite trends right now?

I’m in love with 2 trends right now. The first one is the trend that brought the velvet, I love the fabric, texture and the effect in different colors. I love to see the velvet going beyond clothes and also appearing in the shoes, for example. This has made me wish a velvet boots or senakers!

Another current trend that I like came up with the idea of the sleep dress with t-shirts, but has got many other interpretations. And this is the part that has inspired me, I have seen variations of this idea, like a lace top with a velvet vest. And I love exploring overlays and mixtures of textures.

fashioncoolture-16-09-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-thelookofyou-rose-6 fashioncoolture-16-09-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-thelookofyou-rose-7 fashioncoolture-16-09-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-thelookofyou-rose-8

– How was it for you to create the style Street Bohemian?

I loved playing with this trend inspired in the 70s, mixed colors in the jewelry and reflecting a more carefree look. I immediately thought about this long dress with layers and with a color that I love, the inspiration came all from the rosé PANDORA charms. I chose a flat sandal to make this a casual look, sunglasses and a mix of bracelets with charms in silver and rosé. Combined with a mix of tiny rings that I love, also in different colors. And I finished with a longer necklace and choker.

– What is your favorite PANDORA jewelry?

So hard to choose only one. But I must say that I love Paris, the French language and culture in general, then the charm of the Eiffel Tower I won on my trip to the city is among my favorites for it’s whole story.

fashioncoolture-16-09-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-thelookofyou-rose-9 fashioncoolture-16-09-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-thelookofyou-rose-10 fashioncoolture-16-09-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-the look of you -rose-11

– What never goes out of fashion for you?

Some pieces are classic right? There’s always room for a leather jacket or a wel cuted blazer, two pieces that I love and consider timeless.

– Any look that you wore and would not repeat today?

Many! I started posting my looks on in 2009 and at the time I did not understand anything about fashion. I learned so much experimenting and seeing what worked or not for me. Sometimes I see old photos and I’m ashamed, but also have fun watching this evolutionary process. I think I’ll still make too many mistakes and regret so many looks, but it’s totally ok.

I loved the invitation of PANDORA to interpret a trend and tell a little more about my style for you. I hope you too have enjoyed this special jour look!

bracelets: Pandora / rings: Pandora / necklaces: Pandora / dress: H&M / bag: Coach vintage / sunglasses: ZeroUV

fashioncoolture-16-09-2016-look-du-jour-pandora-the look of you -rose-12


Yesterday I went in São Paulo to see the preview of Renner summer collection, a brazilian fast fashion brand. I shared a few things on my Instagram and Snapchat (it’s @fashioncoolture!), so you may have seen some of their amazing pieces.

I wanted to share a selection of my favourite pieces for my brazilian readers in the portuguese version of my blog and I thought you (my worldwide readers!) would also love to see my choices. I hope you like it!


The acessories were my favourite part, I love the metallic trend on the first picture. It comes in oxfords, loafers or mule loafers – love them all. But my favourite pieces are in the picture above, it feels like summer and we’re looking forward for the next season. I love the structured bag and the pineaple shoes (so cute!).


I saw so many gorgeous denim jackets! The shape is a little bit oversized right now and the beaded and patches details are still a must have. Love the jacket above, the back details is amazing.

But the beaded flowers go beyond the denim pieces and also appears on striped tops and skirt. The print is already a trend so add another one with the beaded flowers and you have the perfect piece. This is also very summer like and I can’t wait to see it at the stores.


I also saw some fun accessories, not only clothes with patches but also shoes and bags. Very colourful and nice to give a special touch to the outfits.

The metallic pleated skirt is another great trend. I loved the silver one with the rosé top, it looks so feminine and delicate. But my favourite one is the white lace top with the velvet vest, the mix of textures is so great that I wanna try it!


Here is a little bit of the gorgeous place where the preview happened in São Paulo and my outfit with a boyish inspiration.


The NYFW is ending, but the season of fashion weeks around the world just started, something exciting for who loves the inspiration from catwalks and street style like us. While the brands present their collections for the next summer year, in the streets you can see what the fashionistas are wearing right now! We selected our 5 favorite trends from there, take a look:


The shirts are in the top of our list! The models range from basic to modern and different shapes and the fabric appear in dresses and skirts too! The colors that appear on the streets are the white classic and traditional blue stripes.

tendencia-camisaria-blog-fashioncoolture street-style-nyfw-camisaria



The sport-luxe trend comes to stay for a long time for sure, is just notice all the nice things that has appeared with the trend as bomber jackets that have spoken here. Sweaters and track pants seems to be the prefered itens on the outfits from NYFW’s streets.

tendencia-esportiva-blog-fashion-coolture street-style-nyfw-look-esportivo



The classic that is always renewing this time back to the origins and appears in a shape already known from other decades. Jeans with vintage face is seen very much, take a look in your mother’s wardrobe!

vintage-jeans-trend-fashioncoolture-blog jeans-nyfw



We did a post about the trend here, if you enjoy this mix of t-shirt with dress worth take a look too! The trend took account up the fashion week streets, a sign that caught for real!

slip-dress-trend trend-nyfw-slip-dress



The oversized which has been following the fashion for some time now appears in dresses in a more stripped down look, with well moderninha footprint. The idea is to use something that looks even greater numbers and in very vibrant colors.



What’s your favorite trend?

Photos: The Cut

fashioncoolture-13-09-2016-look-du-jour-red-slywear-dress-with-shirt-1 fashioncoolture-13-09-2016-look-du-jour-red-slywear-dress-with-shirt-2 fashioncoolture-13-09-2016-look-du-jour-red-slywear-dress-with-shirt-3 fashioncoolture-13-09-2016-look-du-jour-red-slywear-dress-with-shirt-4 fashioncoolture-13-09-2016-look-du-jour-red-slywear-dress-with-shirt-5 fashioncoolture-13-09-2016-look-du-jour-red and white outfit-slywear-dress-with-shirt-6

With this recent trend of slip dress with tshirt I was wondering to try some pieces overlays here! And I decided to try variations of this idea with the Sly red and white dress and a white classic shirt. I thought the result was also super cool and not as literal as the trend itself that have seen a lot out there.

The dress is the same I wore in the Olympic games with Coca-Cola (here you can see the full post!). The first time I wore it in a casual way, with shoes and denim shirt tied at the waist. Now with a white shirt underneath the look was more preppy and I chose the combination of red and white colors to compose the rest of the pieces. Amazing how the same basis – the Sly dress – inspired two very different looks.

The red coat is one of my findings at Brechó da Neide and helps to keep a nice silhouette. The Carel shoes is my love with these cute little bows. Since the inspiration was very preppy I added the red hat and white glasses from ZeroUV. All perfectly coordinated, just as I like.

dress: SlyWear / coat: vintage / bag: Dumond / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Carel

fashioncoolture-13-09-2016-look-du-jour-red-and white outfit slywear-dress-with-shirt-7

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