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After a week of intense cold I’m glad the temperature is getting higher here. Is there anything better than simple and easy looks? Sometimes a single different piece is enough for an entire production. This is the case of today’s look with this asymmetrical skirt.

I loved this different shape of the Pop Up skirt, with eyelet cutouts and details. It’s a basic piece but with a different twist. I took the warmth to put my arms out and chose a Shoulder‘s strap that I love with lace. A look all black with focus on details.

I wore it with the Cravo & Canela boots, which is heavier with lace up details, perfect to contrast with the lightness of the blouse. I love these contrasts! I chose the ZeroUV’s marble effect sunglasses, black and silver bracelets and black mini bag.

top: Shoulder / skirt: Pop Up Store / sunglasses: ZeroUV / boots: Cravo & Canela

saia assimetrica

Gingham Pants

Here is a look that I loved and I intend to repeat many times. I posted an outfit with this pants long time ago, anyone remember? I took advantage of the sunshine weekend to give it a new life and I thought it really looked like Sunday. Comfortable, easy and stylish!

The highlight of the look is all about the pants with this print, gingham, vichy, no matter the name, a classic. Black and white made me go to a monochrome outfit . And that’s what I did. I wore it with this top off the shoulder from Eliza J (love that it has a super thick fabric).

As the proposal was very casual, the best choice was the Tutu’s black and white oxford. It’s brand new, but it looks like I’ve had it for years now. The leather is so soft and this color combination is very charming with the black detail.

Since the look is simple I added some accessories. I wore my cat bag that makes everything looks cute, my classic black hat and lots of Pandora jewelery. Hope you like it! (:

top: Eliza J / pants: Shein / sunglasses: Zerouv /  jewelry: Pandora / earrings: Santa Boutique /  Bag: NEW CHIC / oxfords: Tutu Sapatilhas

Gingham Pants

Macacão Pantacourt

Among the pieces I never imagined to wear was the pantacourt jumpsuit, by the way, anything pantacourt. It’s the kind of piece that I find beautiful on others, but it always seemed that would not work that well on me. After all, I’m short and the length seemed a little ungrateful.

Until the day I saw this black jumpsuit on the Pop Up Store website. I thought it was beautiful in the model, the neckline is wonderful, the straps, the soft fabric, and black, there is no mistake. I decided to give it a try! And I found out that I love it!

I have been surprised by trying out pieces that come out of my comfort zone and discovering that they can indeed look good on me. This goes a long way towards the confidence I have gained over time, with not caring enough if I’m short and accepting that at the end this is not something that needs to be disguised.

So if you have any restrictions on a particular piece because you are short or for any other reason that you imagine you need to disguise, try without fear. You may find that you can love new pieces instead of accepting that idea that such a piece does not favor your body!

macacão: Pop Up Store / earrings: Santa Boutique / sunglasses: ZeroUV / shoes: Esdra

Macacão Pantacourt

jaqueta bomber xadrez jaqueta bomber xadrez

Look from the last weekend before this intense cold gets here! The weather was still great, with kinda cold mornings and nights, but with sunshine and warmth in the afternoon. So the look is totally about this autumn vibe. And a plaid print is the best choice for those days. A classic that never goes out of style, right?

The jacket and the skirt with the same print are great to wear together or separate. Two pieces that I love, bomber jacket and mini skirt, perfect match and I couldn’t help to wear it together. Both pieces are from the Pop Up Store.

For the accessories I chose a color chart in earthy tones. I wore the Caramel Legaspi bag, which can either be used with the handset or on the shoulder. Cravo & Canela’s boots, also caramel, and you already know it from previous looks. So beautiful and so comfortable, is there anything better?

Final touch with my Tempus wooden watch, a hoop earring and my inseparable Pandora’s rings. What about?

jacket: Pop Up Store / skirt: Pop Up Store / watch: tempus / bag: Legaspi / boota: Cravo & Canela

Estalagem St Hubertus

In June I was in Gramado with a few bloggers and Revista Caras to enjoy some winter days in the south of Brazil. I have not yet shown the result for you with the photos published in the magazine (yes!), but I fell so much in love with the hotel we were in that I felt that I needed to go back to take pictures of every detail. Stuff of who loves photography and already imagines thousand of pics in each place.

The Estalagem St Hubertus is simply amazing and honestly I have never felt like this, felt like home in a hotel. The decor is cozy and full of small details that make the places simply perfect for relaxing and, of course, photographing.

The name and inspiration of the hotel comes from the patron saint of hunters, so all the décor is themed. I fell in love with the bird books and the deer cushions. But I could spend a month there just enjoying every detail, every painting, every ornament.

In all the common areas of the hotel the view is spectacular, directly to the Lago Negro, an important spot at the city. It was a delight to stay there just enjoying the sunset from the various windows in the rooms of the hotel. Besides the structure, the whole service of the hotel is impeccable and we feel really pampered from the first minute.

I could end this post with several beautiful photos that would make you fall in love with the hotel too, but there are things that I have not photographed and I need to mention! If there is something that earns my heart it’s attention to the small details, those that could even be banal.

Waking up in the morning with the weather forecast on a cute little card under the door is something simple, but it leaves a discreet smile on your face. The hotel’s afternoon coffee has delicious snacks and natural flower arrangements that grace the entire lounge. The soundtrack in all environments is smooth, between a bossa nova and a jazz, and completes the experience. In the farewell, a bag with a little card wishing you a good trip, water and a bag with chocolate. How not to fall in love?

Estalagem St HubertusEstalagem St HubertusEstalagem St Hubertus

So is this hotel wonderful or not? Look, I did not even post all the photos we did there, some of them are for a very special job and that fills me with pride, but I promise to tell and show you more about it soon.

Hotel Estalagem St Hubertus 

R. da Carrieri, 974 – Planalto, Gramado – RS, 95670-000

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Have you ever thought about wear super cool outfits with dresses in the winter? If you are the kind of person who separates clothes by season, you should know that you don’t need to wait until next summer to wear your favorite dresses again. If there is one thing that we love in this nowadays democratic fashion is that many rules no longer make sense and as long as you feel good, comfortable and happy, you can try new things every day.

If in the past, dresses were exclusive summer items, today it can compose winter looks with no problem. The secret is to change the complements and add some layers. A simple trick, but that we sometimes forget in the day to day.

And that works with any type of dress in winter! From the freezing days till the kinda cold ones, there is always a model that can make an outfit nothing obvious (and beautiful!). I chose a few Flávia’s outfits according to the intensity of the cold for you to try around, take a look:


When some cold wind show up suddenly, try to overlap long sleeve shirts and sweaters underneath the dresses. Protecting the body with lighter fabrics is also a good thing. It is a perfect time to wear fishnet stockings and transparencies that cover and protect parts of the body.


For those cold days from the beginning of winter, you can already add a blazer in the outfit. This piece will make you warm, full of style and charm combined with dresses. Here it is also possible to insert warmer fabrics like velvet and start to raise the height of the boots.


To dribble the most intense winter and maintain the style at the same time you should add some over the knee boots, socks  and tights of all kinds and heavy coats. Notice how the longest coats are beautiful to pair with dresses, besides lengthen the look!

I hope you have enjoyed our tips and inspirations!

Keds Rosé

I thought I was in love with pink just for a while, but I think it’s more than phase, it’s true love! Inevitably I always end up coming back for looks in this color. And after I got that pink Keds I think I have a new inspiration.

For years I’ve been posting outfits with Keds, I like the brand because their shoes are casual, light and fun (I love my polka dots one!). But I think I found a new favorite: this triple mono rosé. Notice that it is a little bit different from the traditional model, with a kind of platform.

Of course I immediately thought of a monochrome look. Then, once again, my Gap pants that are already my uniform come on the scene. This time I wore a very thin blouse with embroidered details and a Makenji blazer. A casual chic look!

Accessories highlight is all about my Pandora’s jewels. I wore a leather choker and many bracelets. I had not used them all together and mixed, but I liked it so much that I intend to repeat it. To complete wooden rosy glasses from Woodys Barcelona, pink from head to toe right?

blazer: Makenji / pants: Gap / jewelry: Pandora / sunglasses: Woodys Barcelona / bag: Shein / shoes: Keds

Keds Rosé

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Some people say that the blazer is a trend right now, but for us it was never outdated, it’s a classic! If we could now choose some essential pieces for your wardrobe, no doubt a good blazer would be one of them. It’s that kind of investment that you can do without fear, because you will always count on it when you need to improve your outfit with style. Flávia loves a blazer and if you notice, she uses that trick all the time on her outfits.

Many people still think about blazer only for more formal occasions or link the piece directly and exclusively to work looks. Although it really makes a difference when the goal is to wear something aligned, it can (and should!) leave only this scenery and be included in your routine for any occasion.

There are several types of blazer, but there is no model or limit of its infinity of possibilities in the day to day. It’s worth to play and experience in new ways what you already have in your wardrobe, to borrow one from your mother or grandmother to create a vintage outfit or even a piece of your father or boyfriend to bet on a more oversized combination.

To show you how the blazer can be more versatile than you think and create incredible productions, I chose 10 blazer outfits from Look Du Jour to inspire you:

1. Velvet blazer outfit = classic + trend! More details here.

2. A neutral color blazer like gray provides many combinations. More details here.

3. Have you tried wearing a blazer with dress? More details here.

4. Using blazer as a suit! <3 More details here.

5. Vintage blazer updated for a modern look. More details here.

6.The same vintage blazer in a purpose to day to day. More details here.

7. It can also keep you warm (with style!) in a suddenly cold weather. More details here.

8. The longer blazer is great for the silhouette . More details here.

9. Of course you can not miss a boyish look with a blazer! More details here.

10. A colorful blazer breaks the seriousness of the piece. More details here.

Did you like these ideas? Keep trying new combinations everyday. We are sure that the blazer will also be part of your favourite pieces from now on.