fashioncoolture-30-11-2016-look-du-jour-taquilla-oxford-dourado-1fashioncoolture-30-11-2016-look-du-jour-taquilla-oxford-dourado-2 fashioncoolture-30-11-2016-look-du-jour-taquilla-oxford-dourado-3 fashioncoolture-30-11-2016-look-du-jour-taquilla-oxford-dourado-4 fashioncoolture-30-11-2016-look-du-jour-taquilla-oxford-dourado-5 fashioncoolture-30-11-2016-look-du-jour-taquilla-oxford-dourado-6

I love this casual chic outfit but the highlight is the mixture of gold and silver in accessories and clothing. Until recently I thought it was kind of weird to mix them up. I would chose gold or silver for the accessories and kept everything in the same color. But sometimes you can use both together without fear!

The embroidered skirt already has a mixture of tones which inspired the whole look. I chose a blouse with silver details and completed my outfit with a white blazer that turns everything chic. A detail, but that makes the difference: note that the blazer has almost the same length of the skirt, that makes the look more harmonic.

For the accessories I chose a longer neckalce from Pandora and a shorter one from Shoulder. And the mix of bracelets with a little bit of silver and and a golden watch.

Last but not least my golden oxford from Taquilla. To get out of the ordinary it has a gorgeous detail and white soles, which gives a more modern look to such a traditional model. So nice!

skirt: Mango / jewelry: Pandora / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Taquilla

fashioncoolture-30-11-2016-look-du-jour-taquilla-oxford-dourado-7 Casual Chic Outfit

fashioncoolture-29-11-2016-look-du-jour-farfetch-leather-floral-skirt-1 fashioncoolture-29-11-2016-look-du-jour-farfetch-leather-floral-skirt-2fashioncoolture-29-11-2016-look-du-jour-farfetch-leather-floral-skirt-4fashioncoolture-29-11-2016-look-du-jour-farfetch-leather-floral-skirt-3fashioncoolture-29-11-2016-look-du-jour-farfetch-leather-floral-skirt-5

The end of the year has arrived and, besides starting to think about the looks of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, now is the time when the gatherings and meetings between friends, co-workers and family begin to emerge. It’s a lot of parties and it takes a lot of creativity to put together so many combinations, right?

In Brazil it’s summer and most of the holiday party looks includes some white pieces and sequined details. But it’s also a great time to choose some unusual pieces, try new shapes, textures and colours and Farfetch has the best choices when it comes to those pieces. A really nice example is this leather skirt from House of Holland with a great shape and lots of volume, just like I love. But the best thing about it is the floral printed 3d effect, it’s so gorgeous. You can see it in the pictures and it’s so unique. The perfect piece that can totally rock any outfit.

As it’s pretty hot right now, off the shoulder tops are a great choice and totally trendy. I chose another different piece, an asymmetric cropped top from Corporeum, instead of a simple tshirt or a basic top.

What I love the most about this outfit is that both pieces are perfect for a holiday party but they also work really well for a casual outfit all year long. Pieces that you can wear in different and new ways are the best ones to keep in your closet and totally worth it.

My choices for the accessories have the same colours of the skirt. The red bag from Schutz has the perfect size and two straps option. The long one is better for a casual look and the shorter one gave it a ladylike feeling.

The off white heels also from Schutz are the final touch. I love the colour and the tiny bow detail, so delicate. Another great choice that you’ll see me wearing a lot on a party outfit or my daily looks.

skirt: Farfetch / top: Farfetch / sunglasses: Zero UV / bag: Schutz / heels: Schutz


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As all of you may know I have a dog, Petite, that sometimes you can see  on pictures here or in Instagram right? In fact until recently me, my mother and sister lived together and we had 4 (yes 4!) puppies that we rescued from the streets.

And you know why I’m telling you this? Because there are so many pets on the streets, dogs and cats, needing a home and a lot of love and affection. And so many people still prefer to buy the pet in a shop or kennel.

I am not judging anyone and I must start by saying that my first dog was bought in a kennel when I still lived in Belo Horizonte. It was like a dream come true. When my parents agreed to give me a puppy, I chose the breed I thought it was the most beautiful, the golden cocker spaniel. And Melanie was really beautiful and made me very happy!

I guess I was 11 years old and had never thought about this adoption issue. And it wasn’t because I only liked dogs that had a breed, actually my passion had started a few years earlier with my grandmother’s street dogs. I think it was pure lack of information and awareness, you know?

Who really loves dogs, likes animals and doesn’t care about breed! Today I know that it makes no difference if they are street dogs or have pedigree. I even think the idea of choosing a certain animal is very strange considering that a certain breed is more beautiful than others. For my eyes my street dogs are simply beautiful. The joy and love are the same. And love is not something you can buy right?

It turns out that when I chose Melanie and she came to live with us she chose my mother as her owner. They had the relationship I would like to have with a puppy, real love. With Petite it’s different, she chose me when she saw me on the street and since then we are inseparable (as I write this post she is on my lap sleeping, that’s how I work almost always!).

She cost me no money and makes me as happy as Melanie made me.


And she really chose me! In 2010 I posted here on the blog about the dog that I had found in the street and I tried to find her possible owner. No one ever showed up and maybe she’s been thrown out like so many others out there. Lucky me we found each other and ever since that day when she jumped on my leg asking for affection, we are always together.

So how about you stop choosing – and buying – a dog or cat in the store and letting yourself be chosen by them? There are many places and fairs for adoption here in Brazil and probably on your country too.

If you go there and still do not fell in love with any animal it’s worth keeping an eye on those you see on the streets. I am sure that at some point you will find a pet that needs care and just  in time you will feel that you need to adopt it.

It was just like that when I met Petite and Jolie. I saw Jolie at a gas station near a very busy avenue here in Criciúma. I was going to take pictures on the beach and theoretically I couldn’t – and shouldn’t – adopt another dog. I bought her some food and water and had to leave. When I got home I was upset and could not stop thinking about that little, helpless little pet running so many risks. I got the car and went back to the same place, it seemed she was waiting for me. She came in the car sleeping and although the plans were to find a home that could adopt her … today she is part of the family!

I assure you that getting these animals out of a risky situation, where they could be starving or mistreated is simply very rewarding. It’s great for them and even better for us.


Here you can see 3 of my loves, Jolie, Petite and Tuty. Lola was with my sister when the dogs photo session happened. And Mel unfortunately died a few years ago, but she left us the best memories ever! ♥


And if you like animals but do not have the conditions, space or time to take care of them (yes, having a dog or cat is a great responsability!) you can also do your part and help in some way the work of places and people who are temporary home and rescue some of these animals. Donations of food or money help improve the lives of many pets while they await a real home. Search for a shelter in your city! (:

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fashioncoolture-28-11-2016-look-du-jour-chi-chi-london-navy-blue-skater-dress1 fashioncoolture-28-11-2016-look-du-jour-chi-chi-london-navy-blue-skater-dress2 fashioncoolture-28-11-2016-look-du-jour-chi-chi-london-navy-blue-skater-dress3 fashioncoolture-28-11-2016-look-du-jour-chi-chi-london-navy-blue-skater-dress4 fashioncoolture-28-11-2016-look-du-jour-chi-chi-london-navy-blue-skater-dress5

I’ve spoken here a few times about my favorite shape of skirts and dresses. I like those pieces with a nice waist detail and a lot of volume in the skirt, you know? It can be with pleats or with a tulle or a fabric like neoprene, the important thing is the silhouette that you can see. And when it comes to the perfect silhouette Chi Chi London is an expert!

In Brazilian brands and stores I hardly find pieces with that shape. So I usually buy at online stores and among them Chi Chi London is one of my favorites.

Their pieces has the perfect shape in real life, not only in the photos! Today’s dress has a nice fabric and all those details that guarantee the volume. Also the neckline of this dress is simply beautiful, with an off the shoulder neckline in a super delicate design.

With such a lovely neckline I chose some special necklaces mixing two different models. The shorter one has the same design of that ring that is my favorite from Pandora. And I completed with the longest one that is really delicate and feminine.

The dress in a darker shade gives full prominence to the jewels, so I kept the more neutral accessories with bag and shoes also in navy blue.

And that look is already a great option for the holidays, right? Maybe I already have my choice for Christmas!

dress: Chi Chi London / jewelry: Pandora / bag: Carel Paris / shoes: iclothing


fashioncoolture-25-11-2016-modern-ballerina-pandora-2 fashioncoolture-25-11-2016-modern-ballerina-pandora-3 fashioncoolture-25-11-2016-modern-ballerina-pandora-1fashioncoolture-25-11-2016-modern-ballerina-pandora-5fashioncoolture-modern-ballerina-pandorafashioncoolture-25-11-2016-modern-ballerina-pandora-6

Sometimes  we find the perfect look and feels like we should wear that like a daily uniform, right? When I wore this look I felt incredible and I’m talking about those great little pleasure, you know? Like the tranquility of these soft colors, the delicacy of the fabric, the subtle bright of the velvet in the shoe, the jewels gleaming, and the movement of the dress in the wind.

Besides that, I think I have a desire to be a ballerina! I can not resist a piece of tulle, it’s like for a moment I could realize the dream of having all the delicacy and elegance of the ballerinas. And that’s how I felt.

The dress is from a Russian brand that I had the pleasure to meet recently. It’s called Olga Skazkina and the brand has exactly that charm and the touch of art that attracts me. I think my favorite part of this dress I chose to wear is the neckline, with the fabric transposed in very thin layers of tulle, pure poetry!

While fitting the look I thought I needed a delicate and modern shoe to wear with this super dress. I didn’t want to go for the classic scarpin, or the obvious flats. I think I found exactly what I wanted with this shoes from Taquilla. The heavier flatform heel makes the look modern, but the velvet in off white brings the necessary delicacy. I must say it’s beautiful and comfortable, and the best thing about it it’s that I’ve just checked and it’s with a nice discount since today is black friday.

Finally, what can I say about Pandora‘s jewelry? Always adding a dose of brilliance and sophistication. I wore my capsule necklace for the first time and I’ve fallen in love with it.  I also wore the vintage inspired ring I commented on in my other post, definetely my favorite!

dress: Olga Skazkina / jewelry: Pandora / belt: Shoulder / shoes: Taquilla



At this moment leave aside the magazines, the catwalks, the big brands and stop to think in the most intimate and personal way: what is fashion for you? We are always talking and discussing about that here. With so much things happening in this world, sometimes is easy to lost yourself and with this question not answered and clear is easy to consume fashion without any meaning.

If there is one thing Flavia and I always believed is that fashion should serve a person as an individual in the first place. It needs to make sense in your life and add something good. Fashion was made to make people happier and more creative, we should always try to wear the pieces with that in mind.

More than dream with an item you desire or investing in the trend of the moment – which can mean fashion for many people – we believe it serves as a form of expression. It has the power to reflect your personality showing not what you wear, but feels. Therefore, we also believe that fashion is a way to know and pay attention in yourself. What I like? What I do not like? Do I need to use that piece because everyone is using it?

In fashion there is no right or wrong, the most important is your feeling. I do not mean that you cannot wear a shirt at the moment, the difference is exactly you perceive what you like and don’t and wear something because that make sense to you. So, let’s think more in ouselves and make of fashion something more light and fun?

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It’s the tiny details that makes the difference, I do believe in that!

You’ve seen Pandora‘s jewelry a few times around here on look du jour and other special posts. My first contact with the brand was through a partnership on the blog, but since then my love for the jewelry only grows and more than work it has become a passion.

So I decided to share with you some of the little details that are not always visible or noticeable, but that makes me love the brand!


So many possibilities!

Think about creativity, that’s how I see Pandora’s jewelry. When setting up the bracelets there are a lot of different charms and options that make your choices unique. And having a bracelet that is made by you is simply amazing!

More than that, with a closer contact with the brand I discovered that far beyond the classic bracelet that many people know they also have a lot of other options. They have a more flexible model, other rigid ones and more minimalist, leather strap … and still has the variations in the clasp.

Up there I photographed 3 bracelets with different clasps, a limited edition of end of year, one with a heart and a version with a detail in gold. And there are many others!

Still talking about creativity I can not forget to mention that I love the versatility of the pieces. You have already seen me wearing bracelets like chokers, joining two or more pieces for example. Or using multiple bracelets as a necklace on a more minimalist proposal. There are no limits.


Details, focus on the details.

The jewelry deserves a closer look, you know? It’s all so delicate that it makes me glad to see so much love and care!

Sometimes I caught myself obseving the jewels and discovering designs and shapes that I had not yet noticed. There is a ring that I really like. It could be just another one with a classic design and some stones on the top. But when you look closer you notice some small hearts drawn all over the side. It is a detail, but it is precisely that detail that makes everything special (I did not photograph it this time, but you can see it here on the site!).

Also take a look at that picture above. It’s a limited-edition bracelet for the holiday season. In the clasp it has a snowflake and on the other side the phrase “Unique as you are”. It’s pure love and details!

The right size!

I must confess that I have a certain difficulty in finding bracelets, especially rigid ones, for my wrist because it’s very tiny and thin. Most of them fall by the hand or go almost to my shoulder when I put my arm up, you know?

So on Pandora I found several options of rigid bracelets that fit right on my wrist. That’s because they have size variations for those who have the thinner or wider wrist. And it’s wonderful to feel that someone thought about it for us right?


Incredible design.

Look at this ring at the photo above, it’s so beautiful, right? It looks like an old gem and it really has an inspiration in the Art Deco style.

The jewelry design is really unique. The charms you already know well by my pictures, but another high point of the brand in my opinion are the rings. I really like those tiny and delicate rings to use together mixing them all. But the there are bigger rings that are like a piece of art. I have a list of favorites and the one in the picture is on top of it.


These are just a few reasons why I love Pandora’s jewelry. Did you already know these details about the jewels? Is there any other point that you find passionate about the brand? Let’s share the love!

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fashioncoolture-21-11-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-longo-verao-shoulder-1fashioncoolture-21-11-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-longo-verao-shoulder-2fashioncoolture-21-11-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-longo-verao-shoulder-3 fashioncoolture-21-11-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-longo-verao-shoulder-4

After my last post about Punta Cana and those sunny days just made me wish for summer and hot days over here too. So to keep the summer mood I decided to post this gorgeous dress from Shoulder.

There’s nothing new about me loving a printed piece, right? And the new Shoulder collection is simply amazing. The floral print on that dress totally reminds me of the pants I posted last week, this one to be exactly. Both pieces have lot of style and are really comfy with a great fabric.

So I enjoyed a day in Florianópolis with this outfit and it feels perfect for a summer afternoon walking around. To keep it casual and comfy I just added some caramel sandals from Esdra and Eugenia Gamero clutch. A easy and cool outfit for the season.

dress: Shoulder / clutch: Eugenia Gamero / sandals: Esdra


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In June I posted some looks that I photographed in Punta Cana at the Barceló Bávaro Resort, do you remember? I was looking forward to sharing more of this super cool project called Barceló Stories.

The website of the project is amazing and i tshows the experiences of 26 bloggers from around the world in the incredible destinations of the Barceló hotels. I loved so much the idea that even being a beginner doing videos (yes, we produced 3 videos of different themes there!) we enjoyed the project and I was really excited to go for Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.


Do you know those paradisiacal destinations that we see in photos and videos and dream about knowing? The Barceló Bavaro Resort is just like this! Gorgeous beaches with white sand, transparent waters, giant coconut trees and all with the comfort and structure of a big resort.


The rooms and services are another high point of the resort which is all inclusive which means all meals, drinks and activities are already included and you do not have to worry about anything but enjoy every second there.

My room was just in front of the beach, with a giant very comfortable bed and jacuzzi on the balcony. I couldn’t ask for more, so dreamy!

fashioncoolture-barcelo-bavaro-resort Barceló Bávarofashioncoolture-barcelo-bavaro-resort-punta-cana Barceló Bávarofashioncoolture-barcelo-stories

And finally, there is nothing better than finishing the day with a relaxing massage and at the resort’s spa pools. Yes, the structure of Barceló Bávaro also includes an amazing Spa. I loved the relax feeling there.

And this is the coolest thing about the Barceló Bávaro, they have options for family, for those who like adventure sports, relaxing days or a more romantic atmosphere, please everyone!


With all those photos and videos you can imagine the incredible places and experiences I had in Punta Cana, right? Seeing this just gave me an overwhelming desire to go back there.

Barceló Bávaro

Some of those pictures were taken by me and the photos in which I appeared were made by Renata Cechinel, my partner in this work and also responsible for all the videos.

During all these years of blog I often received comments from readers wishing to have my wardrobe and dreaming of having so many pieces. For many women having a big closet of clothing is still the fashion ideal. After all, having thousands of options when it comes to dressing, being inside the latest trends and being able to wear new clothes every day looks really tempting right?

Well, it’s not what it look like! After accumulating many pieces – really! – I think I can give my opinion about this subject. Even though I can’t say for sure how many pieces I’ve had, we can have an idea by the amount of clothes that went through the 4 editions of FashionCooltureShop and our online store, besides the pieces that I still have left so you can imagine the size of my wardrobe!


And when I say wardrobe it is only figuratively, because in the apartment where I had previously lived with my mother my clothes were already dominating the whole house and had long passed the borders of my room.

When I needed to move to a smaller apartment with my boyfriend, I began to realize how crazy it was to keep all those pieces and how impossible it would be to find a space for all this.

In addition to the issues regarding the space required for my wardrobe, I also realized that dressing up was no longer as fun as before. Less and less my looks were not creative anymore and I no longer knew exactly what my style was. Looking at all those stacked, messy, unused pieces was really distressing.

It was then that I realized that the dream of having a giant wardrobe was actually a nightmare! And here are the 10 reasons that led me to this conclusion:


1.I have nothing to wear

No matter how big your closet is this thought persists! It is pure illusion to think that it will be easier to dress if you have more clothes. Even with the crowded wardrobe many times I saw myself “without options”.

After all if the clothes are not coordinated with each other, need adjustments or simply do not attract you they are just taking up space without bringing quality when it comes to your looks.


2. Less creativity

In the early years of the blog I felt much more creative. When you need to get ready with fewer pieces you invent new ways to use the same piece, look for different combinations, and try out all the possibilities.

But with the big wardrobe I ended up always falling in the most obvious combinations. It is not necessary to stimulate creativity, because everything is already there and available. Isn’t the funniest part of fashion creating and expressing yourself in a unique way? It seems that everything lost a bit of grace with the huge amount of pieces.


3. Space

When you have too many clothes it is impossible to store and organize everything perfectly. Unless you have a really incredible financial condition and live somewhere that will allow you to have a giant closet.

As this is neither my case nor the case of most people it is important to admit that a huge wardrobe does not fit in our lives and occupies spaces that could be better utilized.


4. Clothes that do not mean anything

Although I remember almost all the pieces of clothing that were mine and managed to assimilate details like the brand or size of each one, few were the pieces that really impressed me.

Among thousands of clothes I had many pieces that were just “one more.” Sometimes related to the trends I tried but did not even identify myself. Or pieces that do not reflect my personal style at all and that have no story to tell!

Lots of pieces with no personality and few really amazing pieces.


5. Quantity x quality

There’s a brazilian blog that I love called Oficina de Estilo and they wrote something that sums up this topic really well and I tried to translate: “It’s smarter to have a great amount of very good pieces – made of quality material with durable details – than having lots of pieces that, in the first wash, fade, with buttons that fall, and that the fabric gets bad”.

I do not need to say anything else, right? I really admire their work and they summed it up perfectly. And unfortunately I must admit that among the many pieces I had were pieces with dubious quality.


6. It’s not easy to get ready

When you have lots of clothes get ready become much more complex. Sometimes the piece you want for a particular look is lost in the middle of so many others. Or the possibilities are so many that if you want to try everything you lose a lot of time.

Definitely not practical!

fashioncooltureshop-20 guarda roupa inteligente


7. Distressing

I’m not even the person most concerned about organization, energy of the pieces, but undeniably having so many things accumulated does not give a good feeling, you know?

Every time I needed a specific piece or I came across the pieces piled up and scattered all over the house, it created enormous anguish.

Once again, the girls from Oficina de Estilo  explain it right there on their blog: “It’s smart to have the essentials, what really makes the difference (and what we LOVE) and take off from life what is excess and only occupy space – physical and mental. “


8. Cost

In my case the vast majority of the pieces were received as gift or as work on the blog. But I can not stop thinking about the costs of having a giant wardrobe. Just imagine if I had bought each of these pieces? $$$$$$$$

We can’t deny that it would be a lot of money that could be used in many other ways. Iwould definetely prefer to waste that money with a nice trip!


9. Many clothes that I never worn and others damaged by the time

Having more clothes than days in the year to wear them is not very good or smart. The result is many pieces never used (and with so much potential!) and many others damaged with the long time without use. Having many pieces also requires special care for the conservation of each of them. Pieces of delicate fabrics, leather, sequins, etc, needs a differente treament.

It’s sad to find piece that I never wore or it’s already damaged!


10. Conscious consumption

Finally, in times of conscious consumption, it seems an absurd to have so many pieces, right?

Shopping compulsively without checking the origins, the details of the production, the material and discarding the pieces as faster as we purchased it’s bad for our pocket and for the environment. It’s time to think about we consume.

We do not need so much!


So I’ll keep working to get my closet smaller and smaller and we’re trying to select more and more the brands that work with us here on the blog. Today I still have a lot of things, after the FashionCooltureShop there are still another 12 bags of clothes out of my closet.

In a few months I’ll write again about this subject to tell you about my advances in this process of more awareness and less accumulation of pieces!

One more FashionCooltureShop edition done. And I need to say thank you to each one of you that went there to shop and to say hi! It’s always a pleasure to have a closer contact with you guys and it’s great to see my pieces getting the chance to be part of new and amazing looks du jour.

Also need to thank you for the amazing help bringing some food to donate to SOS Vira-Lata. Together we will help lots of animals that are still looking for a family to be adopted. Thank you so much for join this project!