I think this is my first Christmas post. And it’s even more special because 2016 was a crazy year, but I’d dare to say it was the best year of my life.

I have always loved Christmas and it’s magical feelings, all the family together and good times shared, but in recent years some personal problems have taken the brightness of this special time. Between highs and lows, 2016 came to show me that life does not always happen the way we dream, but there is happiness anyway!

To celebrate this feeling and all this magic of Christmas we took some pictures at home, at night and surrounded by little things that I love! Here the Eiffel Tower serves as a Christmas tree, the little Nutracker soldier has a prominent place and everything sparkles, just like I love.  I also took inspiration from the Pandora Christmas collection because the thematic collections are definitely my favorites and the Petite Memories necklace is so cute it deserved a nice record. It comes with a Santa Claus, a snowflake and a little gift, all so tiny and meaningful. The jewels of the brand symbolize perfectly for me those small moments, memories and a certain enchantment, and that’s why I love it.

Of course I could not miss a photo with Petite, right? We are going to spend Christmas night together – as always!

So I bid you farewell to a brief recess with the best wishes of a Merry Christmas. Celebrate and be happy! ♥

See you soon!

fashioncoolture-21-12-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-shoulder-1 fashioncoolture-21-12-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-shoulder-2 fashioncoolture-21-12-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-shoulder-3 fashioncoolture-21-12-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-shoulder-4 fashioncoolture-21-12-2016-look-du-jour-vestido-shoulder-5

This is my last look du jour of 2016 (still going to have some posts, but no looks!). What a year, right? I needed a special look to be the last one.

I chose a lace dress, super delicate and rich in details. The colors are gorgeous, that blush pink tone that I love and some black details. The modeling of the dress was more loose and as I’m short I thought it was a little bit too long for me. Nothing that I could not fix with a belt, I chose a leather band, and I really like the contrast of the strip with the lightness of the fabric.

Besides the fact that I really lvoed the piece I wanted to finish the year wearing something from a brand that I admire and has been a great partner of the blog, Shoulder. It’s something symbolic, but also my way of saying thank you! And also thanks to you who staye with us and saw all the looks du jour this year. See you soon guys!

dress: Shoulder / shoes: Tabita


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fashioncoolture-20-152-2016-look-du-jour-black-and-white-gingham-print-1 fashioncoolture-20-152-2016-look-du-jour-black-and-white-gingham-print-2 fashioncoolture-20-152-2016-look-du-jour-black-and-white-gingham-print-3 fashioncoolture-20-152-2016-look-du-jour-black-and-white-gingham-print-4

Yesterday I wrote about the difficulty of finding a cool look to use in those summer days with high temperatures, so today I decided to post another look that fits perfectly the season. And it does not have anything better than a dress, light and fresh, right? Not surprisingly this one from Inspireland meets all requirements.

I confess that this plaid print, gingham, has been one of my favorites. It’s all about summer and reminds me of a walk in the park, a picnic, a cute and fun sensation. And the modeling of the dress helps a lot in this climate, with a oof the shoulder details, cute cuffs, very light and loose.

I chose to add a touch of color to the black and white look with the red accessories. My classic hat appears in the color version and the heels from Luiza Barcelos with a little knot is just perfect. The catbag makes the look even cuter, right?

dress: Inspireland / hat: Choies / heels: Luiza Barcelos


fashioncoolture-19-12-2016-look-du-jour-baby-pink-erre-erre-1 fashioncoolture-19-12-2016-look-du-jour-baby-pink-erre-erre-2 fashioncoolture-19-12-2016-look-du-jour-baby-pink-erre-erre-3 fashioncoolture-19-12-2016-look-du-jour-baby-pink-erre-erre-4fashioncoolture-19-12-2016-look-du-jour-baby-pink-erre-erre-5 baby pink outfit

The temperature is getting higher here in Brazil and it’s always a challenge to choose a nice outfit on these days. Hoswto stay comfy and fresh and still look well? Today’s look du jour have some nice tips that can help. I chose some light colours in this baby pink outfit. Is just a top and skirt, two basic pieces for summer, but still there’s some little details that makes a big difference.

The pink top has a soft fabric, a beautiful color and a little lace detail on the back. The skirt has a fabric with a soft bright, kinda like satin sheen and a nice shape, both from Erre Erre. This mixture of textures, opaque and shiny, between the pieces and the choice of a monochrome look make the basics “top + skirt” much more interesting.

To complete the look I chose accessories in the same color chart, keeping the idea of a monochrome and casual chic look with the mini bag and ZeroUV sunglasses. I also wore some high heels (super stretcher of legs since the color has low contrasts with my skin) and a pink chocker with satin ribbon, modern and delicate right?

top: Erre Erre / skirt: Erre Erre / sunglasses: ZEROUV / chocker: LULUS / shoes: Lulus

fashioncoolture-19-12-2016-look-du-jour-baby-pink-erre-erre-6 baby pink outfit