navy blazer

I already wrote about my love for blazers right? But there are some specifications that make this piece even more perfect and Shoulder seems to have read my thoughts to make this blazer I’m wearing. Starting with the most classic color: navy blue. The fabric is also perfect with a soft texture and the perfect trim.

But the most important thing for me is the length! In general I like the piece at the height or slightly below the hip and if it is longer it’s better, because besides giving an elongated in the look it’s also perfect to wear with skirts and dresses. In these cases, it is not a rule, but the length of the jacket or blazer should be close to the length of the piece that goes below, so it looks more harmonic.

While the heat only allows fresh looks I took advantage to debut my blazer with a little dress. I choose the navy blue as the colour of the look. The polka dot dress is vintage and I completed with the blue striped shirt to make it even sweeter. I need to comment about the fabric of this shirt: it’s so nice and feels so good while wearing it.

Finally, I chose a yellow bag to add a touch of color. I love the vibrant color of it and the round shape. So cute,  isn’t it?

blazer: Shoulder / shirt: Shoulder / dress: vintage / bag: Dafiti / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Esdra

navy blazer

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In these last weeks of February there is only one subject in Brazil: Carnival!

We have already shared with you a special selection of items from our shop for those who will enjoy the festival. But not everyone enjoys this party (hi, I’m part of this group!) and sometimes all we need is quiet and calm right? So for those I have a good list of Netflix documentaries to stay relax at home, without losing your inspiration!

Of course, my favorites list has those classic fashion documentaries, some powerful women, a little bit of photography and a touch of music. Check it out!

Diana Vreeland: the eye has to travel

This is definitely my favorite documentary. I watched it in January and wondered how I still did not know about Diana Vreeland. Long before Anna Wintour, it was she who made American Vogue the most important fashion magazine in the world. With unlimited creativity and a unique vision of luxury and beauty, Diana is simply amazing.

After the documentary I already bought her Glamour book that she wrote at the request of Jacqueline Kennedy as a summary in photos and texts of her idea of glamor. In two words: watch it!

The September Issue

Still about American Vogue the documentary The September Issue shows a behind the scenes of the magazine’s most important monthly issue of the year. There’s Anna Wintour with all her power, but my real passion is Grace Coddington, creative director of the magazine. The editorials under hrt command are memorable and particularly my favorites!

Tales by Light

This time the subject is not fashion, but photography! This documentary series produced in partnership with Canon is divided into different episodes and shows great photographers exploring nature and different cultures. Between the episodes only one did not draw so much attention, the others are pure inspiration and impeccable photography.

Iris Apfel

When Ari came to work with me she was really excited about Iris Apfel and always talking about her. Of course I knew this super-stylish lady with her big round glasses and lots of accessories, but until then I only knew her for photos. Until I found the documentary on Netflix and fell in love with Iris. Ari was right, what a fascinating woman! I’ve been wanting to reach the same age with all this energy and inspiration, as well as talent and passion for art and fashion. Pure style!

Documentários inspiradores no Netflix

Advanced Style

The homonymous blog famous for the street style photographs of people over 60 years in NY turned a documentary and the result is exciting. Like Iris quoted above, the ladies portrayed by the Advanced Style photographer are also super stylish and show that creativity and confidence have nothing to do with age.

True Cost

If you have heard of conscious consumption you surely already know this documentary. And it is really everything you’ve ever heard out there. Who ever wondered how it is possible for a garment to cost so little in some fast fashion or online stores? In this documentary we find out the true cost of these low prices with the exploitation of labor and the absurd conditions of work. Impossible to watch and not rethink our way of consumption. Super recommended!


Once again the focus is photography in this documentary that portrays the work of war photographer Donald McCullin. I confess that I began to watch without great expectations and ended up fascinated by his work. Keeping the technique and producing images so cruel and shocking, but still beautiful is no easy task. You have to take risks (many!), but the opportunity to show the world and reveal the horror of wars is only possible because of these professionals.

What Happened, Miss Simone?

Who knows the music of Nina Simone knows well that her voice and interpretations were unique. But more than an incredible singer and pianist, the documentary made me discover a strong and inspiring Nina. Between commercial success and her activism against racism she had no doubts in choosing the second one. With unreleased recordings, diaries and letters the documentary shows Nina with all her dramas and great talent. I love her even more now!

Documentários inspiradores no Netflix

Now tell me, have you seen any or all of this list? Anyone who has any other recommendation please leaves here in the comments that I’ll love to put on my list to watch at Carnival. Me and Petite are going to be together and we need some new inspiration!

Boyish glam

I love a boyish look and if you follow me for some time you might know it well, those bow ties have always had a special place in my looks. More than that, among my favorite pieces is the blazer. I have many and I love the touch of sophistication that this piece adds to a look. Both in a more casual proposal with shorts + blazer than in a classic suit, there is no mistake.

In these kind of outfits I like to play with feminine elements as a contrast and this time I chose the gold to make the production even more chic, a boyish glam. The Shoulder golden top with pleated fabric was my choice to make this overlay with the white shirt. The gold fabric is very discrete and has a lace detail on the sides, two super positive points for the piece.

The blazer has a super soft fabric that makes it a great piece for the weather. And the length is perfect, just below the hips, which kinda gives that elongated idea.

I wore it with a black jeans with high waist from Gap, one of my favorites and kinda classic right?

In the accessories I brought a little more of gold that appears in the details of the Santa Lolla bag, in the glasses and in those gorgeous shoes from Esdra. Did you like that boyish glam inspiration?

blazer: Shoulder / top: Shoulder / shirt: Shoulder / pants: Gap / bag: Santa Lolla / shoes: Esdra

Boyish glam

More than a look du jour this post is all about this great little place that I love and was the perfect background for so many photos here. I will eventually post some of my favorite places in the area or any other city I go. Places that inspire us definitely deserve to be shared!

Sorveteria Venezia 311 is the most beautiful corner in Criciúma. The place is really cute, I love the window displays with stickers and this vintage inspiration. On those days of summer it is a delight to stop by and see the tables on the sidewalk and stop for a little refreshment. Because besides being beautiful, it has the best ice cream in town.

Talking about ice cream they have many choices in a buffet with several delicious flavors, including lactose free. My all-time favorite is the mint with chocolate, I’m totally addicted. I also definetely recommend the coconut syrup, so yummi!

As the afternoon was simply too hot for chocolate I chose a bowl from the menu with strawberry, yogurt, chantilly and ice cream. Ideal for such a hot day.

But if there’s one thing I really like about Venezia 311, it’s how they treat the customers and their work. Do you know when we see love and affection in the work? From time to time they promote ideas to help some institution here in the city that needs donations, pure love! Unfortunately I forgot to ask the name of the owners who are always there to treat the costumers really well and allowing us to make the biggest mess while shooting, but here is my THANK YOU!

If you ever have a chance to visit the city this is the address: Rua Joaquim Nabuco, 311 – Centro, Criciúma – SC

Sorveteria Venezia 311

My look for this Wednesday was very comfy and easy with a vintage inspiration to match my afternoon at the ice cream shop.

The midi skirt was for a long time at my closet, but the length (near the ankles) never seemed to please me. I took it in the seamstress and with the new length it’s like my new uniform. I love the baby pink colour and the fabric a little thicker, it is simply beautiful in movement and it makes me feel like I’m in one of those musicals like La La Land!

With those high temperatures all I ask is for comfort, so I wore gray Keds shoes and a gray floral blouse to create that harmony of colors that I love so much. Another highlight at the accessories is the gray velvet bag with a geometric texture that makes an incredible effect.

Finally, my favorite touch: the headpiece. I had already worn a black one in a recent look and now I have chosen the rosy for the look du jour. Among many buns and ponytails this has been my choice to change a little bit the basic summer hairstyle.

saia: forever21 / blusa: Minga London / bolsa: Rosegal / anéis: Pandora / chocker: Rosegal / tênis: Keds

Valentine's Day Outfit

Valentine’s Day special look du jour even though we don’t celebrate the date in Brazil as in some other countries of the world. But still is a great inspiration for a special outfit, right?

Since the mood is super romantic I chose a girly look in shades of pink. I wore this top from Shoulder one more time. As I mentioned in the other post I loved this combination of colors and it already gave me inspiration for a 3 different looks. It’s so simple and so beautiful: pink + wine + red (it’s hidden, but it has 3 colors there!).

In this same chart of colors I decided to wear this gorgeous midi skirt, it’s pure love. In this case there are 4 different tones and many possibilities to wear it. The shape is exactly like I love and makes me feel great wearing midi skirts.

Same thing for the accessories: pink! I chose the pink bag from Dumond and the scarpin from Lulu’s. For the jewelry the choice was a pink velvet chocker and a delicate Pandora necklace. Final touch with this cat eyes sunglasses from ZeroUV.

What about my Valentine’s Day outfit? Hope you like it and it may inspires your day!

top: Shoulder / bag: Dumond / skirt: choies / necklace: Pandora / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Lulu’s

Valentine's Day Outfit

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polka dots tullepolka dots tulle

This outfit is a mix of everything I love and can be explained in a few words: black and white + tulle + polka dots!

And when these things come together in a single piece like this one it’s pure love right? I’m in love with this polka dots tulle skirt! The midi skirt is from DressLink and besides the polka dot tulle there is still another layer to give that amazing shape. Teh skirt had a little satin bow around at the waist, but I took it out and thought it looked better this way. So I completed with a black studded belt, those little details that make a big difference.

For a casual look I chose a white tshirt from M.Officer, I would say it is a basic piece with an extra charm. I love the phrase simplicité … less is always more!

Talking about the casual pieces I chose these cute cute flats from Tutu, a classic that fits perfectly with this black & white outfit. And since I’m talking about the accessories, how can I not mention that bag that already brings the mix of prints between stripes and polka dots? I think we have a new favorite here! Hope you like it.

tshirt: M.Officer / skirt: DressLink / bag: Rosegal / sunglasses: ZeroUV / flats: Tutu

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Sorry, this post is only avaiable in portuguese! It’s about a brazilian fast fashion brand but I’ll share the pictures with you cause it may inspire you as well.

Ainda faz calor lá fora (e que calor!) mas a Renner já está pronta para o outono/inverno 2017. E a boa notícia é que muitas peças são mesmo para usar agora – tem peças fresquinhas e não precisa esperar. Dessa vez o #PreviewRenner mal acabou e muitas das peças desfiladas já estavam no e-commerce. No dia seguinte as novidades também chegaram nas lojas físicas, portanto, hoje (08/02) enquanto escrevo esse post as peças desejo poderão deixar de ser apenas vontade e ir direto para o seu guarda roupa.

Isso mostra que a fast fashion continua antenada e o modelo see-now by-now foi colocado em prática. Em tempos de tendências relâmpago parece essencial satisfazer os desejos o mais rápido possível, antes que uma nova tendência surja criando novas vontades e deixando ultrapassada aquela peça incrível da semana passada.

Sem entrar no mérito desse cronograma frenético da moda é inegável que a Renner apresentou mais uma coleção incrível. E entre tendências passageiras é possível adquirir vários clássicos para o seu guarda roupa que deverão durar muito mais do que uma estação.

Confesso mesmo que os meus olhos brilharam com os vestidos, saias e blusas em renda e tule preto. Se a tranparência é a sensação do momento eu aproveitaria a oportunidade para garantir uma dessas peças que são clássicas para mim.

E o ponto alto foi o styling do desfile. Por isso mesmo não conseguindo fazer fotos incríveis achei que valia o registro para compartilhar com vocês esses detalhes. Esse contraste entre a leveza da renda e as botas mais pesadas é simplesmente infalível né? Então confere comigo alguns dos meus favoritos:

Enquanto montava o post aproveitei para conferir se as peças estavam mesmo disponíveis online e já encontrei várias delas. Alguém já esteve nas lojas e viu a nova coleção de pertinho?

Aí em cima dois looks que amei em uma cartela de cores que é a cara do outono. O veludo aparece é claro como um dos favoritos do momento e o slip dress tem uma cor absolutamente linda. Já na coleção masculina adorei as sobreposições: camisa + cardigan com capuz (?) + casaco.

Abaixo o meu look favorito! Não é novidade que estou em uma fase rosé, mas a delicadeza dessa parka floral com a saia plissada e o sweater com o metalizado discreto me pareceu a combinação perfeita. O tênis rosinha e a meia de lurex são o toque final e já me peguei desejando a meia, um detalhe tão pequeno mas tão encantador. Não sei como funcionaria o look na vida real – mais precisamente em mim – mas a modelo parecia estar tão confiante a à vontade nessa produção que me convenceu. Tá aí a graça de um desfile que cabide nenhum pode oferecer!

Preview Renner

Os detalhes bordados ainda aparecem entre as peças, principalmente em parkas e jeans. Aliás o jeans continua forte, mas com uma modelagem mais soltinha, boyfriend, bem oversized e isso vale para as calças e jaquetas (tudo ali na foto abaixo!).

E a meia arrastão já tão vista entre as fashionistas também apareceu na Renner, é claro. A aposta em geral continua sendo a mesma, sendo usada principalmente com o jeans destroyed. Eu particularmente prefiro a versão mais curtinha que também apareceu no desfile usada com bota ou um sapato mais baixinho.

Acho que é mesmo o momentos das MEIAS! Elas aparecem em todos os looks, em certos momentos discreta, em outros com muito brilho (a meia de lurex que mencionei lá em cima) e até mesmo com sandálias.

Preview Renner

Por fim, mas não menos importante: fiquem de olho na coleção masculina! Embora eu estivesse focada nas roupas femininas me flagrei desejando várias peças desfiladas pelos homens. Essa jaquetinha de veludo com detalhes bordados combina perfeitamente comigo. Linda né?

Em meio a tantos looks indo e voltando nas passarelas esses são os meus highlights do Preview Renner. Mas nada como ver as peças de pertinho, tocar e sentir os tecidos, analisar os acabamentos e o preço, é claro! Agora é aproveitar que já está quase tudo nas lojas. E me contem, o que vocês acharam?

While summer is still here, brands are beginning to show their fall collections in stores and inevitably there is a desire for autumn days, right?

That’s how I found this gorgeous printed bomber at Shoulder’s store! Even with some pieces on sale at the store there is already lots of new pieces with colors and prints for the next season. And when it comes to prints Shoulder is one of my favourites as I already shared my passion on previous posts.

This jacket has a pattern with plants and birds, a delicate blend with black and white outlines on a pink background. The pattern is so beautiful, and so is the colour. All this in a light fabric with gray cuffs (love those little details). I was still at store when I thought about this look with this gray girly skirt.

The top I wore is also from Shoulder. Although it does not appear that much in those pictures, it is pure inspiration because it has 3 beautiful colors combined: red, rosé and burgundy. I already wore it in another look at the weekend that I plan to post here soon.

And I need to metion the sweetest ice cream shop in the city, Venezia 311, where I took this pictures and one of my fav places in town!

jacket: Shoulder / top: Shoulder / skirt: Wear Ever / bag: Petite Jolie / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Asos